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Winky D, Holy Ten Collabo: "Winky D Must Be Banned From Performing In Zimbabwe"

Winky D, Holy Ten Collabo:

The Economic Empowerment Group (EEG), a Zimbabwean empowerment lobby group founded by Mike Chimombe after he was relieved of his post as Affirmative Action Group (AAG) president, has said Winky D must be banned from performing in Zimbabwe.

The group accuses the Dancehall chanter of dabbling into politics through music, especially the song Ibotso he collaborated with hip hop artist, Holy Ten.

At a press conference held this Tuesday, the group said Winky D’s music promotes hatred instead of building the nation as promoted by President Mnangagwa in his “Nyika inovakwa nevene vayo mantra.

The song is from Winky D’s album titled Eureka.

Meanwhile, Linda Masarira who leads the opposition Labour, Economists and African Democrats party (LEAD), says Winky D and Holy Ten have a constitutional right to express themselves through music. Her Twitter post seen by Pindula News reads:

I am a big fan of @winkydonline & @holytenmusic I will not allow them to be bullied by anyone for expressing themselves through music. Freedom of expression is a constitutional right enshrined in section 61 of the constitution of Zimbabwe. I have an ask, pane pavakanyepa here? (did they lie?)

The song speaks about the social ills prevalent in Zimbabwe. It also attributes the hardships faced by the common man in the southern African nation to corruption by political elites “who steal from the powerless masses” (vanodya zvavapfupi nekureba).

The duo has faced persecution to the extent that Holy Ten, born Mukudzei Chitsama, has said he is regretting working with Winky D in Ibotso. He cites the sensationalisation of the song by commentators, mainly journalists, and activists.

Opposition Citizens Coalition for Change spokesperson, Fadzayi Mahere has said “An artist’s social commentary on the state of our society & the lives of citizens is not” hate. She added:

The attack on art is regrettable indeed. We need new leaders.

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parasite 3 weeks ago

lam looking for that song anayo ngandipewo

Plumtree 3 weeks ago

ndine video racho

Gafa secretary 3 weeks ago

hadzi na Dolly zero "I regret having a collabo with Gafa"
Dolly zero is a car ward, I used to love his music but after that statement Dolly zero 🚮

,,,,,, dottt 3 weeks ago

Winky dee music must be banned,, ndo vamwe vakupusher for regime change...

Jojola@07 3 weeks ago

What is wrong with regime change in a democratic state

3 weeks ago

@,,,,dottt needs to be reminded that in a democracy it's not a crime to push for regime change as long as it's done constitutionally I know that you are a d-u-m-m-y but I think that's too basic for you not to know That's why opposition parties are there If you don't agree with Winky D's message then don't listen to his music That's what we call tolerance and maturity Don't choose for us what we should or should not listen to

The Doctor 3 weeks ago

Enda umbonobviswa ma 2-zvi akaxara mudzoro bandamba rako iro mu call show wamai vako

VLAD 3 weeks ago

Uri 2zvi chairo

Holy 10 3 weeks ago

Ndiri pama1 ndatorambidzwa kupa vanhu music yangu

R not r 3 weeks ago

Hands off music


We have had about many big wings corruption involvement on the press but they walk free, now a musician is expressing what he sees happening in our society through his music... y'll now raising their voices against him.
and this political party that says let's ban him from performing in Zimbabwe, what contribution have they done to the society.

ZIMBOS murikuita noise about Eureka ibhotso song, why didn't you make noise when you hear about corruption being done by some.

kamfana aka Holy zero karikuratidza kuti kamfana with that statement how can you say you regret the collaboration while ma you agreed at first to collabo.

thus lack of professionalism mfana your music is borring disgrace to the music industry

3 weeks ago

there is a list of secondary schools in Zim in another update. I think some of us should be sent back munova ma headboy nema head girl

Dr Breemas 3 weeks ago

Winky hs a right to express his views. Infact l respect him for the courage. If his music is to be banned then let's ban Jah Prayza, Sandra Ndebele and other Pro ZANU PF singer. Or maybe the standards change whn singers criticise

mlambo naume 3 weeks ago

Ini ndinayo song yacho ndoisender sei papindula


Anonymous 3 weeks ago

Ska haichatoridziki zvee botso ycho.

