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WhatsApp Group Admins Can Now Delete Member Messages

WhatsApp Group Admins Can Now Delete Member Messages

WhatsApp group admins will now be able to delete messages by group members from the group.

Meta, the company behind WhatsApp made an announcement of several improvements to groups in the app. The changes, the company said “are rolling out in the coming weeks.”

Here is the list of improvements to WhatsApp:

  • Admin Delete – Group admins will be able to remove errant or problematic messages from everyone’s chats.

  • File Sharing  We’re increasing file sharing to support files up to 2 gigabytes so people can easily collaborate on projects. 

  • Larger Voice Calls – We’ll introduce one-tap voice calling for up to 32 people with all new design for those times when talking live is better than chatting.

  • Reactions – Emoji reactions are coming to WhatsApp so people can quickly share their opinion without flooding chats with new messages.

Meta made the WhatsApp Groups improvements announcement as part of a larger announcement of a new type of group called “Communities”.

Communities can be understood as a group of groups. Admins will be able to group, say, 24 groups together in a community and be able to send announcements messages to all those groups at once. You can read more about that here:

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recording message 1 month ago


Typing..... 1 month ago

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Mboko 1 month ago

**** wako

👽 1 month ago

saw those updates on my new whatsapp gb update


meta 1 month ago

ko kana ndakaisa anti delete?

chipo 1 month ago

i was surprised my msg was deleted it was not offensive but contradictory. hmmmm thats interesting

zz 1 month ago

I believe every group has rule that guide it ,so if you find your massage being deleted you have not followed the rules .

factos 1 month ago

good move but i like WhatsApp gb which enables the users to choose the people who will see your profile picture

that means those with girlfriends can hide the profile picture to their other girlfriend or parents but still visible to others whom you selected

you can now also set emojis as profile picture

those who want to enjoy this latest version

go and google

GB WhatsApp april latest

Pindula News 1 month ago

WhatsApp normal isiri GB inoita wani kuisa emoji asi profile picture

Dapsi 1 month ago

kkkkk haaa factos maakusimbisa cheating hre🤪🤪

Mangethe 1 month ago

So where and how do I get that type of GB WHATSAPP

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