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Woman Found Dead, Teenager Strangled To Death - Zimbabweans Express Concern

Woman Found Dead, Teenager Strangled To Death - Zimbabweans Express Concern

Zimbabweans have expressed concern over the increase in the number of murder cases around the country amid reports that the body of a female adult was discovered near Norton.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) say the body was discovered along a rail line and had bloodstains all over. Reads a police report:

Police in Norton are investigating circumstances surrounding a murder case in which a body of a female adult was found along the rail line near Family 24, with a deep cut on the head and bloodstains all over the body, on 28/12/21.

 Anyone with information to contact any nearest Police station.

In a different case, the ZRP is investigating circumstances surrounding the death of Simani Nyathi (12) of Mkubo Village, Nkayi that occurred on the Boxing Day around 1400 hours. Pindula News presents a police report on the case:

The victim is said to have been playing a swing game with his cousin sister (9) when he was allegedly trapped and strangled to death by the swing rope. The body of the victim was found hanging from a tree in a kneeling position with a rope tied around his neck.

Some bruises were observed around the victim’s neck and froth coming from the mouth.

Responding to the report, Zimbabwenas on social media expressed concern and called upon the government to take necessary action to address the issue.

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Nkust 4 months ago

Sirizani Batau cannot serve everybody everywhere at least he need help from the government to complement his effort , isu recently we buried e fellow church member anonzi akaridzigwa pfuti neve zimra kuma border e musango ekubva ku Mozambique anonzi vakazotoregwa zvinhu zvavo zvose ndokuzofa ne shock ndakagwadziwa chose kuviga munhu afa zvichikonzegwa ne some arms of the government that has to protect its citizens but its causing their deaths vanogona kuve vai smuggler havo but I think there don't deserve kufa ne hand ye any government agent, government should protect its people not aiding their misery nobody wants to die ndiko saka ma politicians vachi Jamba ma border vachitiza vamwe vavo vanenge vamuka zvibhebhenene saka nesuo hatidi kufa saka akatora mhiko ykt achatichengetedza plz do that Now and I mean now am now counting days

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