**** 3 weeks ago

Mike chimombe mbavha ye Gold tsek ina wakanyarara apa wakamitisa MAININI ukaramba mkadzi nxaa

ragga 3 weeks ago

Kanda song yacho pa0772214879 watsap

The Doctor 3 weeks ago

Mazanu ma stew pet

Joe 3 weeks ago

Asi kutonga kwaro ndiyo yamunoda **** tinongomunzwa muchida musingade makajaidzwa munofunga kuti nyika ndeyeZanu makanyeperwa

mlambo naume 3 weeks ago

ragga: hndina app no data

Maparamuro 3 weeks ago

It's sad that Zimbabweans don't know what is politics. Politics is life, a living person cannot be excluded from politics because that would mean they don't eat, breath, travel, do shopping, it's just not possible. Anyone who is alive is actively involved in politics every time.
Denying a person political involvement is denying them life

Jah 🇿🇼 Tsvarie-07 3 weeks ago

Politicians should stop poking their noses into artist's business, they comment on artist's songs for personal issues yet painting a wrong pic 🤔 musadaroooh...

mlambo naume. 3 weeks ago

nhy pindula.inemagrp.hre

dd 3 weeks ago

wat about those who sing praising Z pf is that not politics

Vaye vaye 3 weeks ago

Gaffa harina kunongedza munhu. But if the shoe fits, wear it. Who said he was talking about the leadership??

PVC 3 weeks ago

wotoseeker asylum Winky muno hamuimbwe izvozvo bvunza Zhakata,Mapfumo,sister reckless and brother chakadero . waiziva

PVC 3 weeks ago

sister reckless and brother fearless

Tio4 3 weeks ago

Is it a crime to sing what is happening on the ground ngatiregei kubhabhadzira zvinhu mhani, he is singing the real stuff. In fact vakutoita kuti vanhu vaifarire worse that song. Iye holy 10 aiti arikudii achiverenga ma lyrics and reciting them he should embrase the song. Ibotso

at breemers 3 weeks ago

mati Sandra Ndebele aitasei can you shade more light ndasara

Ashley Scott 3 weeks ago

zanu hauzvide izvozvo zvekuudzwa kutadza kwavo that song will not be played on all zbc stations muchaona ...but iwe kana usingabe isingaite zvataurwa pa song iyo wabatikana nei rega vanozviita ndivo vabatikane ...zanu have been exposed shame

🫂 3 weeks ago

even if he gets banned we will still buy his music online ...

Ace♠️ 3 weeks ago

The song is dope🔥
Hapana panombotaurwa abt CCC or 2anu PF
If the shoe fits you then its yours😂

3 weeks ago

Let Gaffer be.
JP and other artist sing abt the ruling party no one complains then winky sings citing challenges we face on our day to day lives them ZANUPF supporters now wants him to be banned.

Lin chun wan 3 weeks ago

Winky D igaffa uyu even the song 25 inotaura the truth.Bcc the holidays are over kindly open water pipes ****

True Zimbabwean 3 weeks ago

Winky D wacho anotozvinetsa uyu? Isu hatitereri marara emimhanzi ye Zim Dance yacho, hagoni kuimba, vakaita mikurumbira nezvimbo zve Politics ndivana Dr Mapfumo, kare! Was! He mustn't be banned to sing his ****,he's looking for a passport to go to UK and America, kkkkkkkk

o'brien 3 weeks ago

ukuti isu iwe uri munhu 1 kkk asi makawanda sa legion here. Learn to speak for yrslf coz kusara haisi mhosva. HICC yaive yakazara iwe uri kumba uchikanga maputi. People love him even akachinja song title from ibotsho to mu-call-show HICC inozara nevanhu. Endai kwema tickets e$3 kana kwaKapfupi since muri type ndinomwa masese.

o brien 3 weeks ago

ndiregererewo ndingoriwo rombe risina charinoziva 😭😭😭

Mdc 4ED 3 weeks ago

It's ppl like u who are making us to lattentively listen to winky d and Holly 10 for the 1st time. Their style wasn't my cup of tea but now 'i get them'. Chamagona chii

