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"When Rooney, Beckham, Lampard & Gerrard Went To America, They Said It's Great"

Rio Ferdinand has criticised the media for suggesting that his former teammate, Cristiano Ronaldo made a bad move to join AL Nassr, a club in Saudi Arabia.

The Portugal striker signed for Al Nassr of Saudi Arabia on Friday last week in a deal believed to be worth more than 200 million euros.

The 37-year-old former Real Madrid striker penned a contract which will take him to June 2025, the club announced but media, both print and social media are awash with posts which blame the 5-time Ballon d’Or winner. Pindula News presents Ferdinand’s response to the posts:

The media is disgusting. When Rooney, Beckham, Lampard and Gerrard went to America, they used to say that it was a great way to end their career, What a way to finish their careers, getting great money, going to a league that’s not as competitive, let them go, they’ve deserved that, they’ve earned the right. That’s all I saw in the media. But when Cristiano Ronaldo decided to do this, it became a shame and a disaster only because he went to Saudi Arabia.

I’m pleased for him that he’s finally happy. For any footballer whatever level you’re playing in, happiness and being happy in the environment you’re playing in is one of the most important things. He hasn’t been happy for a while so I’m pleased he’s on the verge of finding that happiness, albeit in a country that not many people expected him to go to. But what a prospect that is, what an adventure that is for him to go to Saudi to go and play in a brand new league, a competitive league over there by the way.

I’ve looked at people commenting and a few pundits saying it’s a sad way for him to go out. The only sadness is the way it ended at Manchester United. I think in hindsight in a couple of years he’ll look back and think it could have been handled differently. But this next chapter, going to Saudi. How is that a sad way to end his career? I don’t understand how people are saying that.

Let a man go and live, let a man go and enjoy it. It’s a new adventure he’s taking his family to experience a new culture. Every other player that’s gone to a less competitive league to end their career has been told you’ve earned the right. No man on the planet would have earned the right more than this guy.

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Real CCC ❤️ 1 month ago

zvine chekuita nemaerekisheni atuwendi tuwendi thiri . CCC 4 THE WIN☝️☝️☝️☝️

Nelson Chamisa 1 month ago

unoziva iweeee CCC tisu tirikutora this time

cde 1 month ago

Mukai kuhope mubike doro mkoma

sapota wa Nero 1 month ago

yes 2023 Nelson. chamisa chete chete

zimbo 1 month ago

fambisai shoko zanu hatichada

cr7 1 month ago

apa mose hapana kana aka register

manexc 1 month ago


ndini 1 month ago

shoko ngarifambe kuti ccc chete cete gore rino

pk 1 month ago

pasi nayo ccc


Zuze 1 month ago

What the writer forgot to say is that Beckam, Lampard and and Rooney left with a lot of goodwill, unlike Cristiano who left under a cloud of unprofessional conduct. People react differently to individual behaviour

1 month ago

Well said Rio Ferdinand The English press is always skewed against foreigners Enjoy yourself Ronald Playing in a league where there is no pressure at all

1 month ago


where there is no pressure at all 1 month ago

and where there is less chance to built a name and become a GOAT

1 month ago

He has already built his name and is already being counted among soccer greats Ave kungodya mari uyu

EDpfee 1 month ago

Pasina bvepfepfe

nostro vostro 1 month ago

ndiregererewo ndingoriwo rombe risina charinoziva

Emmerson Robert Mugabe 1 month ago

Im Voting for Chamisa this year.Pasi neZanu PF

Gb 1 month ago

Rio Ferdinarnd is a real man who focuses on his business to man hammercops out there who don't mind their little business football is all about making money cr7 is the highest paid player on this earth. So how can someone say he took the wrong move

Many of you mistakenly think pple who support zanu pf are made / crazy no, there are good analysts who analyse thing without putting speculation. How can a normal person squander his or her special unredeemeable go for chamisa, while results are being written in bold letters than the little boy could not lead.

Messi 1 month ago

musiyei anotora mari guyz Ronaldo. kana waakuma 37 competitive league raunenge uchada kuzvinetsa uchimanyisana nezvipfana hapana.

Jah 🇿🇼 Tsvarie-07 1 month ago

Bottom line is
Triple See bills are making life hard for Zimbabwe citizens...

Triple C 1 month ago


Jah🇿🇼 Tsvarie-07 1 month ago

Chibhende ka1 Pindula haalumi...

Progressive Citizen 1 month ago

I m not supportive of any party in Zim.. Bt l doubt if many would vote for CCC, vanhu vari kutya hondo yaigaro taurwa navaMugabe if opposition wins. Plus the party has shown very weak capabilites, look at how Sikhala has been treated and no action taken (they should have boycotted parliament sessions at list) what more if election are rigged.

Vanhu vapi 1 month ago

Usada kunyepera vanhu iweeee.unless uchigara kumusha kwamunotyisidzirwa nema Sabhuku

Tkt 1 month ago

folo me @Tkt_stephe
tipedze masports ipapo

@Progressive citizen 1 month ago

You are a lier ndokuziva you are a Zanu Pf supporter

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