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Wheat Production: Two Planes Refurbished To Curb The Threat Of Quelea Birds

Wheat Production: Two Planes Refurbished To Curb The Threat Of Quelea Birds

Local wheat production has received a vital boost after a local company refurbished two planes to curb the threat of Quelea birds.

ZBC News reports that the government availed foreign currency to Agricair to refurbish planes for spraying the menacing birds.

The two planes have now been fixed and are ready for wheat and other aerial spraying operations. Agricair General Manager, Carl Van dar Riet said:

We want to thank Government through the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe for availing Forex import spare parts for our engines and as you can see the airplanes are ready for spraying quelea birds this season.

Another third plane will be fixed in the next three months after the company secured an engine for the aircraft.

Quelea birds are destructive and can destroy vast acres of wheat if not controlled.

Zimbabwe has been failing to produce enough wheat for domestic consumption. The bulk of it is being imported from as far as Russia.

In 2020, Zimbabwe imported $94.8M in Wheat, becoming the 77th largest importer of the commodity in the world. In the same year, wheat was the 9th most imported product in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe is targeting 400 000 tonnes of wheat this season after the country registered a 36 per cent output growth last year.

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Secretary 1 week ago

wat if we use $94.5M to support our local farmers, can't we have enough wheat and even surplus for export and increase our GDP??


We discovered that thoz quelea birds are coming from RUSSIA .PUTIN is sending this 🐦 Birds to destroy our wheat production so that we will continue buying wheat from his country.
I encourage Zimbabwean to stop eating bread it's better to eat mungai and chimupoto hiya in the morning.

Asalif 1 week ago

Where is the wheat being grown because I'm seeing nothing on the fields which it was once grown and I heard that the canals at the irrigation scheme need to be refubished because they developed cracks and humps

Mukonowes**** 1 week ago

siyai so Shiri Inozongofa

Pinocchio 1 week ago

kkkkkkkkk zvemuno bhoo here

The King of Serpents 1 week ago

There is no need for these aeroplanes, meat-hungry Zimbos like me can be employed to catch and eat these birds. It's a win win scenario, wheat farmers will save money on pesticides and hungry Zimbabweans will gain the lacking proteins from quelea meat. Going to the butchery is now a luxury.


Tkt 1 week ago

Kkk haa yaa maZimbo so, I surrender you. Kkkk

Tateguru 1 week ago

Ummmm muchatonga Hondo yamusingagoni kupedza imi.

Tateguru 1 week ago

....muchatanga ...

Murimiwanhasi 1 week ago

Dayi pasina ma Quela birds taikohwa over a million tonnes of wheat every year. Zvino vanhu vakadeedzera masanctions ndivozve vari kutitumira zvishiri izvi.

sugar boy 1 week ago

kkkkkkkkkk zvishiri zviri kutumirwa nevaka deedzera ma sanctions.kkkkk mandipedza

Pumura 1 week ago


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