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WET Deplores Viral Video Of Sexual Abuse Of Girl (2)

WET Deplores Viral Video Of Sexual Abuse Of Girl (2)

Women Excel Trust (WET), has urged parents to monitor their children at all times to protect them from possible sexual abuse.

This follows a viral video of a 2-year-old girl being sexually abused by her mother’s boyfriend.

In a statement, WET expressed shock over the video and demanded that the perpetrator be prosecuted. The statement reads:

Whilst we are still celebrating ‘Day of the African Child’, under this year’s theme: “Eliminating Harmful Practices Affecting Children…” these which include child abuse in all forms, it has come to our attention the video circulating on various social media platforms of a 2-year-old girl being sexually abused by her mother’s boyfriend.

We are appalled and deeply saddened by such a horrendous incident. Adults are supposed to be protectors of children but what has become of the society when they are turning out to be the main perpetrators of abuse?

As Women Excel Trust, we have zero tolerance for such kind of behaviour that impedes the child’s mental, health, moral and social development.

Children’s rights also entail the legal protection of children in conditions of freedom, security and dignity.

As such, we demand justice to be served accordingly. We call upon policymakers to enact stiffer penalties for such perpetrators.

We urge parents to monitor their children at all times and do away with the tendency of putting children at the centre of their conflicts.

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Bryka 1 week ago


Dhuterere 1 week ago

munhu weZanu Pf didn't you heard him saying he is well connected to big fish and law enforcement agents

Joe Brownn 1 week ago

Parliament must enact stiffer penalties including castration.

Damn!! 1 week ago

we have ediots here but this is way too much nxaaaa

TnapaH 1 week ago

Castrate, Castrate, Castrate


Asalif 1 week ago

Mai Titi paid him a the wife a visit by now I think police officers have already paid him a visit so we are waiting for the outcome since he was boosting that he is well connected with the law enforcement agents

😀 1 week ago

why would he boast of doing smthng like that... i looked at my 2yr old bby girl and i cried. kut shuwa munhu unenge uchinzwei inserting your thing mukamwana kanenge kasingatogin kutaura chaiko... the mother hayaa

KC 1 week ago

decapitate him

Patriot 1 week ago

Until the name and place of the perpetrator is revealed, tha
t touching video shall remain fake

NDOKUMA MISA 1 week ago

Ndiwe amu boyfriend akarepa hokoyo

Blue 💙 1 week ago

Mmm, that's just unbelievable. There are pedophiles amongst us, including you Apathy the Psycho.

BABA VA BLUE💙 1 week ago

Blue💙 inogwara njere asi haasvike pakudai uyu ndeimwewo nhinhi inifanira kufira mujere

Machiavelli 1 week ago

Ruth Chinamano once called for castration for the likes of him.
I concur.

i 1 week ago

do you know the meaning of consented

Tk 1 week ago

U are a psycho for sure u ****

Apathy the Psycho 1 week ago

As long as she consented there's no problem to me

batsi 1 week ago

Haa uyu i**** kuda kunyebera Kuziva mutemo ne psychology pasina. Saka uri **** kwaunodzidza iwe, ndini ndiri kumaka exam paper rako gara waziva kuti Waka flanga zvekuti ka kudzikorodza ku worster time

BRO 1 week ago

Imwi apathy the mpengo muri **** inonhuwa pane vanhu hamufungi baa makafanana na blue💙 ndoda kudzura mbo ro iyoyo

Apathy the Psycho 1 week ago

You guys don't appreciate my humor. I'm sorry if l have offended your soft minds. There are spiders in the garden of my mind.

BABA VA BLUE 💙 1 week ago

**** kufa

Apathy the Psycho 1 week ago

There are dark minds out there.
Minds darker than of devils
Don't venture outside the light
Monsters are lurking out of sight.
They watch you sleep
Your nightmares are their joy.
Pray to your gods your soul to keep.

Child Protection Society 1 week ago

Lets show empathy for victims of child abuse.How does a 2 year old give consent?
Whats worrying is that the mother of the child did nothing when she became aware of the abuse.

Tintin 1 week ago


tete 1 week ago

Iwe ndiwe murwere chaiye, unenge untozviita. Bhinya Dusvura remunhu nxaa

i 1 week ago

asi 2yrs varume haaa pamwe pacho kuda kudiiko

..,..,... 1 week ago

Uyu ngaorere muChikurubi.So cruel

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