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Woman Puts Unborn Child On Sale

Woman Puts Unborn Child On Sale

A 26-year-old woman is offering her unborn child in exchange for cash so that she can support her other child living with a disability.

Taruvinga, a mother of two girls, told H-Metro that she is “selling” her unborn child to raise funds to buy a wheelchair for her five-year-old child.

She claimed that her husband, Tawanda Banda (33), abandoned her after giving birth to a child with a disability, saying her in-laws said there was no one with such a condition in their family.

Taruvinga also claimed that her husband impregnated her without her consent, dumped her and then left for Malawi. She said:

I didn’t want another child considering the life I am living where I am failing to support this child on my back.

If I can find a couple that wants to pay for the child in my womb, I’d be grateful.

He is a boy, according to the scan. I am expecting the child in June, according to maternity records.

… I love the neglected child. She is my gift from God so I want money, as well as a wheelchair, to help her access everything, including education.

I am finding it difficult to make ends meet and that is why I saw that it was better to offer the unborn child to either Social Welfare or any willing couple.

I lost my national identity card and without that, I cannot process anything at Social Welfare.

Taruvinga, who is a vendor, said at one point she contemplated taking her own life.

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Asalif 3 weeks ago

wakazvarirei ambotizwa nemurume?? I think she's trying to run a ## donation campaign for herself help her link with foundations that helps or apply for an ophanage through social welfare office ozovatora kana zvanaka dei ndaive iye I would opt for a long term family planning method kwete zvake kwekunakirwa nechiweteso

Chief 3 weeks ago

Hope this woman is not a crook like all other beggars who uses their disabled children to get lucre. I have seen disabled kids or orphans for begging as a bussiness. My prayer is that she is not one of those.

Jane 3 weeks ago

Ko nhumbu yepiri ndeyani. Anyway shandisai dziviriro kana musati makuda mwana.

Ribvungu 3 weeks ago


tapiwa 3 weeks ago

musatengesa mwana pliz muchengeteyi

Bright 3 weeks ago

ukabata h-metro unowana ma details ake

wisdom Nyamande 3 weeks ago

can i have her conduct details , i have someone who wants to help her


gut t 3 weeks ago

sad indeed,where are we heading really,l

Anonymous 3 weeks ago

This woman is right. Her reasoning is that she must keep both kids alive and that they are looked after with care. She really wanted to keep them both but due to financial constraints she just cant. She cant dispose the one who is disabled because that one need special care from the biological parent. She decided to let the unborn go because she is too young to understand and she wont go depressed by anything. It hurts but she is really a mother and she is sacrificing for her blood... Its a tough situation whereby all those expected to help will be looking

May the Lord help our sister. 3 weeks ago

Real men who were born of a loving mother will care for their chosen spouses unconditionally. Varume tisanyadzisa vanamai vekutibereka kuburikidza neutsinye hwakadai


This woman needs agent assistance.I therefore urge well wishers to intervene and assist. Chamisa help this Citizen.

MuPfungwe Chaiye 3 weeks ago

Ko amai venyika vaya gara zviya varipi. Idzi ndonguva hangu dzandofunga Grace Gigi madam stop it.

Joe Brownn 3 weeks ago

Selling her child is a grave crime tisati taenda kure. However, I feel pity for her it's very unfortunate we don't have a GVT in Zimbabwe otherwise vaifanra kuchengetwa neGvt. Dai abatsrwa mkadzi uyu.

ndini 3 weeks ago

hero basa akusiriya

HELP 3 weeks ago


Man**** 3 weeks ago

vote ccc for change

Vote Chamisa CCC 3 weeks ago

Voterai Chamisa, Zanu-PF a group Vampires

Chawabvunza 3 weeks ago

I do not know our law position in selling human beings in Zimbabwe. I know that one can adopt a child, but not selling. Those children who are adopted, are adopted with the green light from the Department of Social Welfare. Since she has said it in the open my be those with the means may buy her a wheelchair.


VYBZ KARTEL 3 weeks ago


VYBZ KARTEL 3 weeks ago

vivo ZANU PF veduwe ndibatsireiwo. ndakunyara kuchisiya chaora because CCC kumberi

vote for CCC
vote for Change 2023

THE FIEND 3 weeks ago

Life is now tough in Zimbabwe. These are signs of great woes soon to be seen in this Land of Zimbabwe. Our children are stoned and burnt in neighboring countries, we are now selling our foetus waiting for delivery and our elders are dying of hunger and also blaming the Government for their stolen Pensions. 2008 pensioners haven't received their benefits. It's sad..

Digo 3 weeks ago

Sure,izvozvo hazviitwe ko jairos jiri haichabetseri here apiwe rubatsiro,murume wake ndiyo mboko ungatize nepamusaka pekuti wazvara chirema hr vana zvipo zvipo zvamwari musatengesa ndapota tsvakai rubatsiro mwari vanopindira

BUOY 3 weeks ago

haaaaa zvinenge zvaoma kana zvadai . ngaaaangokumbire financial help pane kutengesa mwana .

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