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"You Are Wholly Forgiven", Mnangagwa Spokesperson Tells Holy Ten

The Deputy Chief Secretary in the Office of the President and Cabinet George Charamba said that musician Holy Ten, whose real name is Mukudzei Chitsama, has been forgiven after he apologised for allegedly criticising the government.

This comes after Holy Ten said he was regretting working with Winky D in Ibotso, a song which is on Winky’s latest album titled Eureka.

The musician claimed the song had been sensationalised by commentators, mainly journalists. In a Twitter post, Holy Ten said:

Activists, journalists, lawyers – Split opinions will not do any good for a brand that’s trying to serve & save everyone so help me by not acting like I’ve picked a side. Do not politicize a project that I’ve considered a mere honor to be a part of. I regret it now honestly 

Also posting on the microblogging site, Charamba said Chitsama had been wholly forgiven but warned him never to criticize the government, saying “the feeding trough is important”. Wrote Charamba:

You are wholly forgiven Holy Ten. Next time usatize chikoro mfana Gumi. Chihiro chakakosha. Nyika inovakwa nevene vayo.

The song, Ibotso, has been viewed by some as depicting Zimbabwe as a long-decayed society in which the residents naively hope things will miraculously change for the better.

Brezhnev Malaba, a prominent journalist, in his analysis of the song, said Zimbabwe is a crime scene. He said:

Corruption-induced poverty has unleashed devastating poverty on ghetto youths. Hunger has ensnared naive girls into a life of debauchery. There are artistes who conveniently choose to ignore these stark realities. 

Winky D has set himself apart.

In Ibotso, he lays bare the ugly underbelly of a long-decayed society that foolishly hides beneath a threadbare cloak of self-denial, in the forlorn hope of swiftly waking up from a prolonged nightmare. Where delusion meets deceit, victims abound.

The Gafa chants: “Vanotora zvevapfupi nekureba”. What comes next is epic. Holy 10, his eager apprentice, then intones: “Sekutamba sekuseka”. From that point on, the flow is infectious, irresistible, and delectable.

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1 month ago

Jojo Chiramba, ruregerero is the prerogative of God and The Pope

Herculy 1 month ago

Charamba the great God forgiving someone. Power really intoxicates Charamba thinks tht he is the high and mighty

Ghetto Yut 1 month ago

only in Zim is it a crime to criticize what is wrong, shame on you Joji

O'brien 1 month ago

Hanzi next tym usatize chikoro. I diss ka iri Holy must reply with a diss track titled Charamba mu-call-show. Thz guys now perceive us as dough kids. ZANU is always eratic and evasive.

Winky Fan 1 month ago

so it's clear Dolly ten, yes Dolly ndewe part his a partisan.
When you are an artist and you become a partisan like Dolly ten you cease to be people favorite.
Dolly ten is forgetting that it's not the part that listen to his music but listeners or followers to his music. Thus why many Zim artists don't go international with their music.

Dolly ten should know this that wholly forgiven they say you are, but I bet you your music will go down the drain.

Mdc 4ED 1 month ago

Holly ten was intimidated, and he did what he had to, to save his skin. Don't judge him by the apology, it means nothing

**** 1 month ago

So if they hadn't forgiven him vaimuita sei,,, meaning Winky wavasina kuregerera vane zvavakamurongera here,,,Plus vana Charamba makatanga kunzwa mangoma rinhi

Winky D 1 month ago

ndohenda mberi ini,ndohenda mberi gaafa igaafa zvavakaronga zvafa,pavanopusha gossip ma ziso angu ari pa hall street , atina kukura zvichidzi o ichiii

andiiti politics but andipunde muparty ini

King 1 month ago

Cruel gvts crucify free thinking academics, artists and even prophets. Cowards like Holly10 die many deaths before their actual deaths.


1 month ago

Why does he even care what journalists say. He didn't mention any party or any name he pointed some economic difficulties that are happening chete. He wasn't suppose to apologize. This young man he is easily scared by people's opinions.
In America you can even sing specifying names and their acts and at the wnd of the day you go slep peacefully. Munomu kutaura chete kuti ningi is, stealing even if you have solid evidence you're now an enemy.

saint 1 month ago

indubitably my good sir there is this particular song by Joedy Badass caller all Americqn where he clearly says Donald Trump the racist

Joe 1 month ago

Zanu playing God ndokupera kwako mfana holy ten usatambe nemazimbo atokumaka

..... 1 month ago

dori ten

Hercules 1 month ago

Something is definitely wrong with ZANU. They equate the party president to the Supreme being. As if the party will exist forever. People like Charamba now think they bring life to people and can forgive sins. They must be very careful ZANU is just a party just like the Bath party In Iraq, like the NAZI in Germany. Like Sadaam Hussein and Hitler life goes on after politics. Politicians are not immortals.Just like Mugabe you don't own Zimbabwe

Crocodile 1 month ago

George George uchaziva here Grace achikutsiura regai vana vaimbe zviri kuvanetsa nyika makawondonga mega hapana zvichishanduka apa mutyisa vana kudaro

holly 10 1 month ago

**** yako george

holly 10 1 month ago

**** yako george

Holy crap 1 month ago

He will regret regretting 😂 😂

1 month ago

Whorely Ten can't walk the talk kkkk. He is chickening out so quick . Don't blame him though .not everybody can stand what Job is facing . He cant keep it real .He is a fake ass kkkk

Cid 1 month ago

@dady wakunyepa manje

Makalamba 1 month ago

Achinyanyawo kuda zvemacorrabo iye Ho.ro10 wacho winky ratove graduate zvekuimba akasiya kare tatosara kumupa chigaro kuCCC

. 1 month ago

ka Dori dolly ten

Emerson 1 month ago

MuZimbabwe freedom of speech muchaita yekuonera muMovies nemu music yekuStates

Platinum Prince 1 month ago

Dai Winky Akaisa Platinum Prince paCollabo iri kwete chiMfana ichi. mfana anga aneFreedom of speech neFreedom after speech

Jon Chibadura 1 month ago

Holy Ten is exhibiting the dire effects of systematic intimidation.
He is but a victim of political coercion.
Poor guy .

n 1 month ago

is this the real chibadura we know if so nhas makatsamwa

unruly bwoy 1 month ago

holy ten shows his ****ness of apologize on something based on art and meditation music is there tu push information good or bad so no need to fear

Lawson 1 month ago

forgiven for what crime joji u are insane you can't forgive someone for telling you what you know and what you are doing iye anopengawo ungade kuregererwa nezanu for what ngaimire kudya zvevapfupi ne****fu xaa so disgusting

Responsible citizen 1 month ago

winky choshungurudza madhara

Zuze 1 month ago

.... seCCC

Nqameni 1 month ago

Mina zwii

It never changes 1 month ago

We are slowly moving into China and Russia politics

Michael Jackson 1 month ago

Siyai mwana hamunyare

Farai Mwedzi 1 month ago

Charamba airova mukadzi neKarate kusvika afa

Yellow 🟡🟡🟡 1 month ago

Zanu sooooo kutora zvavapfupi nekureba ✓

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