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What Happened In Zambia Can Also Happen In Zimbabwe - Ncube

What Happened In Zambia Can Also Happen In Zimbabwe - Ncube

Zimbabwean entrepreneur and media mogul Trevor Ncube says Zimbabwe can experience the same transition as recently occurred in Zambia when the leader of the opposition United Party for National Development (UPND), Hakainde Hichilema, won the presidential election overwhelmingly.

Hichilema defied the odds by beating the incumbent, Edgar Lungu, in the 12 August 2021 elections despite the alleged use of state institutions including the police to disrupt his party’s political activities.

Speaking during an interview with BizNews founder Alec Hogg in Drakensberg, South Africa, Ncube urged the opposition to exercise patience. Ncube said:

It is possible. The underlying thing there is patience. HH has been very patient, firstly. Point number two, he is a chartered accountant. He has a track record.

He has run a successful business. How can you get somebody who has never run a tuck shop to run a country?

We underrate the importance of experience, the importance of exposure, the importance of the right values in the person who says they want to raise their hand to lead.

What HH has done in the past has infused in him the experience and the worldview that will help him. Look at the people who he has appointed.

He is appointing professional people, Zambians who have got a track record. My sense is that he will get it right.

If the forces of evil don’t come in and push him, Zambia could be a place to look forward to.

Hichilema is reportedly close to Nelson Chamisa, the leader of Zimbabwe’s main opposition party, the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC).

In the run-up to the 26 March by-elections, the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) banned several CCC rallies and imposed stringent restrictions on those that were given the greenlight.

More: The Zimbabwe Independent

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Dzvamu 3 months ago

Uyu trevor ncube hazvireve kuita newspaper wakosha. Muono wake ndewechizanu. Hakuna munhu asina kurunner anything. Kurunner imba yako itori experience iyoyo. So uyu trevor haazive chinhu. Dai aiziva zanu will remain zanu. Zvaida kutanga apinda muadvisory council here kuti azive kuti no change kuzanu or its common knowledge nothing tangible will ever come from zanu. Pakapinda ED the economy was already in freefall. Iye akasvika nekubatidza moto pakadeukira petrol.

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 3 months ago

@Mthwakazi republic president 🤔 i think you now chewing more than you can swallow wakutambira kunonyudza and uchanyura ukadaro, the government is trying to heal people's wound and you come with such horrible comments. ngazvigume pano paPindula coz if you say such things in public you will be mince meat before police arrive.

if that is a joke keep it to yourself coz its no good joke, Hurray...

Crocodile 3 months ago

Register to vote kwete kuswera pakaplatform kemahara muchinyeperana mukasavhota 2080 ndenge ndichipo

#tnaz 3 months ago

pasi ne Ccc


Truth boy 3 months ago

Azvidi kutaurisa muti mwiiiiii

Tanu Mark Finnity 3 months ago

CCC will rule Zimbabwe even if zanu doesn't want it to rule we shall see chamisa going to the state house in 2023 the year of change

Dr Hercules 2 months ago

dream on Cadre . that one is called a pipe dream kkkkk

Cadre 3 months ago

What happened in Zambia, will only happen in South Africa NOT Zimbabwe.
Zanu Pf till 2080


From my own point of view , the opposition should stand together so that there can be only one opposition party beside Mwonzora of course so that it becomes ZANU PF vs One opposition party not to many opposition parties

Murozvi 3 months ago

Do you want to create a one party state. We need choices to make democratic decisions

Black label 3 months ago

Mthwakazi is mentally tired, pliz forgive and pray for him

Godaz 3 months ago

No matter how dark it can be,the sun will still shine.

Mistubish Pajero 3 months ago

I think mthwakazi you are mentally challenged go and see the Dr

vybz kartel 3 months ago

you had never been in an employment sector
no payslip
no property in your name
u are jus a 37year old who dwells on a parent apartment
u have no property in CVR ,Zimra or house of deeds system what we can find your name is on the Mwos betting clubs were u spend most of your time betting for dogs

THE FIEND 3 months ago

Your grandfather is looting even your share monkey

abiyangu 3 months ago

this is republic of Zimbabwe not republic of Mthwakazi,and new Zimbabwe is coming soon Yellow brigade

THE FIEND 3 months ago

You all are young people who don't know s h it.. I can tell by your St upid comments.

