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Woman Borrows Baby To Claim US$1 800 From Ex-husband

Woman Borrows Baby To Claim US$1 800 From Ex-husband

A woman from Gweru’s Senga suburb allegedly borrowed a baby from her friend, which she used to claim US$1 800 from her ex-husband.

Naume Chitsa of Nehosho area in Senga suburb in Gweru has since appeared before Gweru magistrate Beaulity Dube facing one count of fraud.

She pleaded not guilty and was remanded to 15 June on free bail.

Chitsa allegedly borrowed a baby boy from a friend and lied that her ex-husband Kevin Dube was the father. Dube paid US$1 800 for the child’s upkeep.

Prosecuting, Thando Sibangani Dube said that on 19 April 2018, Dube and Chitsa got married for about a month and separated over the issue of pregnancy.

At the end of January 2019, Chitsa advised Dube that she had given birth to a baby boy and he should come to see his child.

It was further alleged that from that day onwards Dube was supporting the baby financially. Dube, however, was doubting the paternity of the child.

In April 2022, Dube allegedly phoned his mother and asked her to meet with Chitsa so that she could have an opportunity to see her grandchild.

The court heard that after seeing the baby, Dube’s mother advised him to take the child for DNA tests if he wanted to be sure he was the father.

Dube then stopped giving financial support to Chitsa, prompting his ex-wife to approach the Civil Courts for a maintenance payment.

Dube was summoned to appear in court as a respondent for maintenance but before the trial date arrived, he was tipped off that he was not the biological father of the child.

The court heard that Dube received a phone call from one Confidence Chikamhi who is Chitsa’s friend who advised him that he had been misled into believing that he had a son with her.

Chikamhi told Dube that the child used to claim maintenance by Chitsa was hers. Chitsa and Dube met in court on 5 May.

Chitsa brought the child to court and Chikamhi was called as a witness. The child went to Chikamhi who told the court that she was the mother of the child.

Chitsa was arrested and the matter was transferred to the criminal courts for prosecution.

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Asalif 4 weeks ago

in my home town a man upkeeped a child for 14 years , luck run out for the mother after the man took the daughter for shopping and he went with her for DNA testing , the woman has since ran away leaving her job as an accountant at the city council offices but the man kept on taking care of the child as his

Asalif 4 weeks ago

I have a farm ndobasa revashandi to have a farm doesn't mean ndini ndosakura 😂😂

Salif Keita 4 weeks ago

Aizve, ko all along I thought you stayed in the the new resettlement areas

Tateguru 4 weeks ago

Zvemuno kkkk ayaas

John Moses 4 weeks ago

At this point I think a DNA test should be mandatory before being granted a maintenance order


chikamhi 4 weeks ago

iye angatondishainira nemari yaarikuwana thru mwana vangu nxaaa zvakandibhowa ndikamugadzirira size yanokwana

mazhou 4 weeks ago

aizve haa unatwowo

Gerry 4 weeks ago

Naume n Chikamhi mukati makatomboonawo musiwo WeChikoro iyemi.Haa pfungwa dzenyu dzakadhakwa ah ndaseka ini kushaya njere zvakadaro

Tongoonai 4 weeks ago

Chikamhi anofanirwa kubatwa

MuPfungwe Chaiye 4 weeks ago

Nyaya yemari yanetsa iyi. Vamwe wave kukwereta vana nayo iyi

The Nightmare 4 weeks ago


Fari 4 weeks ago

Asi Chitsa chii nhai. But Chikamhi wakazofumura gure nei, wakanyimwawo mari here 😂😂😂😂😂

Nerd 4 weeks ago

Chikamhi akaona nyaya yaakupinda mumacourt akaona kuti inogona kumudzokerera akazoto torerwa mwana wacho ne Child Protective Services

V. Y 4 weeks ago

Team Eve

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