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Why It Is Now Or Never For Zimbabwe - Ngarivhume [Full Text]

Why It Is Now Or Never For Zimbabwe - Ngarivhume [Full Text]

Transform Zimbabwe leader Jacob Ngarivhume, who is a former MDC Alliance principal, has implored Zimbabweans to speak out against what he calls the complete disregard of the constitution by the ruling elites.

In a post on his Facebook page, Ngarivhume decried the alleged persecution of 16 CCC members including two legislators, Job Sikhala and Godfrey Sithole, by the State. Wrote Nharivhume:

Why it is now or never for Zimbabwe

By Jacob Ngarivhume

We called for a week of protests against the unjust political detention of Job Sikhala, Godfrey Sithole and 15 others who are languishing in Chikurubi Max prison for over two months now.

Most of them were in fact victims of brutal Zanu Pf violence against know leaders and activists of CCC in Chitungwiza and Nyatsime following the murder of Moreblessing Ali by known Zanu Pf leaders.

I have visited most of them in prison and have listened to their harrowing stories. Their homes were destroyed by fire, property burnt and their families were left homeless. The police instead came and arrested them and now they are locked up.

There is clear coordination here. Zanu Pf provokes and beats up mourners, they escalate by burning down homes, as opposition activists and leaders flee, the police step in.

They arrest the victims and their leaders, in this case, Job Sikhala and Godfrey Sithole. They don’t investigate, they arrest and then begin their investigations whilst they are locked up.

The police hand them over to a compromised judiciary system, which takes orders from the state. They are denied bail and spend months in prison.

Once you’re in the hands of the corrupt magistrates and other judiciary officials, the wheels of justice turn slowly.

The constitution is clear, bail is a constitutional right. But alas, in Zimbabwe it is not if you’re a member of the opposition.

I have gone through that as an opposition leader, I am still in the courts and have learnt to live without my passport, reporting to the police once every week and appearing in court every fortnight for the last two years!

Meanwhile, as Job Sikhala and Godfrey Sithole and 15 others are languishing in detention, a Zanu Pf official loots millions of US dollars in some Cottco scam in Gokwe.

He is arrested, spends one night in prison and the following day is granted bail! End of story! Mayor Wadyajena is freed. You ask why they tell you bail is a constitutional right!

Fellow citizens this is where we need to step in and bring order! We need to ask ourselves what will happen to this country if we don’t rise up and say enough is enough!

I am not calling for violence, no not at all. What I am calling for is a citizen’s response to the complete disregard of the constitution by the ruling elites.

We have a duty to speak out, act and say this is wrong! This will be done in the confines of the law and the provisions of the supreme law of the land.

Above all this clarion call for action is peaceful and the aim is to make sure that we build a better nation that respects citizens’ rights.

If we choose to ignore this moment, we are killing the future. Make no mistake, if a revolution does not stand with its persecuted it won’t win.

If an army does not fight to protect the injured and maimed during battles, it won’t win a single war!

It is our duty to stand up and call the judiciary to order, the police to order and indeed the corrupt elites to order.

Let me repeat, this is not a call to violent behaviour no, but a call to action, peaceful action.

Let us set our differences aside, don’t see yourself too big as CCC, don’t see yourself too powerful Zanu Pf, let’s just come together as citizens to say something is not right here. Let’s correct it together!

Whoever you’re, whoever you support, you need an impartial and fair judiciary system, a respectful police services system, and an executive that respects the separation of powers.

These are the ideals our fathers went to war for and were prepared to die for. Our generation must be at least ready to defend what they died or were prepared to die for.

I thank you, God bless you all and God bless Zimbabwe

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Dmao 1 month ago

Yes! That's impartial and quality leadership leading at the front. #tagfreeWiwa&comrades. Pls let's mobilise for this noble cause. Chalton Hwende lead the youths and let's go!

CCC 1 month ago

True. manje pfut dzedu hatidzoseri tichauyisa after ma election. zanu pf ikangonzi ya winner. tirikutoendawo kuhondo. this tym ma youths takazvipira. kufira kodzero dzedu. taneta ne Zanu pf

Appointmen 1 month ago

if only leaders can lead by example then the masse will folllow,,, we can't just wakeup and be doing what you saying.
You guys meet now and then at parliament but all you talk about are petty issues, why can't parliamentarians the majority of Mps stand as leading example then the majority will do like wise.
The thing is fear becomes the subject of the day for many because of the so called laws we have, now someone involved in corruption that destroys the nation is doing his daily errands as normal but we have representative as a nation who always say will represent the people.

the truth is you so called politians you are discouraging the youths of today to partake in politics in the name of voting. For you don't practice what you preach when you are buying votes from the people.

I wonder what you parliamentarians will be doing at parliament for hours, while you don't stand for the people.

henred 1 month ago

Nyaya yako andina kuiverenga but Ngaribvume haana seat mu parliament

gogodera 1 month ago

hondo hatichaida tauriranai zvipere

Urban Youth 1 month ago

Enda wega and demonstrate mu street.Hatidye politics, hatifire politics.

Boko Haram Zim 1 month ago

Dai wangogara necomment yako

. 1 month ago

Very ****

ccc😎 1 month ago



nyoka 1 month ago

Its away yekutsvaga kuti maoposition leaders If once they lead people in streets they will be all arrested kunyanya CCC PRESDENT HOKOYO NDIWE WAKATEIWA

major 1 month ago

Politics is a dirty Game... JOB Sikhala should have known that by now,

Look here.......We are Going towards Elections and we all know that Job Sikhala is very well much capable of being a vice to Chamisa or even replace him.....he is sacrificial

but the time at which this has happned ,it was taken as an opportunity..... this does more harm to The CCC upper structure than Job himself...

Believe it or not ,Barking Biti cant wear the shoes of Job in the CCC appex....if Sikhala is to ever campaign alone ,l will 100% put an X on him...

He has shown his dedication for transformation in the Society andtge Judiciary system....

Tenda 1 month ago

Job Skhala is more thn Chamisa and Biti combined.A true politician. ZANU need resilient politicians like Job not sissies like Chamisa. Job for President.

Nkust 1 month ago

Tiisei muma structures kwete kuti ndongonoshudhiwa ndiri nobody then sikala obuda and you forget about me and my family suffers structures first and we protest hasha dzovuraisa munoti vakatonga vachasvika pa extent ipi ko yekutidzvinyirira tenge tichingongwavha ngwavha so long vasi ngaauye kudzimba dzedu

Boko Haram Zim 1 month ago

Mr Ngarivhume don't worry soon will be there with our team we are just looking for a good site were we can operate in Zim, your faithful Boko Haram manager Osama bin laden 🧔

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