Vybz Kartel 3 months ago

Musati kana maguta nyemba mofemerwa nemadzimai enyu munzeve kuti baba ndarota Nero ava president. Zviroto zviroto ngazviperere mudzimba apa wakuda kuvhaira ahehehe unondiona⚡⚡⚡⚡

🚩 3 months ago

Sanctions will ride over Zanu pf till it collapses

THE FIEND 3 months ago

Mpfana Shadows tisu tirikutonga town @CCC.Ma Civil Servants ese including Police belong to us. We have people with brains, all of them. While you ZANU pf only have maSabhuku netuma Thugs.
CCC is ruling Zimbabwe already.

THE FIEND 3 months ago

ZANU pf ikoko kumamisha not in the Urban atmosphere. Corporate world needs people who are modern and Civilized not zvimagandanga.

Shadows 3 months ago

Zanupf will rule until further notice. Kkk ccc try other avenues. Mayb gold paning or kurima fodya, kwete zvekutonga nyika.

THE FIEND 3 months ago

You are the only person supporting nonsense.

THE FIEND 3 months ago

Very dull indeed.

born free😎 3 months ago

zviroto zviroto...Zanu haibve zvekumhanya anofiwa chete 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂ungatii i zimbabwe yavo..

DaCool 3 months ago

Hayi thula wena Uthemben

mthwakazi republic president 3 months ago

team very sorry i would like to confess whats haunting me before i breath last

i gave myself this name for pushing a certain agenda which iam not at liberty to share here

during Gukurahundi i was the chief sellout in matebeleland

i lived in Bubi by then i liason with 5th brigade and was used as an informer and sellout the people of matebeland

the 5th brigade gave me money,dagga,cigarretes and some one day home brewed beer so that i wont fear to kill

i was the first person to get a gun and shot a pregnant woman via th belly and the foetus was exposed ,i killed her with kitchen knife

i also burnt several houses while people were in

The spirit of the deceased is haunting me i dnt know if they are spiritual healer in Zim who can clease me and by family
i feel i had incizi which keeps hauting me

during the night i usually dont sleep i see people coming with spears and want to pierce me and it drives me out of my bed and i will be seated on the corner in my one room smoking dagga till the next morning

in 2008 i also contributed to grissy human massacre while supporting Mugabe

Shadows 3 months ago

Chupeet. Idya zvawakarima

Nyoka Longo 3 months ago

What had Mandela run at the dawn of SA independence in 1994, same as Bob Mugabe @ 1980,Kenneth Kaunda in 1964. HH had never ran a country before, in essence all good presidents came into being because they have an inborn ability to lead rather than rule. Mobilising a talented team and having the ability and capacity to ensure that the country's resources are put to the best use in developing rather than lining pockets. Cartels, corruption, nepotism and other ills should be frowned upon by a president. Trevor Ncube media empire is crumbling and he is now clutching at straws. The problem with the generation of Trevor, which was at the UZ in the 80s and 90s is that they failed to provide a potential president in the mould of Chamisa hence it is a question of sour grapes. All of their contemporaries play second fiddle, Mutambara fizzled out as Deputy PM, Biti will only end up maybe as VP. It is the generation born after 1975 going up which will liberate and economically reposition and ensure exponential growth of Zimbabwe

Tsetun 3 months ago

On point.uyu Travor Ncube hates Chamisa. He never sees the true statesman in him. Chaasikazive ndechekuti Nero will be the next president kuka kwake kana kusada hazvichinje destiny yenyika

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 3 months ago

Mthwakazi is a group of few people wanting to bring tribalism amongst peaceful citizens and that alone has made them unrecognizable.

HH is the only African President who has been invited to the white house and by so doing, the west will give him so much support for him to turn around Zambia for the good of Zambians such that other countries will rally behind Opposition parties chosen for them by the west 😀
its only love of labour that puts a White and Black man together...

Chakwesha 3 months ago

Iwe unoziva varungu vanongotida kuti tivashandire chete kungovati boss hupfu hwouya kana iri mhunhu anozvishandira pachako haunei nazvo zvekuti Chamisa izvo

Simba Muchinjikwa 3 months ago

Deeper medz.... REAL TAKK

Junior Daniels 3 months ago

yaà ndinoona nyika ichizofara mugore rinotevera

Mthwakazi republic president 3 months ago

what happened in zimbabwe in 1980 will happen to mthwakazi

pfomfviro 3 months ago

Mthwakazi ndewe zanu pf,akabhowekana neku hwina kwakaita ccc ,uchafa ne stress bhururu

Junior Daniels 3 months ago

haa uyu dzatova stress

Smokin on top5 3 months ago

Haa ava vanonzi makhadzi vanobhowa

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