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You can help us deal with abusive comments. Here's how

You can help us deal with abusive comments. Here's how

Livukile, Mangwanani, Good morning to everyone here on Pindula,

First, a belated happy new year 😎

We thank you for being part of this amazing community. It's such an honour working for such a community and we don't take it for granted. Thank you.


Now to the comments,

Despite our efforts to moderate the comments, we still find there are abusive comments that stay on the site for too long before moderators find them.

Our objective is that the comments provide the Pindula community with an opportunity to add their different views to the article and that we all learn from each other.

We want the comments to be interesting, to add to the value of the article

It's hard for this to happen if we are insulting and accusing each other of things. 


You can help us deal with abusive comments. Here's how:

Just below every comment, there's a link on the right that says "Report Abuse". 

If the comment is abusive, just click on this link. You will be asked for the reason you think it's abusive. If you don't have time, just put a fullstop and click "Submit"

When you do this, our moderators are advised immediately and they deal with the abusive comment.


What is an abusive comment?

Any comment insulting the subject of an article or others in the comments

Any comment using vulgar

Any comment encouraging illegal activities; violence, rape, statutory rape


However, remember that, just because you don't agree with someone's opinion does not mean they have posted an abusive comment.

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1 week ago

What do we do about Abusive Commentators like @po, @VYBZ Ketero, @Führer, and other irritating ZANOIDS?

pk 1 week ago

being Zanu isn't abuse. muchareporter zvisirizvo. ko isu tikaitawo report ma ccc your comments anobiswawo.

1 week ago

We fight fire with fire 🔥

pk 1 week ago


Zuze 1 week ago

Supporting ZANU is not a crime and its not abuse.

However, it is the supporting of heinous atrocities such as the murder of Mboneni Ncube, Mobby Ali and supporting barbaric violence on elderly people such as happened in Murewa. NOW THAT IS ABUSIVE.

Not only abusive, but irresponsible and atrocious, lacking in dignity and humanity. Especially if ZANU wants People's votes.

Mukmeric 1 week ago

Good move pindula chero macommets angu muchimabvisa henyu

1 week ago

The worse abusive comment is the one that supports Zanupf under the current situation in zimbabwe

anonymous 1 week ago

l second u

1 week ago


, 🙄 1 week ago


but 1 week ago


Laylow 1 week ago

Thanks for the last paragraph, mabaya dede nemukanwa


mfo 1 week ago

ndakamboisa comment against ngotshani yaida angairova kuma manure comment yangu yakabviswa ye ngotshani ikasara. pindula inenge ina controller wechi homo

Abused 1 week ago


ndoda ku repoter 1 week ago

siyoyo, vestor, bushlawyer,gwedu,pk

Vesto 1 week ago

Handiti uri kutaura Vesto weMDC-zanu handiti?

I hope not me the Original Vesto

pk 1 week ago

todzorerawo report

jobho sekala president of Chikurubi prison 1 week ago

murisei mu office nenjivha biyako

hayiwavo 1 week ago

tipei news dzinemusoro apo nyangwe zviri zvemahara

Patriot 1 week ago

Thank u tanzwa nekutukwa pano nema CCC

1 week ago

Musoro une mvura wanzwa

TTT 1 week ago

Ko sei musingaise news dze Ukraine and Russia

yep 1 week ago

you're right thus news

Tateguru 1 week ago

Thank you so much. This was overdue.

Siyoyo 1 week ago

I think that's a good but may you start from now and leave those previous, ndava kutya ini😬

1 week ago

@Siyoyo what are you saying? Pamwe ndini ndirikunzvengwa nechirungu

Citizen 1 week ago

aldo give us soccer news results in the earliest time possible, especially zim, epl. laliga and bundedsliga

Me 1 week ago

Good initiative

Ini zvangu 1 week ago

Ini zvangu anyone who supports an oldman who ****ually abused Susan is equally abusive.

Ini zvangu 1 week ago


Swiss 1 week ago

, 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 ndokwazvasvika here mukuru

Muthwakazi kazulu 1 week ago

yeah but kuti Mashon@ is that abusive ? and l don't know why they get offended

Jon Vhundu 1 week ago

ok ****

Evans Nyikadzino 1 week ago

@mthwakazi, ko kunzi Ndebele lothuvi kutuka here or what ndiudzewo.

JJ 1 week ago


Joker🃏 MuShurugwi 1 week ago

Bvisai comment section kuti zvityise cz news dnt need to b commented

bhaudhisa Mushurugwi 1 week ago

ndokubhaudhisa Pasi Mushurugwi iwe Na Jamison Muvhevhi ndokuitai vakadzi chaivo ndokuchipisai inini

1 week ago


**** 1 week ago


#Bring back sports 1 week ago

Sports update how far

Firelady 1 week ago

Joker mushurugwi , usaite iyoyo iwewe

tanakastyle 1 week ago

musaite iyoyo

Lady 1 week ago

Saka itai imwe yacho

upvote 1 week ago

Pindula may you pliz add a button to upvote a comment so that a popular comment goes to the top , thank you

Lost Sky 1 week ago

I really like this idea

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