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Workers At A Mine Owned By Chinese Firm Sleeping In Dog Kennels

Workers At A Mine Owned By Chinese Firm Sleeping In Dog Kennels

Some workers at the Chinese-owned Hualin Investments (Pvt) Limited mine in Pumula North, Bulawayo, are reportedly sleeping in dog kennels due to a shortage of accommodation.

This was revealed by a study on the mine conducted by the National University of Science and Technology (NUST) Dean of the Faculty of Commerce, Peter Nkala.

The research was titled “Quarrying my doorstep: The case of one company in Ward 17, Bulawayo Metropolitan Province”.

Nkala presented his findings at a Policy Brief hosted by the Public Policy and Research Institute of Zimbabwe (PPRZ) last Thursday. He said:

Some of the concerns raised are that blasting is affecting the houses and other infrastructure in the area.

There is damage to the roads in the area as 21-tonne trucks coming to collect the quarry are damaging roads.

Employment of outsiders who are actually desperate that they accept living in dog kennels.

… People are working long hours and are underpaid. Dust from the quarry is affecting people as well as flora and fauna.

There are unfulfilled promises by the investor such as donating Jojo tanks.

The company drilled a borehole to meet their water requirements but it is said they will not share the water with the community, which is not good neighbourliness.

After the presentations, participants queried how Hualin was allowed to operate without considering the effects of its activities on the environment.

Ward 17 councillor, Sikhululekile Moyo, who was also present at the policy brief, said Hualin applied to operate as was given a licence by the Ministry of Mines. | CITE

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1 month ago


1 month ago

The dogs were eaten

Dubs 1 month ago

What is @facto trying to say,likening a shona & a chinese?

@Dubs 1 month ago

gukurahundi gukas gukafella gukurahundi gukafellas avenged ndebele tribal tyranny forever and made the ndebele our subjects we vanquished the Mthwakazi Republic forever and made Zimbabwe a unitary state ruled by Mashonaland

luiz Casey 1 month ago

these chinese are idhiyotsi they are more worse than British avabhadhare avape chikafu yet zanu continue giving them license this is disgusting dzokerai kumusha kwenyu

cute 1 month ago

I guess sikhululekile moyo is a CCC councilor

fact 1 month ago

remove them with immediate effect..deport them they are destroying our peoples health and nature looting our minerals..chinese will never do things properly..they still live in the slave trade era..all these issues are every where and becoz of corruption alot is not done to improve anything...

MacTsambwa 1 month ago

Come to our rescue Honorable Khalipani Pungeni


1 month ago

All this having been said you will find that this company has got an EIA(Environmental Impact Assessment) certificate These certificates are issued fraudulantly If you consider what that NUST researcher said that mine is not supposed to be there

Ali Tinasheba albamohamed 1 month ago

Sokuryght a****e ayahlanya kkkk

Machiavelli 1 month ago

You must thank our Chinese friends because they are the ones that make you go to the toilet.

the Machiavelli I know 1 month ago

talks sense you be fake🥴🥴🥴

Lin chun wan 1 month ago

给她我 同步 半年家 环境很高手在@ 字母

Zhara 1 month ago

I can't believe that Zimbabweans are being treated like this in this century. The Chinese have the support of of their government to behave this way. Surprisingly they are doing it in a liberated and independent Zimbabwe.

Africa 1 month ago

Chinese are animals

1 month ago

Mmmm the dog's were eaten

Chimurenga 1 month ago

Chinese don't regard Zimbabweans as humans. Profits from their mining don't benefit Zimbabwe. Only the individuals who invite them to this country benefit. They would not be illtreating our people if an individual at the top of government was benefitting. You're on your own Zimbabweans. 2023 must be the game changer. Elections or no elections, Zimbabweans must free themselves again.

Chimurenga 1 month ago

..... if an individual at the top of government was NOT benefiting.

tk 1 month ago

the Chinese must go, they loot, damage the environment underpay and abuse the black workers, illtreat us and more yet have u ever heard a black person report them to the law and win a labour case navo? coz they pay most gvt offices to look the other way, so we wil never develop our nation with these Chinese

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