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Woman Jailed 12 Months Over False Rape Report

Woman Jailed 12 Months Over False Rape Report

A 38-year-old woman from Mahatshula North suburb, Bulawayo, has been sentenced to 12 months in prison for making a false rape claim against her husband.

Sipho Majahana, also known as Zanele Moyo, fabricated the rape allegation against her 52-year-old husband, Doswell Mupundu, to spite him after he had assaulted her.

Majahana opened a docket claiming that her husband had raped their nine-year-old daughter.

She appeared before Bulawayo provincial magistrate Gamuchirai Gore on Tuesday facing charges of defeating the course of Justice.

Majahana was convicted on her own plea of guilty and was sentenced to 12 months in prison.

However, eight months were suspended for five years on condition of good behaviour and the remaining four months were also suspended on condition that she performs 140 hours of community service at Queens Park Police Camp.

Prosecuting, Sehliselo Khumalo said that on 19 March 2022, Majahana made a false report to the police alleging that her husband, Mupundu had raped their daughter.

On April 29, Majahana and her minor daughter went to trial and were separately interviewed by regional prosecutor Patience Sibanda who had been assigned to handle Mupundu’s alleged rape case.

During the interview, the child revealed that she was never raped, but was instead persuaded by her mother to lie against her father.

When Majahana was cross-examined, she stated that she had lied to her sister, Lucy Masuku that Mupundu raped the child.

She said she hoped that Masuku and her friends would gang up and beat up her husband for assaulting her.

Majahana later deposited an affidavit saying she had made a false report about the rape case.

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Chinese zodiac 1 month ago

She DEVIL, SERPENT, SATAN WEMAROMA, MUROYI , DIYABROS chaiye mukadzi uyu kuda kuti munhu a spenter the rest of his life in chikurubi ndisatan mukadzi uyo.

abc 1 month ago

wasiya kuti muZanu pf

Majahana 1 month ago

@chinese zodiac ....iye aimbondirovera chiii?????

Mdara Odza 1 month ago

Law experts, please school me; does this woman also deserve to be charged with perjury?

Worzell. Gummidge 1 month ago

Yes. She certainly perjured herself. She lied under oath. However, the state prosecution did not add the new charge of perjury, probably because of oversight or plain incompetence. Courts are flooded with unresolved cases, hence they deal with matters in a summary manner (fast-track), thus ommitting any additional crimes committed in the process of commission of an offence by an accussed person.

Manikiniki 1 month ago

Why community service??! She deserves to rot inside. Your laws are biased in favour of these evil women nxaaa. Imagine the husband was going to go inside for a very long time because of this.

Lavinia 3 weeks ago

She has no shame… shuwa he was going to for a long time and she gets a light sentence for lying under oath

🙄 1 month ago

"Mitemo yekwedu yakaoma, yakarerekera divi rimwe" akaimba hake Leonard Karikoga Zhakata.

Imagine dai ari murume aita izvi aipihwa community service? Or ainzi 2 yrs 6 months dzoitwa suspend.

Or imagine dai mwana akaramba akamira nemashoko amai vake. Handiti uyu murume aitozosakara ari kujeri.
Ipapa kuti ati handchadi mukadzi uyu, mutemo wacho padivorce unenge uchiitira the woman favour.

Haaa zvakaoma...ZANUPF nevakadzi ndivo varidzi venyika nemitemo muno kkkkkk


RS 1 month ago

Why 12 months? should go for 14 years just like her husband was going to facebin the event he was found guilty despite being innocent. w i t c h

Pondo Mbiri 1 month ago

I decide not to ever touch a woman under the laws of Zimbabwe. never.

pro 3 weeks ago

50years in jail

Ngwena 3 weeks ago

This woman is a devil.She deserves divorce. Handimanikidzwe kugara nemunhu akaita seuyu ne court.Thisi is an automatic divorce.Unless kana murume wacho achirariswa kumadziro,ndoopaaangadzokerane naye.

Lavinia 3 weeks ago

This woman is an insult to womanhood… she’s pure evil

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