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Woman In Court For Running Over A Police Officer At A Roadblock

Woman In Court For Running Over A Police Officer At A Roadblock

A 46-year-old Chitungwiza woman is facing culpable homicide charges after she ran over a policeman last Tuesday who was manning a roadblock along the Kadoma-Patchway Road in Kadoma.

Sergeant Oscar Kanjute who sustained severe injuries after being hit by the speeding white Toyota Hiace (AFL 8048), died upon admission at Kadoma General Hospital.

Kanjute was one of the officers conducting traffic enforcement duties at the roadblock.

The Herald reports that the woman, Dadirai Sixpence (46) of Chitungwiza had six passengers on board when the incident occurred.

It is alleged that she was driving the commuter omnibus (kombi) when another vehicle in front of her car was waived to stop at the roadblock but Sixpence did not stop and swerved to the right, hitting the policeman who was stopping cars coming from the opposite direction.

The policeman was dragged for a few metres and sustained serious injuries. The vehicle has since been taken to Kadoma VID for investigations. 

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) confirmed the incident on Tuesday saying investigations were underway. Read the ZRP update:

The ZRP reports a sad incident that occurred on 14/06/22 at around 1245 hours, where a police officer, Sergeant Kanjute Oscar, was run over by a motorist while on traffic enforcement duties at a roadblock along the Kadoma-Patchway Road, Kadoma. He sustained severe injuries and died upon admission at Kadoma General Hospital.

A number of cases where police officers manning roadblocks were run over by vehicles have been recorded since last year.

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tanakastyle 2 weeks ago

common sense is needed most , police should not just assume kut all cars are fit for the road , brakes can slip at anytime

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 2 weeks ago

I dont think she meant ignoring and running away, its possible she panicked when the vehicle in front stopped and with her speed she avoided hitting it behind.

If you see women drive you will understand what i mean, they jus dont know what to do to when something happens inside one second 😀
they can even close their eyes when you jump infront of the car...

Bright 2 weeks ago

Ko mupurisa we spike uya makazomudii zviya

Chawabvunza 2 weeks ago

I was saddened when I first read that a Police Sergeant had been killed at a Police roadblock. My first question was: Had police mounted their roadblock properly with decorated drums, bars and "police ahead" signs ? Looking further in the description of how the accident happened indicates that Mrs Sixpence was driving without due care and attention because she hit the sergeant after avoiding hitting a vehicle which was driving in her front immediately. Courts must set a good example of Mrs Sixpence. If she is found guilty she must be sent to jail without fear or favour for culpable homicide.




blind justice 2 weeks ago

NB : this is a case of culpable homicide.
there also vehicles & driving skills involved.

Bhuru 2 weeks ago


chipo 2 weeks ago

how does she feel killing an officer on duty

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