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Wear Black On Friday Marking The “Death” Of Zimbabwe’s Economy - Teachers

Wear Black On Friday Marking The “Death” Of Zimbabwe’s Economy - Teachers

The Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (ARTUZ) has urged Zimbabweans to wear black clothes on Friday to mourn the high cost of living that has pushed many into extreme poverty.

ARTUZ president, Obert Masaraure, this Wednesday said teachers are preparing for a radical approach in fighting for better salaries. He said:

We will put on black regalia to mark black Friday, mourning extreme poverty in the country, the collapsing economy and demand a solution to the salary crisis and smooth opening of schools.

Black Friday will mark the “death” of our country’s economy. Schools are set to open next week yet prices of fuel, bread and other basic commodities have gone up in the context of stagnant paltry salaries that workers earn. Our teachers and the broad working class are now in deep poverty.

On this Friday we are inviting the working class to wear black in mourning the extreme poverty, marking the death of our economy. Black Friday will be held ahead of the May Day celebrations as we prepare a radical fight to demand better wages for workers in Zimbabwe.

He added that there will be no marches saying holding placards and wearing black will be enough.

Schools are scheduled to open for the second term on May 3.

Meanwhile, the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) secretary-general Japhet Moyo said there was nothing to celebrate on Workers Day given the poor working conditions in both the public and private sectors.

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Gg 2 weeks ago

Hatibvisey munangagwa

ngorima mushava 2 weeks ago

Artuz is heading In the wrong direction,


VYBZ KARTEL 2 weeks ago

pfekai tione⚡⚡⚡⚡💪💪💪

chief Nemauyu 2 weeks ago

ARTUZ has joined the gravy train. Masaraure unoda kuve pamusoro pezvinhu zvinokufadza iwe kwete vadzidzisi


Vaporofita vaMwari vakafira ivhangeri havana kutya kutaura chokwadi..Danieri mugomba reShumba
Shadreck Misheck and Abednigo were cast into the pit of fire for denouncing the then King
Moses akaonesa Pharaoh moto muzhinji haana kutya kunyangwe iye akakurira muZANU mumba maPharaoh..
..fake fake fake.
The Church of God is for Posterity
the church of gold is for prosperity


Cde Chitepo 2 weeks ago

mateacher tikakupayi mari zvinhu zvinowedzera kukwira saka chimbomirai makadaro .Tichakuonayi after maelections

Muzimbo 2 weeks ago

Ko nhai@ chitepo, pane pazvamira kukwira here

chrus mutsvangwa 2 weeks ago

: 🇿🇼 *Zimbabwe’s leading Prophet gives prophecy on the 2023 elections*🇿🇼

Zimbabwe's leading Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa has today, April 16 took time to prophetically talk about Zimbabwe's Special Presidential elections slated for July 2023.

This prophecy was delivered following President Mnangagwa's attendance of today's Saturday Easter church service in Chitungwiza where the President was warmly received by tens of thousands of UFIC congregants.

Prophet Makandiwa who was speaking during the church service urged his congregation to pray for President Mnangagwa whom he said has been chosen by God to deliver economic prosperity to Zimbabweans.

Prophet Makandiwa also disclosed that he saw President Mnangagwa being sworn in as Zimbabwe’s President next year.

“I’m seeing a man name Emmerson Dambudzo being sworn in as President. This man is so much loved by Zimbabweans and he is destined to win with a majority,” said Prophet Makandiwa.

“Mark my words, there will be joy and celebrations next year following a huge victory by President Mnangagwa and l see him moving this country towards economic prosperity,”said the Prophet.

“I just want you to mark my words that all those secretly working with foreign countries trying to fight the leadership anointed by God will receive the full wrath of the Lord, and that worst form of punishment will be an example for all those who may wish to try such an abomination in future,” concluded Prophet Makandiwa.

Prophet Makandiwa is considered as one of the best Prophets in Zimbabwe and across Africa. His recent prophesies on the coming of COVID-19 and it's vaccines both came to pass as he prophesied.

He is the founder and leader of the United Family International Church, a church that has spread alarmingly in African countries including Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, South Africa and Botswana.

Prophet Makandiwa also has one of Africa’s largest TV networks, ChristTv that is viewed across Africa and Europe via satellite on DSTV’s public Channels and Free to Air decoders.
[4/28, 11:24 AM] ShumbaSA#: Wed, 27 Apr 2022 14:38:19 GMT

With less than a year and two months before Zimbabwe holds its highly anticipated 2023 Presidential elections, President Mnangagwa has of late turned for support from self-styled Prophets and Papa's in the much flocked charismatic churches in Zimbabwe. The late former President and African strongman Robert Mugabe was usually known for flocking the white garments churches such as Mwazha Sect, Johanne Marange, Mugodhi and he could as well go as far as Zaoga and ZCC. Politically Zanu PF has managed to keep its political muscles intact through dishing large pieces of land to these denominations and most of their leaders have proclaimed their allegiance to Zanu Pf especially the likes of Ezekiel Guti, Nehemiah Mutendi, Ndanga, Wutaunashe, the Noah Taguta just to name a few.By appointing Uebert Angel as the Ambassador at Large to the Americans and Europe, Mnangagwa made a bold move in capturing one of the most followed Zimbabwean Prophet who at one time prophesied that Zanu Pf will not be removed from power anytime soon. Considering that most of his followers in Zimbabwe are gullible and unsuspecting that this man of cloth is just after taking all their hard earned money through manipulating the gospel. His appointment was a clever move by Mnangagwa as the prophet will be used to spread propaganda through the pulpit that will cause many not to register to vote as well as loosing interest in voting at all costs, however one should bear in mind that these prophets they don't just endorse Zanu Pf without massive benefits.

