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World Cup 2022: Moroccan Airline Cancels Flights To Qatar

World Cup 2022: Moroccan Airline Cancels Flights To Qatar

Royal Air Maroc (RAM), the Moroccan national carrier, has cancelled seven flights scheduled to depart for Doha, Qatar on Wednesday ahead of the World Cup semi-final.

The decision to cancel the flights has left hundreds of Atlas Lions fans in Morocco disappointed as they will most likely miss the semi-final clash between their country and France tonight.

The decision was made after Morocco’s FA promised to give fans 13 000 free tickets to the clash with France.

In an emailed statement to the Reuters news agency, Royal Air Maroc said:

Following the latest restrictions imposed by the Qatari authorities, Royal Air Maroc regrets to inform customers of the cancellation of their flights operated by Qatar Airways.

It was unclear why Qatari officials ordered the airline to stop the flights.

The decision meant some supporters who had already booked match tickets or hotel rooms were unable to travel.

RAM said it would reimburse air tickets and apologised to customers.

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mubhabhatidzi 1 month ago

ichokwadi here kut vanhu vese varikungoti Morocco forED

😂 try not to laugh 1 month ago

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woman turns to her husband and says, “I’ve just let out a really
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1 month ago

@try not to laugh
kana usina nyaya nyarara

@noname 1 month ago

It's a free platform don't read if you don't want

👤 1 month ago

kana yakava free hanzi muyi abuse here,zvimwe zvacho hazvingode kudaro soo

😂 try not to laugh 1 month ago

I'm more jokes.just a boring electricity, nothing to do.Jokes are good let's laugh together.So much bad stories, almost every day on Pindula, there's a story of people killing each other, it's good to giggle a bit.cheers have a good day.ENJOY 2days soccer match.take care of yourselves be safe.❣️❣️❣️👍

Wat wat laugh 1 month ago

Dacall recall

Cityzen 1 month ago

Zvave zvekuda kubirira Morocco izvi


pfacha 1 month ago

@noname, it's free but a comment platform.

Gwedu 1 month ago

Shame Middle East so they want to be full supporters of Morocco without distraction

Bright 1 month ago

Amhuna kunzwa penyaya yema hotera her apo verengai zvekare

Sir bhau 1 month ago

Uyo we Lough uyo akakwana here uyo musoro une vhati

afraid of suicide 1 month ago

bombers maarabs ka aya

I will not support morocco 1 month ago

ngairohwe moroko iyoyo xaa kutinyaudzira mahara endai munofa ma arab cup hamuitore nonsense

nhubu 1 month ago


xxc 1 month ago


jmp 1 month ago


Chimuti 1 month ago

zvofa maGas TV sets izvi. Morocco yokwapurwa tiri murima. They do not want the zimbos to witness the poor handling of the match. moxongoudzea kuti Morocco kumaplay-offs

chicken 1 month ago

tipeiwo maresults emorocco neiyoyo

John 1 month ago

They knew they had no chance against France so they decided to stop all flights to Qatar. To save their people's lives cashh

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