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We're Building PHD Ministries Church To Accommodate 40 000 People - Magaya

We're Building PHD Ministries Church To Accommodate 40 000 People - Magaya

Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries founder Walter Magaya says construction works are underway in Waterfalls where he is building a church that will accommodate 40 000 people at full capacity.

The church is yet to re-open since it was forced to shut down at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. He said:

We are building a church that will accommodate 40 000 people. Work has already started and there have been a lot of volunteers who are coming on a daily basis to assist in building the church. There are also engineers with a lot of expertise who are leading in the construction of the new church.

He added that the church members were providing funds for the construction.

Magaya said the reopening of the church would coincide with the church’s night of turnaround on May 27. He added:

We are fighting to attain the goal of finishing the altar and the shed by May 27 so that we will be able to handle our Night of Turn Around service on that day.

Only recently, another local preacher, Emmanuel Makandiwa, the founder of the United Family International Church (UFIC) opened the new UFIC church in Chitungwiza at an event that was attended by President Emmerson Mnangagwa and other senior government officials.

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Zuze 3 weeks ago

Why doesn't he just put a roof over The National Sports Stadium? 60,000 seated + 20,000 standing on the turf.

ki 3 weeks ago

the kingdom of is foolishness to those who are perishing ..🤐


kkkk 3 weeks ago

hooo mukuvakq nemari dzemarema nhaika.....

papa 3 weeks ago

ndokurova musoro wako

Jinn 3 weeks ago

Is that satchel rinemaproblem ese here pa pic apo

Mampara 3 weeks ago

those r the bags ! n walter photocopied the problems instead , eish this dude

jinn lite 3 weeks ago

ndiro satchel rakaiswa nhamo dzose dzichiendeswa kuIsrael
nhamo dzacho dzaiti unemployment,no savings,health in shambles,brreness etc

#B1 3 weeks ago

Ummm mm I chokwadiii hre ichiii

THE FIEND 3 weeks ago

There are some monkeys who are volunteering to build an empire for another monkey.

Daudi 3 weeks ago

Next comment please!!

YADAH 3 weeks ago


THE FIEND 3 weeks ago

There are no V 11 forms to justify that .I only know he's a suspected rapist and a crook. Many people are grieving for the funds they paid this guy in exchange for residential stands and houses.Most of them have died and the rest are still lodgers.

Jecha Jecha Jecha 3 weeks ago

How do you know he's not

THE FIEND 3 weeks ago

How do you know that he's a man of God?

The Patriot 3 weeks ago

Only God knows

kkk 3 weeks ago

i will wont comment 😃😃

Worzell Gummidge 3 weeks ago

@lite. Good question. Africa has more churches than schools. Zimbabwe has more churchgoers than schoolgoers. Religion teaches nebulous concepts that border on phantasmagoria . RELIGULOUS leaders (yes Riligulous - a combination of Religious and Ridiculous) especially the fake Profits, make easy untaxed money by making fictitious promises to their gullible followers. During the Easter holidays one Charlatan was teaching his **** followers that it's not the government's responsibility to create jobs. Another Sex maniac died & left behind 25 child brides & 120 dyslexic children who have never seen the inside of a classroom. Now the Rapist Magaya is widening his personal property portfolio by building a 40 thousand seater theatre using Mari dzemarema. Zvedi zizi rinovaka dendere taro neminhenga yedzinwe Shirin. It's only in church businesses where the contributing stakeholders are not shareholders. In church you pay your hard earned money to one conman who uses your contribution to build his business empire & lies to you that my money comes from God. Churchgoers never ask where their money goes?

The King of Serpents 3 weeks ago

PaPindula comments section unobuda musodzi nekuseka kkkkkk

The King of Serpents 3 weeks ago


Worzell Gummidge 3 weeks ago

@Kindom Mindset. I serve noone & I'm not a slave to any Kingdom. The Kingdom of God is within me. I don't go to church because my body is the temple of God. I'm thinking of starting my own church called the church of DEATH (Devine Evangelism And Trinity Holiness). I will be the Sherphard and the Sheeple will give me tithes and offerings so that I can buy a private Jet, houses in Malibu & Dubai and a fleet of Maybachs. The church will be registered as my private company - DEATH (PVT) LTD. I will be the only signatory to church accounts and the Title Deeds to the church premises will be in my name. If you ask me about church finances, I will say, "Touch not the announced of God", and I will hand you over to the Devil. If your wife is pretty I will comfort her with my annointed rod and staff. After all David did the same to Uriah's wife but he was remained the man after God's heart. I will be blessed & rich because poor people can only go to heaven if they SEED their money in my spiritual field where it will germinate & bear spiritual fruits. Those who want to secure a place in heaven will open a spiritual account with my bank where they deposit physical (U$D only). After 20 years of cash deposits your place in heaven will be secure. The Account Number is DEATH (PVT) LTD 666 666 666.

litr 3 weeks ago

so kingdom miindset whats in your mindset abt his respond kindly unpack what the kindom taught you
if u cant submit any merit contribution we assume u are part of the gullible profits in making milliins evading tax etc

kingdom mindset 3 weeks ago

you are speaking from a world point of view not as a born again Christian, you are far away from the truth which kingdom do you serve my fellow

... lite 3 weeks ago

why more religious centres than industries
Afruca Aftica Africa

lite 3 weeks ago

Walter agara zvake mari anotsvaga kwete zvekutambo ppl used to buy plastic bengles in his shop cirner robert & sam njoma so vana vavhurika kuti bengle harina protection yariinaro zvinhu hazvichafaye
walter aakuchengeta huku kuMhondoro uko zvekuma 70ks
shop akaivharisa aakuita inonz Chickrn hut haaa mastandards acho akangofanana naana Chicken inn
kumarondera arikuita zvenyuchi his beehives are more than 40ks
mt hampden ane mapotatoes ,garlic,beans
the market is ready th church congregates supports this men
magaya aenda nenyika varume
zvaizvezvi afamba

Bvanyangu 3 weeks ago

correct. i suspect these are proceeds from gold.

.. 3 weeks ago

Wonderful,, you are doing a great job you and your congregants

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