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'What FIFA Decides Is What Will Happen', Gumede On FIFA Threat

'What FIFA Decides Is What Will Happen', Gumede On FIFA Threat

Former Zimbabwe Football Association (ZIFA) vice-president Ndumiso Gumede said that the Sports and Recreation Commission (SRC) and ZIFA should have found an amicable solution to their differences before FIFA intervened.

FIFA has set 3 January as the deadline for SRC to rescind its decision to suspend the ZIFA board led by Felton Kamambo or risk Zimbabwe being banned from all forms of international football.

FIFA does not allow third-party interference in the affairs of member associations.

Gumede told Chronicle that FIFA wields immense power in football matters and what they say is what will eventually happen. He said:

The world football controlling body has absolute power. Whatever they decide will eventually happen.

I know that we as locals have had our misgivings about the administration of our football and I have been in football for a long time.

We have situations like the Gift Banda one whereby a man can be suspended for the entire three or four years, which is seriously wrong.

… If the SRC wants to dig in and FIFA wants to ban us, then that’s going to happen because there’s nothing we can do as the former players or administrators to influence the outcome.

On 16 November, SRC suspended the ZIFA board indefinitely on allegations of misappropriation of funds and sexual harassment of female referees, among other charges.

The SRC later said it will not reverse its decision even if it means that Zimbabwe will be banned from international football.

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Former national team player 4 months ago

Thanks SRC you did a splendid Job and I don't know why FIFA is taking to long to ban Zim🇿🇼

Gora 4 months ago

SRC guys are thick headed and arrogant, selfish and self-centred who only look one side of the coin.the ban is obviously coming sober up and think positively don't destroy the career of these footballers

Benjani 4 months ago

What ever!!!!! Zim soccer is like MDC chamisa zvinhu 2 zvinongo svasvangwaaa hapana chaunotarisiraa pazvirii kusara kwekutaurisaa.. to hell

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