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Woman Asks Hubby Permission To Date Wealthy Men

Woman Asks Hubby Permission To Date Wealthy Men

A Chitakatira man accused his wife of trying to convince him, on different occasions, to allow her to date wealthy men in exchange for cash so that the couple can make extra money.

Tendai Machiki made the allegations against his wife, Marvellous Machiki, when the couple appeared before Mutare magistrate, Xavier Chipato early this week.

Marvellous was seeking a protection order against her husband, whom she accuses of denying her conjugal rights for the past year.

She was also applying for $30 000 maintenance for her upkeep of the couple’s minor child.

However, Tendai turned the tables against his wife before the court and claimed he was denying Marvellous her conjugal rights because of her loose morals. He said:

On many occasions, this woman whom I lawfully wedded, has approached me telling me that some rich men are asking her out and that I should allow her to date and sleep with them. She says this arrangement will see us earning extra money.

This is why I have moved out of our bedroom. I cannot sleep with a woman who harbours such kind of thoughts.

I am afraid that she might be sleeping with these men and I do not want to risk my life.

What shocks me is her persistence on the subject.

She thinks l am snubbing her in bed due to extra-marital relationships, but l do not have any.

Tendai further alleged that Marvellous’ parents threatened to assault him when he tried to engage them over the issue.

Meanwhile, Marvellous told the court that Tendai is a womaniser who is in the habit of using women and dumping them. She said:

He has a girlfriend and he has been selling our property to spoil her. He wants me gone, but I will not go anywhere because we bought the property together. Why should I leave and let him stay with another woman?

My parents threatened to assault him because he has used me and now wants to dump me.

Marvellous did not confirm or deny approaching her husband with a proposal to date other men.

In his ruling, Chipato granted the protection order in Marvellous’ favour. The order will be valid for five years. He said:

It is the court’s finding that there is an underlying issue causing disputes within your family.

In the best interest of justice, this court grants the protection order to the applicant and the defendant is barred from unreasonably disposing of matrimonial property, chasing her away from home, assaulting, insulting and disturbing her peace.

Chipato also ordered Tendai to pay $5 000 as monthly maintenance towards his minor child.

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Do you know that in 150years time tese pano tinenge tava vadzimu. 2 months ago

Do you know that in 150years time tese pano tinenge tava vadzimu.

Zimyouth 2 months ago

150 years is too many. Maybe 50 we will all be gone. Accept it, inguva.

Bright 2 months ago

Kkkkkkkkkk yaaa

Tanu Mark Finnity 2 months ago

This woman is a harlot isefebe somfazi she is not a motherly figure but is a big prostitute who deserves to be thrown away to the dog's

Pamberi neChi**** 2 months ago

she deserves a medal of honour for asking for permission first😂😂😂

2 months ago


booster jab 2 months ago

Akaroora **** uyo

Soul jah love 2 months ago

Judgement yakapusa, in favour of Marvellous. No wonder why Lobola yakavhisiwa. Man are being abused daily, especially Inini worse ndakarambiswa doro ndokutengerwa mazoe.

Do you know that in 150years time tese pano tinenge tava vadzimu.

Maravaza 2 months ago

Five years is enough to pick up the pieces and make the relationship work again. Ladies and gentlemen adultery does not work, it only causes economic suffering and diseases in the famiies and the children suffer the most.

John 2 months ago

pamwe income yake haisvike kwese ikoko. ku court vanowanzoda proof of income such as payslips

MuGrade 2 2 months ago

Ah anenge achishanda kupi salary yake isingasvike ku5000???
That money is fair

MaWellaz 2 months ago

@John, you are on point, maintenance is pegged according to defendant's monthly income

John 2 months ago

pamwe income yake haisvike kwese ikoko. ku court vanowanzoda proof of income such as payslips

Simba Muchinjikwa 2 months ago

Ma RTGS ayo

cms 2 months ago

Instead of 30 000 for mantainance kwakunzi 5000 judge musazodarp

Jinx 2 months ago

Judge vakapenga. The woman is a slut.

Ngaapihwe kaa imwe yacho ne those " rich guys". Slut!

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