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We're Indeed Winning Our Election Before Election Date - Mnangagwa

We're Indeed Winning Our Election Before Election Date - Mnangagwa

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has said the ruling ZANU PF will win the 2023 elections saying the party has gained popularity over the past few years.

He attributed the party’s growth and success to “its ability to accelerate the transformation of the socio-economic conditions of Zimbabweans.”

Addressing party members at the end of the ZANU PF 19th National People’s Conference in Bindura this Saturday, Mnangagwa said:

Our structures are vibrant with more active members, supporters and sympathizers. The organisational reach of our party must continue to widen, capturing the greater part of our nation. We are indeed winning our election before election date. Our expansive membership attests to the ever-growing faith, trust and allegiance, which the people have to the revolutionary party.

He added that ZANU PF “under the Second Republic has shown that it is the only party capable of delivering a better and more prosperous future for the people of our great country.”

He speaks when Zimbabwe is submerged under economic, humanitarian, and political crises that manifest through soaring inflation, poor salaries for workers, and a deteriorating democratic space.

Meanwhile, the opposition MDC Alliance led by Nelson Chamisa has also expressed confidence that it will unseat Mnangagwa in 2023.

Political analysts are calling for political and media reforms to ensure that there is a level playing field ahead of the election. They say the current political landscape favours the ruling party.

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Temas 7 months ago

Uhm Iam an aged man (32) gone to school and did good ,I mean I passed ,but wat is hurting me is I never worked . wats that the government have failed to give us jobs . surprisingly ,you see a youth , unemployed and severe poverty achit pamberi be Zanu Of .

Biggs 8 months ago

Zvinenharo sure zvinhu hazvingonakira munhu wese.esp mushandi

Chief 8 months ago

I don't even like the way you're exchanging words here. We're all Zimbabweans.. Whether you are supporting Zapu, zanu or mdc just know that violence wont bring you positive results. Recall what happened to the machaya family in gokwe couple years ago.. You myt kill someone for opposing you political but the spirits of the dead will torment you n your family not a political party. Work for your families n leave these big guys fyt alone cz even if chamisa wins we won't be given money because we supported him. Play your cards well my fellas i need you all kuti nyika yedu iite iyi

Tinashe 8 months ago

Chokwadi ichi

Hh 8 months ago

Tese tichafa tichisiya nyika
Pasi idandaro


Murandarume Petso 8 months ago

Guys, please let's mind our words. Vulgar isn't right. Zvinyadzi ummm hazvidi pama platform akadai. Mamwe mashoko evamwe pano achakanganisa pindula platform iyi chete. Pasi nezvinyadzi.

Tonderai 8 months ago

But guyz makambozviona here kuti many people vano supporter Zanu Pf are not educated. Tell me if i am wrong guys but ndozvandiri kunoticer.

takudzwa 8 months ago

Kunyepa uko..munhu akapasa A level history haambo supporter MDC

2030 8 months ago


Tonderai chinepo 8 months ago

Party has gained popularity over the past few years.

He attributed the party’s growth. So the y have confidence that they are gonna win because of this nonsense. How does it have anything to do with the development of the country and improving living standards for people. Party inogona kungoita popular due to negative seZanu of but we are not going to vote for a popular part but rather for a party that is going to give use hope and food on the table. The majority of the country now want a party that fulfills promises, the party that has foreign favours, the party that can be trusted not. Not these culprit who think are going to take the throne because they are popular.

Otherwise guyz i am a supporter of MDC and i am going to vote for it, but the have you ever had me ndichituka with those vulgar words, to be frank guyz hazvina zvazvinokupai kutuka these people, let's all try to share comments that build, inspire, critisise in a respectable way not kutuka. It doesn't change anything guyz

Comrade zvinhu 8 months ago

ViVa ZANUPF VIVA pamberi nekubudirira pasi nemhandu

ED 8 months ago


Coming soon 8 months ago

Zidhara 🤐🤫vana vanokunyadzisa

Pizza 8 months ago

Cde Tambaoga kip it up, dzidzisai vafana ava vanosupporter Nelson pasocial media kuballot havawanikwe, basa kutuka mavulger chete, manje kutuka hakugadzire nyika

Cde Tambaoga 8 months ago

Vanaambwa imi munofunga kuti ma army chiefs,madhara ese aya anovhuma kutongwa nemarombe?Ku UN marambwa endai kugehena kuno chedza Satan pamwe mukapiwa help..
Pamberi ne ZANU pf

Jin lin 8 months ago

Mumbori neiko chinoita mudai ukusvuugwa nenhamo iyezvi..

Nkululeko 8 months ago

Cmrd tambaoga kuda pane pamati potsei iyi haisi platform ye bato a kana b asi kuti i platform yema readers period we comment pa issue umwe ne umwe yaanenge ane interest nayo ini handiiti zvemabato asi kumabato kune vanhu vandinoyemura Ku zanupf kuna ivo general ndakavadira hangu chivindi paku challenge Mugabe then Na Chris mutsvangwa rine chivindi plus kuchikoro rakapfura neko kozoti Ku mdc allaence kuna Welshman Na job uyu matinenga akazosiya ndaimufarirao hangu kwana mwanzora ndine vandinovenga Vega vega

Cde Tambaoga 8 months ago

Nkululeko thank you for your comment,my point is let us come up with educative,productive and inspiring views in whatever we comment on.

J.jion 8 months ago

Endai ku musha vana mnangagwa hamuneti here ne kuba isu tichikanga waya

Mr Bush 8 months ago

Gushaz vanhu vaye vatanga huyai

Cde Tambaoga 8 months ago

90% yevanu varikuhukura pano,pa platform iyoyi amu vote..ndiyo type yavanu vanomukira ku bottle store omama nedoro rekutengerwa on the election day...Ive seen it before,saka ZANU pf will remain there ,as long mune chi brain chakadhakwa.Have you seen how ZANU pf members avoid social media platforms,esp the commentetary section.They are busy strategising,making money and contemplating in silence,while the other parties are running around like chickens.Now my friends,how come you can't communicate with each other in a orderly way ,what are your visions as a major political party members?Your discussions are like loose cannons ,they are just blowing everywhere.Please try some strategic ways of focusing rather,like what ZANU pf youths and members are doing i.e farming,poultry,interpreuniship e.t.c
Anger and vulgar wont bring food to the table MDC A,i think your leaders are the one wrong.They own mines but dont even inspire their youths to do likewise,projects,projects ,projects...for example look at Pindula,they give room for everything,politics,business e.t.c.Our kids dont eat insults,anger and name calling.
ZANU pf will collect you unaware,musicians as we speak ,90% of the so called gheto youths are now theirs,their embassadors.Churches and their prophets are now their tools.
Wise up ,time is ticking!)

Cde Tambaoga 8 months ago

Mfana iwe unoda kumbomhanyiswa 20 rounds ku National sports stadium wapfeka mask,you are such dull person.Uridhodi mfana Bee wandzwa.

Garingiro 8 months ago

Zviroto zviroto ngazviperere midzimba....
#ngaapindehakemkomana# This tum haulume hlupheko...Uri dambudzo chairo

Chikandamina 8 months ago

Chaora chinhu ichi

Sveshenko 8 months ago

Ngaapinde hake mukomana

J.jion 8 months ago

Kkkk vari kukudzai kuti muchahwina futi vari kukunyeperai 2023 hamuhwuni pamakabiridzira pakakwana ma dofo

MuGrade 2 8 months ago

🤡 kikiki rigging machinery must be put in place first

MSORO BHANGU 8 months ago


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