Hhhhh 3 weeks ago

Truth pains

gg 3 weeks ago

hameno zvenyu munonetseka ne secular music isu hatitombopi kana an ear to it

3 weeks ago

Munhu akabatwa smuggling gold hatina kumbovaona vachiita press conference song yaimbwa haina kutaura Zita remunhu mave busy kutaura nonsense

5 3 weeks ago

@gg hanya nani chidhoma chekwachivi

.coms 3 weeks ago

unoisuwa Zim ukaimba zvisina haubvunzi Rasta hr

mlambo naume 3 weeks ago

kkkkkkk nyika into haibvumidzwe kuimba chokwadi


Those foaming at the mouth and calling for Winky D to be banned from performing in this country are myopic.

Music is always political. A musician expresses his political persuasions through music.

It is wrong for people to say all musicians must sing [ NYIKA INOVAKWA NEVENE VAYO ]

During the war of Independence, Thomas Mapfumo and others chose to sing in praise of liberation war fighters while others sang against the war liberators.



Yours faithfully
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

mlambo 3 weeks ago

GD night everyone

Lady t 3 weeks ago

Zvatadzokera nguva ya smith nhai zimbabwe takasununguka kusvika papi

Wekunyanya 3 weeks ago

Ko pamunoteerera Chief hwenje makamiswa nani...ma2zvi evanhu vanhu veZanu pf...Winky D to the fullest....Holy 10 ru****

👽 3 weeks ago

from now on his nolonger Holly 10,he deserves to be called Dolly zero.

G Wagon 3 weeks ago

Well done Winky D you inspired vanhu with your music. Apa tarisa vanhu varikuchema vacho they are super rich and some are beneficially of this corrupt government mmmmm Zanu imbavha guys. Vauraya Nyika mkoma Mike ini I will support you kana mandiratidza zvamakaitirawo the poor Zimbabweans

Mdala Wethu 3 weeks ago

restriction on artistic expression, either by individuals,political parties or govts, is one of the blatant infringements on human rights.
Props to Winky & Holy Ten for speaking out on truth , rights & justice .
May the Good Lord protect them from the evildoers strutting in the corridors of despotic power.

Chairman Mao 3 weeks ago

Noone complained when Tambaoga, Mbare Zanu PF Choir or Ed pfee songs hit the airwaves...
Why is there so much noise about Winky Dee & Holy Ten?

See Namba 3 weeks ago

my heart goes out to the artists, winky & holy ten.
they have not , as yet , gone public on the death threats they have received from the gestapo and the stormtroopers!
"The tree of liberty is watered by the blood of the martyrs "

sasha 3 weeks ago

Hey anozviti free zimbabwean go and google kuti who is winky ,family yake yese vanogara kugreat Britain ,so kuimba kwaaiita hakusi kuda kunogara kunze caz dai aida achigarako dear akaimba its a song ko vana jar vakati kutonga kwaro makafara wani enjoy the music full stop kana usingaide dont listen to it

ibotso 3 weeks ago

Biggie ini hangu anondiitira zvekutii kana vakamumisa ku show muzik yke ndoterera .. ko kaimba munhu hre ivo vari kuvhundukei kana vachiita zvkanaka.. zhakata pa album rake inga pane kutsiura corruption wani vadii kumumisa

ibotso 3 weeks ago

truth must be spoken without fear of anyone

t 3 weeks ago

gafa igafa kusvka rafa haricheuke munhu mupenyu...rinochengetwa nedenga

Plumtree 3 weeks ago

arikuda song IBOTSO send hi to 0777552260
hapana chakaipa pa song iyi.

Frank madura 3 weeks ago

Honestly l think that criticism is not a bad thing it's a reminder of how to improve the way your doing things .If Winky D had made a comment on the political situation in zim it's important for our leaders to digest it and try resolve.We all know no leader can admit failure but se vakuru vedu it's something to take and analyse and think about .If you can't see it take ma herbs and start meditating .🦁#lion of teranga

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