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Woman In Court For "Selling" Desperate Zimbabwean Women Into Slavery In Oman

Woman In Court For

A woman who is allegedly at the centre of a cheap labour export ring has appeared in court accused of selling Zimbabwean women into slavery in Oman.

Several women are reportedly living a nightmare in Oman after they were promised a life-changing job opportunity in the United Arab Emirates with fully paid flights and visas to Dubai, its most modern capital. 

Destination Dubai turned out to be Oman, the rich emirates’ south-east neighbour, and the lucrative jobs promised turned into a life of slavery and exploitation.

Farisisai Mupeti, of Rusike Phase 3 in Marondera, briefly appeared before Harare Magistrate Yeukai Dzuda on 22 April and was not asked to plead.

Mupeti was remanded in custody to June 1 and advised to apply to the High Court for bail.

The National Prosecuting Authority alleged that sometime in November 2021, Mupeti made false representations to one Mirriam Zihumo acting in connivance with one Lincell Allimonis, who is still at large and is believed to be in Oman. The prosecution said:

Her accomplice Allimos went on to send Zihumo air tickets and a VISA

Zihumo first knew something was wrong when her air tickets, written in Arabic, showed the destination as Oman, and not Dubai.

Mupeti, it is alleged, processed a fake medical examination report and polymerase chain reaction test for Zihumo.

When Zihumo landed in Oman, her apprehension only heightened when her passport was taken away by men acting in connivance with Mupeti, the charges say.

She was “sold” to a man who would be her “employer.” The prosecution added:

She was denied food, worked around the clock, and was kept indoors for three months.

Zihumo only managed to return home after lying to the man holding her that she had a wedding planned in Zimbabwe and that her family had bought her the tickets.

Mupeti allegedly used the same trick on Isabel Mushoriwa who was subjected to abuse for three weeks and only escaped after lying that her mother had died. Alleged the prosecution:

She even stated that if she failed to attend her mother’s burial in Zimbabwe, she will suffer from a mental illness.

The “employer” allegedly demanded to see the burial order before releasing her. He also wanted her family to buy a return ticket, which they did to secure her freedom.

Mupeti is charged with violating the Trafficking in Persons Act.

On Tuesday, Zimbabwe’s cabinet approved the principles of the Trafficking in Persons (Amendment) Bill which will offer more support to victims of trafficking by obligating the state to repatriate them and also provide counselling services.

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chimuti 9 months ago

ngaagare mukatu

DIRA rizare 9 months ago

yeukai uchaenda kudenga here

Professor of Law 9 months ago

In the state's case of Ms Yeukai, she will be definitely sentenced to more than 5 years in prison. The reason why I cannot tell the exact sentence is that the determinant of the final verdict lies on the number of victims.


Dira Rizare 9 months ago

Zvechokwadi Prof ngaagare mukati asi 5 years ishoma

Sir Zimbabwe 9 months ago

this because of this jungle ruling leads my zpf, this lady deserve to stay imprison for 45.5 year s

Professor of Law 9 months ago

This lady will be handed over the most gruesome judgements in the history of Zimbabwe in order to discourage would be human traffickers.

But be rest assured that her sentence is over 5 years if she's proven guilty.


Chiurai 9 months ago

Ndaataure vesse vavakaendesa

Ndavagare mukati makore ekuti vanobudawo vaane kana 65 years

Pavanozo tanga kuronga futi vanenge vaa Kuma 70

May her flesh rot in prison


Bonzo 9 months ago

Nfaafire hake mukati

repent 9 months ago

ngasabuda uyo ngagare mutirongo kusvika achena vhudzi because vaitengesa kuOman vaitambura wani iye achidya mari saka shiri yabvuta rekeni this is republic of Zimbabwe not Nigeria saka gara kuchikurubi unoda kupandusa vanhu venyika yedu kuita human trafficking,no human trafficking

Tinmike 9 months ago

I miss the bush lawyer where did he go ?

Jinx 9 months ago

He's now calling himself Chawabvunza, the nigga is still here

Vote for Chamisa, vote for CCC 9 months ago

Main Reason is the economy collapse that forced an adult woman to fly to Oman to work as a maid 45 yrs after independence due to corruption, mismanagement by Zanu-PF.

Vote for Chamisa, vote for CCC

pumura 9 months ago

poverty and we all know who is causing this

SC 9 months ago

life sentence

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 9 months ago

Ngaafire mujere she is inhuman...

harare 9 months ago

hapana kwaanoenda mukadzi uyuu, mwana wevanonzi madzimai memory vanonamatira kuharare pa st.martins akatongerwaa 40yrs mukati nenyaya iyoyi akagara 2yrs chete akabuda 2018 boss Garwe vahwinha

Chawabvunza 9 months ago

These are new crimes which are coming into our country because the Old People's Home government has mismanaged our economy. If our economy was flourishing, there was going to be no need to look for jobs outside our beautiful country. Old People's Home government is to blame for ruining our economy resulting in mass exodus of people seeking greener pastures outside Zimbabwe.


9 months ago

Jo 9 months ago

de ro shld take its course

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