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World Bank Avails US$6.7M Grant For Zimbabwe's Response To COVID-19

World Bank Avails US$6.7M Grant For Zimbabwe's Response To COVID-19

Zimbabwe has received US$6.68 million from the World Bank to enhance its response measures in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic under the Zimbabwe Covid Emergency Response Project (ZCERP).

The bank has extended nearly US$1 billion funding assistance to Zimbabwe since independence, including commercial loans which have been temporarily suspended over pending arrears.

Finance and Economic Development Minister Mthuli Ncube said at the signing ceremony in Harare Wednesday the gesture by the Breton Woods institution symbolised strong partnership and deepened cooperation with the worldwide lender. He said:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the World Bank executive directors for approving the grant of US1,575 million from the Energy Sector Management Assistance (ESMAP) on Thursday, 3 March, 2023 which is co-financed by US$5 million from the Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Trust Fund (HEPRTF).

The coming into effect of this grant will go a long way in supporting Government efforts in the deployment and management of Covid – 19 vaccines and strengthening related health systems capacity.

Minister Ncube said the support came at a time when the Government has already spent over US$122 million on the procurement of vaccines from various countries.

He said the Government was committed to continuing mobilising additional resources to ensure the target population was fully vaccinated and livelihoods were protected.

He added the Government also appreciated the complimentary support received from development partners amounting to US$150 million towards mitigating the negative impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

World Bank country director Ms Mara Warwick said the ZCERP was introduced as an additional layer to the support the World Bank had been providing to the health sector through the Health Sector Development Support Project (HSDSP) and the Zimbabwe Idai Recovery Project (ZIRP).

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@ed 3 months ago

bhustiwai kuti bhu bhu bhu bhu bhuuu

Yutman☇ 3 months ago

Hora dzatinooneswa no wonder tirikukura tirimoney hungry

Yut 3 months ago

Tikazopinzwa pamakambani wanokaura nekubirwa

Vote wisely


First of all 900 Million yeapecial grant yakaendepi no accountability or whatsoever.


NOYB 3 months ago

They just got pocket money😁

Pinkpigs_Lilliputian. 3 months ago

Please, can someone educate me about these grants-are these loans that e have to pay back at some point?


Dispenser 3 months ago

What some sad news these corruption addicts have seen a starting point .looting spreading lies ,diverting funds fr political activities, vote buying. We are well aware come we take that donations and vote where we want. VOTE CCC ,no matter what ,deception no

Hulk Hogan 3 months ago

This means there are some people who benefit from all these funds.The last I checked @local hospitals,they are still in a horrible state.Its strange because many of us have never seen the Covid testing task force teams anyway in our residential sites and I personally have never witnessed a Covid patient.The hotline numbers are never picked.Through rumours I had that the medication of a Covid 19 positive patient is very expensive and un affordable.Then one gets to ask themselves,where are those funds going to?

Kamface kasina chitupa 3 months ago

Growing up I used to think that Zimbabwe belonged to Mugabe

𝔼𝕣𝕚𝕔 3 months ago

Kkkk its dd belong to Baba Bona

Chen 3 months ago

Bag rekucampaigner raita. COVID 19 tozozviona yapera COVID yacho.

Obey 3 months ago

Compainai zvenyu but mapedza kutipa hembe dzenyu , mazambiya wat wat pekuvhota topaziva

jimmy machende 3 months ago

ey these people are too clever

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