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Winky D's Njema Nominated For Africa’s 2021 Accountability Music Awards

Winky D's Njema Nominated For Africa’s 2021 Accountability Music Awards

Zimdancehall chanter, Winky D born Wallace Chirimuko has been nominated for Africa’s 2021 Accountability Music Awards which celebrates artists who speak against corruption through music.

In the nominees’ list released recently Winky D’s track ‘Njema’ was nominated alongside Nigeria’s Femi Kuti ‘pa pa pa’, Kenya’s King Kaka ‘Wajinga Nyinyi’, Tanzanian Ney Wa Mitego ‘Raisi Wa Kitaa’ and Nigerian Angelique Kidgo and Yemi Alade ‘Dignity’.

The final nominees’ list was picked from over 200 nominations submitted across the African continent.

The awards ceremony is organised by ONE, Accountability labs, and Trace Africa.

The official winner of the prestigious award will be announced on December 9 as the world commemorates International Anti-Corruption Day.

Winky D’s 2019 song, Njema, a title that translates to handcuffs, reflects the frustrations of young Africans, spread messages of inspiration and calls for change.

Accountability Music Award organisers said Njema “talks about how the citizens of Zimbabwe have been handcuffed by corruption, encourages people to free themselves from scenarios that will delay progress.”

Voting is now open on and closes on November 30.

The Accountability Music Awards are designed to recognise African musicians and artists fighting corruption using music to spotlight the negative impacts that corruption and a lack of transparent and accountable government institutions have on countries.

In 2019, Nigerian musician, Cill born Chioma Ogbonna won the Accountability Awards for her song “All You’ve Got” which urged citizens to take an active role in pushing for social and political reforms.

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Prosper Kazembe 6 months ago

Winky d - Njema

Oudicious 6 months ago


Emmanuel Tinotenda Mupaso 6 months ago

Winky d njema

Sir king dejavu wejecha 6 months ago

Njema njema

Rhis Raddy 6 months ago

Telling the truth NJEMA ALBUM is the best... It heals me spiritually

When it comes to music that has messages
WinkyDdiBigman is better than the best

Membatafadzwa4031@gmail 6 months ago

Gafa wakanyanya unenyanyesit. Huchi nagafa keep that standard papa we are so happy to raise tha flag papa. We are on yo side papa. Chiisai zvimwe zvinyuwani muvarwadze kunje covid 2021 not 2019


Ranker 6 months ago

But Gaffer this year maifanira kuwisa dzimwe munaSeptember umo so that ma summer kanakidze aka

Ref technician 6 months ago

Njema njema
Njema njema
Njema njema
Njema njema
Njema njema

Dzakambotanga dzakakaka nyama,
Iko zvino dzokakata pfungwa
Mukukura ndaingoti munYama... Zvondirwadza pandinozvifunga


Winky_D_Njema ❎ vote

Tino 6 months ago

Gafa hapana paya 🙄🙄🙄

T.O.G 6 months ago

Let's keep it up baba.
Let's shade out the light on those dark places.
Lets speak out.

Pride Ngwenya 6 months ago

Chauya futy chigafa#winky D

Mwonzora 6 months ago

Let's all vote Winky D

TT 6 months ago

Winky all the way

TRP 6 months ago

Gaffa to the world

Tatenda Mugabe 6 months ago

Gaffa to the 🗺 world

Caasi 6 months ago

Gemma Gemma, ah sorry iAutocomplete 😂😂 anyways tamirira Mango

Terminator 6 months ago

Winky tell them havasiyi utsinye takasungwa mentally and will be free soon 😊 happy ⛓️⛓️⛓️⛓️🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼💥💥💥💥💥

Conquring 6 months ago

Winky d chimudhara hacho nyangwe

Soul jah love 6 months ago

Biggie ,chi league ehe
Gaffer rinovakwakwaidza
Ehe kuvadhanda
Kuita kuvashungurudza

jendekufa 6 months ago

hanzi kutonga kwaro yatadziswa nemasanction kkkkkkkk

gafa 6 months ago

ngahwine hake mukomana

Gaffer 6 months ago


Januzaj Ⓜ️uninja 6 months ago

#vote winky D

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