Walter Magaya is undoutly a staunch Zanu Pf sympathizer, whom at one point had to part with thousands of dollars just to buy Former First lady Grace Mugabe book when the then powerful First Lady turned 50 years. In his words Prophet Magaya said he was happy to meet the First Family and he would continue to support the First Lady's philanthropic work. During his then crusade in Botswana, Prophet Magaya indicated that it was his wish to meet the then and late President Mugabe. Considering his large following at his Waterfalls base Magaya has never criticized the current regime for its violations of Human Rights either has he ever opened his mouth about the looting and corruption that is practiced by the Harare regime. He is one of these self-styled prophets who have received large chunks of land and mines at the hands of Zanu Pf, whilst thousands of his followers they are walloping in abject poverty.

Comedian and Flamboyant thief Prophet Passion Java was appointed by Mnangagwa to mislead the youths not to register to vote. Java has been campaigning for Mnangagwa and has been following the President at all Zanu Pf events. The self-styled thief has also been recruiting some popular so****t to support Mnangagwa and Robert Mugabe became his latest victim. The fake prophet has also been bankrolling local artist as to spread Mnangagwa propaganda and Roki has been one of his mouth piece through his music. The young prophet has also received his portion of hard cash as well as mining claims, while Zimbabwean hospitals have no cancer machines and thousand are dying every day.The highly respected and teacher of the word Prophet Makandiwa became Mnangagwa's latest man of the cloth to endorse the Harare regime when Munangagwa and his Deputy Chiwenga attended his highly packed Easter Conference in Chitungwiza. Makandiwa was quoted saying "It is never the responsibility of the government to create jobs for you". The creation of an environment is their responsibility so that you and I prosper and we have that opportunity in Zimbabwe. There is something wrong with a citizen who keeps complaining and shifting blame, Makandiwa said ". However the same government he says should not create jobs has itself been promising those jobs. One hopes that religion is not going to be used by preachers, whom people are following in good faith, to shield the government from accountability and delivery of public services in line with electoral promises. The recent endorsement of Mnangagwa by Makandiwa became the final nail on all the famous pastors and preachers in Zimbabwe on which how Zanu Pf has managed to capture all of them.

However Zimbabweans should not lose sleep about how all these prophets are endorsing Mnangagwa one after the other as this is normal in a game of politics, rather Zimbabweans should continue to heed the call by renowned journalist Hopewell Chin‘ono to continue to register to vote

Zuze na Zuze 2 weeks ago

Hareruya Hemeni!

aaaa 2 weeks ago

kutandara kwatirikuita

Imwe Mbeu 2 weeks ago

I don't mean to be rude but why not on 1 May, I mean it has a much better impact as it's Workers Day already 😌

Gedye 2 weeks ago

Gedye gedye here parked heading pic apo??🤔

Machiavelli 2 weeks ago

The top one is not worth the paper its printed on.

The lower shows the monthly value of a graduate employee of the Banana Republic of Zimbabwe, which is about half the daily wage of an unskilled gardener in the Republic of South Africa or roughly 1% of an unskilled maid's montyly wages in the UK.

Dira rizare mwana waamai

1234 2 weeks ago

haaa zvinhu ma1 patichanosvika 2023 hmmmm

pumura 2 weeks ago

haaa 2023 rinenge razara shamwari

dira rizare 2 weeks ago

dira hako rizare shamwari

Chapwititi Kestombela 2 weeks ago

Anobatika here 2023 risati razara 🥃🍾

zimdollar 2 weeks ago

Zvoita zvega, Economics at work ini ziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii mwiroooooooo ziiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Eagle 🦅 2 weeks ago

Kwatabva kure ,kwatiri kuenda ndiko kwatakabva

Chapwititi Kestombela 2 weeks ago

It's simple for even someone not familiar with economics to see that we heading to that era again of bundles of useless currency. When are you going to fire Mthuli and his RBZ sidekick??? 🤔 They are failing simple economic funder mental principles yet they are professors and doctors 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. Are they too proud to ask Biti for advice 🤭😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

gandangaguru 2 weeks ago

panonetsa and mthulu are employed by ED to save his selfish ambition

Tendai Biti 2 weeks ago

i always tell them that the economy must dollarise & they insist 1usd=1bind
thry file a letter of dismissal to Dhag little dd they knew that Harare south residence will reellect me
when i expose the rot in the gvnmnt via PAC public accounts committe they booed me accusing me of being an economic subotage
basic things first
mthuli is practising voodo economics which have never been experience even during Gono era
by June the rate wud be 1usd=700rtgs
watch the space

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 2 weeks ago

I dont think gore rino rinopera mushe zvinhu zvaoma something has to be done urgent...

Da Truth 2 weeks ago

SOS now.something to be done now and right now.RISE OF CHAPUNGU.

DJ ONE ZIMBABWE 2 weeks ago

ZBC inenge ichikuudza propaganda ichiti we are in the right direction.The country is clueless.we are going back where we come from

guys 2 weeks ago

ZBC is Zanu PF News

boss veda 2 weeks ago

hona vana @Kanda avo havatozviziyi kuti inozi DEAD BC

Kanda 2 weeks ago

were did ZBC entered on this news report

Dr Hercules 2 weeks ago

ZBC is a joke kkk

putin 2 weeks ago

isuuu takuona Open view hedu

Chapwititi Kestombela 2 weeks ago

That organization needs to be closed for a complete overhaul because it's not worthy the public money it gets.

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