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Wheat Harvesting Starts In Zimbabwe

Wheat Harvesting Starts In Zimbabwe

Wheat harvesting has started across Zimbabwe, with the Agriculture Finance Corporation (AFC) Leasing Company dispatching combine harvesters to farmers who are ready to harvest their crops.

Farmers in Mashonaland East province who received a new combine harvester to clear 200 hectares of wheat told ZBC News that they were happy with the timely intervention.

One of the farmers, Kelvin Nyakonda spoke to ZBC News following the commissioning of the new harvester:

We are very happy to get new combine harvesters as they will enable us to harvest our wheat on time.

Another farmer, Claudius Musokeri echoed Nyakonda’s sentiments adding that the availability of combine harvesters on time will save their crop from the rains.

AFC Leasing Company General Manager Shepard Kondo assured the nation that adequate combine harvesters have been procured to ensure the wheat crop is harvested before the onset of rains. He is quoted as saying:

We have secured new and efficient combine harvesters to lease to farmers to clear their wheat crop ahead of the rain season. As you can see, this is one of the 16 new harvesters commissioned to do the job. So we would like to assure the nation that we will make sure we save the farmers and wheat from the rains.

Zimbabwe is targeting a record 380 000 tonnes of wheat against a national requirement of 360 000 tonnes.

The harvest would be of great importance considering that the war between Russia and Ukraine disrupted wheat supplies on the world market.

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Klux kk 2 months ago

And you expect the country to have food security when the farmers have to wait for leased harvesters. Nyika iri kurimwa nevene vayo shuwa, chingwa muchachiwonera muma old newspapers vana Parade.

2 months ago

fibrox 2 months ago

ummmmm hapana kwatiri kuenda sure


It is amazing how people can come up here and criticize (kusvora) a job well done. They themselves can't do anything besides barking and moaning like little children.
Yours faithfully
Dr William Sonboy Chinembiri


I Dare you👉

EDITOR'S DESK 2 months ago

DEAR audience, friends and all those who consume our writs, we have noted with great concern that there are some individuals who are in the habit of impersonating others here on this platform. We do hereby encourage you our readers to desist from impersonation (the use of other people's identities) whichs a crime under cyber security. Those who are doing so are infringing other people's fundamental rights of freedom of expression and opinions. We therefore warn those who have doing so to stop it forthwith lest we will submit your gadget's IP address and IMEI details to all network providers to discontinue your gadget from receiving network coverage. We want you to keep on enjoying our content as we want you to be always informed, educated and entertained by our news writs. We can not survive without you our readers but at the same time we want each one here to respect peoples' freedom of expression and opinioning. Let's be united as we ought to build a One Strong Zimbabwe, a single but big community with people of varying political beliefs. Let's avoid insults and vulgar language. Our aim is to make you enemies but to make you a better and informed citizens. That's why we provide our news writs free of charge.

Thank you and enjoy your evening and night.
Pindula team

Sparta 2 months ago

Chero vaka harvester chingwa hachidxike

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 2 months ago

Looks like i read same figures last season or its mie eyes 🥱 ndanehope hope its not same figures


our aim is not to make you enemies* 2 months ago

warn those who are doing so to stop*

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 2 months ago

It all starts from hiding identity, a sign of cowardness

Zuze 2 months ago

cowardice NOT cowardness

MuPfungwe Chaiye 2 months ago

Is that a combine harvester on the pic.?

MuPfungwe Chaiye 2 months ago

Kkkkkkk motarisira kuti Zim ichawana gorosi rinokwana kubika chingwa chinokwana Zim yese hehehehe

Mafirakureva 2 months ago

Zimbabwean version of Combine harvester (Combined Harvesting)

Totito 2 months ago

Vari kukohwa wheat nemapanga, sezvinoitwa mupunga.

bhuru 2 months ago

kkkk.urikuona pic ripi racho

Nimrod 2 months ago

I don't normally support the present GVT but this time l a commending them for a splendid job done. Makagona varume. Hoping storage facilities will ensure no losses occur from poor storage.👏👏👏

chingwa chakuochipa manje 2 months ago

muma newspaper 📰 chingwa chakuzoderera mutengo

Sabhuku 2 months ago

chinotanga chiiko kuHarvester kana kutaura price yamuchapa varimi, zveZimbabwe so mahumbwe chaiwo

Munhu waShe 2 months ago

Takambonzi last yr munyika takohwa chibage chinokwana makore matati risati rapera tikaona vakutanga kutenga chibage kunze kunyeperwa chete munyika

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