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Woman (30) 'Rapes' Own Son Aged 6

Woman (30) 'Rapes' Own Son Aged 6

A 30-year-old woman from Mpopoma suburb in Bulawayo was arrested after she allegedly forced her six-year-old son to have sex with her on several occasions.

The woman, who cannot be named so as to protect her son’s identity, recently appeared before Western Commonage magistrate Shepherd Mnjanja facing indecent assault charges.

The woman was not asked to plead. The magistrate remanded her in custody to 22 March for routine remand and advised her to apply for bail.

Prosecutors alleged that from January this year up to 13 March, the accused forced her six-year-old son to be intimate with her.

It is further alleged that initially, the victim refused but the mother threatened to beat him up with a cable.

Fear of being whipped induced the minor to give in to his mother’s demand and engaged in sex with her.

The matter only came to light after the boy told his friend about the abuse.

The victim’s friend told his mother who then reported the matter to the police leading to the accused’s arrest.

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police motor cade 2 months ago

we urge members of th public to have a life coaching team mayb sh was traumatised,depressed,under influence whatever th case ppl need social counselling th cheaper avenue to get these services is to visit victim friendly unit at any police station

tsom tsom 2 months ago

hezvooo 2 months ago

Idomba here kana kuti kuromba mwari pindirai

2 months ago

Man of faith 2 months ago

Hevean is real so as hell,your choices you make will either lead you to hevean or hell.

repeat for the kingdom of God is at hand.

Favino 2 months ago

Issa pity . How is it that the law is partial in these matters . Indecent assault . If a men does such, he would be facing a different charge which bears a long long sentence. Not condoning but it should be the same for both ****es .

Tanu Mark Finnity 2 months ago

This woman deserves an award in crazy


skiroz 2 months ago

Lord have mercy....this is too much

mr 2 months ago


sarah 2 months ago

mapopoma inoda Mwari
tendeukai guys.
this is evil

chikiti.. musavengana 2 months ago

ndezve mishonga izvo a normal person can not do that to her son.. unenge wakatarisa pai

Jakwara 2 months ago

we vanhu vakadayi vanoda 6 to 6 no kudzika ku**** chete

Fisherman 2 months ago

This world has gone far
End Times

Smokin on top5 2 months ago

Mpopoma hakuziriko here kwawanikwa dhongi?
Vakutoda kunetsa vanhu vaArea iyoyo

Jinx 2 months ago


Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 2 months ago

@Hell, as i was reading the story i tried to imagine how a six year who is refusing getting erect and intimate 😂 its bad for a mother to show her nude to a six year child, am sure she was sent by darkness...

taps 2 months ago

at Hell its very possible at 6 erection happens

mafia 2 months ago

umm mufana uyu ??ainyenga yakarara

Hell 2 months ago

Something stinks here,can a six year old get an erection

J 2 months ago

Apparently it was oral ****, she made the little boy eat the cat

Vybz Kartel 2 months ago

Could have been drug induced

shava 2 months ago

mashura padunhu chaiwo, saka ayinzweyi pamwana wake. varume vakati chakata varikuto
Vengura nechemberedzose.
Nyika yoparara chokwadi mweya irikusimuka haina tsananguro

mwana wachihera 2 months ago

mmm I only pray for the child kti trauma ipere ave neramangwana rakanaka... for the mother, only god wl give her the suitable judgment...

gwanda lose 2 months ago

ndiwo anonzi makunakuna aya, zvakawoma hazvo maybe she was practicing RITUALS kkkkk nyika yadhakwa manje

gwanda lose 2 months ago

ndiwo anonzi makunakuna aya, zvakawoma hazvo maybe she was practicing RITUALS kkkkk nyika yadhakwa manje

Zvimbazi 2 months ago

This lady needs to be Fu cked .
Come to me

Never 2 months ago

The age of the child. But some women. Sic.

👽 2 months ago

Nekuti comment inozodzimwa andisikuda kutaura zvakawanda asi amai ava kugehena ndiko kwawakananga

Gideon 2 months ago

Haaa mandeere ndozvaari, musatinyaudza

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