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We Won In Bulilima "Against All Odds" - Chamisa

We Won In Bulilima

Citizens’ Coalition for Change (CCC) leader Nelson Chamisa has expressed gratitude to voters in Bulilima after the opposition party won two out of three wards under Bulilima Rural District Council in by-elections held on 3 September.

Bulilima RDC wards 1, 14 and 16, fell vacant following the resignation of two ZANU PF councillors, Tonny Mlotshwa and Ntungamili Dube and the death of Delani Mabhena, also of ZANU PF.

But CCC, formed in January this year, managed to snatch wards 1 and 16, while ZANU PF retained Ward 14.

Posting on Twitter this Sunday, Chamisa also thanked the party’s foot soldiers as well as Zimbabweans based in the diaspora for assisting the party to make electoral gains in rural Matabeleland. Wrote Chamisa:

THANK YOU BULILIMA… A BIG WIN against all odds, CCC won 2/3 of the wards previously held by ZANU PF in yesterday’s by-elections.

We’re a CITIZEN’S MOVEMENT. Thanks to our ground forces, the Change Champions. Kudos to the diaspora for the support. All glory be to God!

According to the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC), voter turnout was slightly above 50 per cent in the three wards.

CCC’s Makhadi Moyo and Ephraim Moyo won wards 16 and 1 respectively, while ZANU PF’s Experience Dube won Ward 14.

CCC has been barred from campaigning in various parts of the country, some of its MPs have been in pre-trial detention for months and its activists have been violently attacked by thugs recently in Gokwe and Wedza.

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Viva CCC 1 month ago

2023 here we come

Mai Ro 1 month ago

The problem is we still have a clique of unrepentant and very evil individuals who wud rather spend their whole lives working hard to supress the voice of the masses. We have this clique of individuals spread the army, in our communities, in the police force, in churches, at work places, they are just everywhere. Otherwise by now, tingadai tisisina vanhu vakaipa sa Priscilla chigumba, Amsaleem sanyatwe, chris mutsvangwa, monica mutsvangwa, ruka malaba, ziyambi ziyambi...etc etc. These individuals are so evil and will stop at nothing as long as it keeps zanu in power. Such characters are the ones who are making sure that the supression of the people of zimbabwe continues. Our sufferings have taken this long bcz of such people.

MuSabatha(SDA) 1 month ago

@Machiavelli and.@ Yoweee, you gave a very good summation and observation to our current situation as a country. Otherwise your comments simply summed it up... for sure people do not need a president who sends his agents to kill and torture his people. We do not need such type of a president.

Also, CCC really did won big against all odds. Surelly imagine how wud have the result been had the opposition been given free movement and access to to public media platforms and facilities...... This shows us that the regime is in power only thru uncouth means and has since fallen out of favour with the masses. The regime is in power through suppression of the people. Zanu is really not a gvnment but a mafia.

Cde hondo 1 month ago

Khupe did a great job there. Hate or like her she is a hard worker.

Yoweeeeee 1 month ago

Zimbabweans want a President who does not sent his secret agents to abduct,kidnap torture and or kill it's citizens. Chamisa I implore u even after I am dead and gone plz don't kill your own citizens for the sake of power. Do not revenge Chamisa. Do not put people in jail 4 opposing u. Plz Chamisa do not steal. Do not force us into your rallies. When u travel in and out the country do that with your gvt officials don't bus us by force to and from the airport. Plz your wife should not appear on ztv everyday. plz Chamisa do not become a dictator.

jb 1 month ago

ngaapinde haake mkomana CCC chete chete

good fighter 1 month ago

ndizvowo hazvo but ku gokwe makapfapfaidzwa

Da Truth 4 weeks ago

Gokwe haasi zimbabwe sure but Chamisa must loose mamwea old horses akatadzisa Tsvangirai kutonga vanodei .☝️☝️☝️🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹I am against old madhongi anochengetedza ma post achidyisa party haasiri kushanda izvozvi busy kungotii takashandira party

Jinn 4 weeks ago

Gokwe is not Zimbabwe but a town in Zimbabwe

,,,, dott 1 month ago

Opposition party will never rule zimbabwe 🇿🇼


Be happy coz it's only kanzuru that you will only rule you will never rule this country

🔫 1 month ago

nyika ino ndiyo ichatongwa neopposition kkk anditi vanotonga vanhu hre ingagotadzanei kutongwa ne opposition ivo varikutonga vasisadiwe

Maparamuro 1 month ago

People are not following a party here but the person Chamisa, CCC was formed in January by Chamisa who has been in active politics since 2000.
One thing he has not learnt is that zanupf still has supporters despite all its evil doings. He has to learn to to win and lose gracefully.
ZEC does a good job when he wins but works for zanupf when he loses, that's immaturity.

Machiavelli 1 month ago

@good fighter, I am a smallsmall-scale farmer (handina kupihwa munda) doing horticulture and chickens.

40years plus of middle and high level management experience culminating in Management Consulting.

good fighter 1 month ago

directed to @muchiavelli

Machiavelli 1 month ago

@good fighther, is your question about what one does for a living targeted at @Machiavelli or @Maparamuro?

good fighter 1 month ago

what do you do for a living asking just for interest sake

Machiavelli 1 month ago

point taken @Maparamuro. But for argument's sake, can you imagine what the result would have been if CCC had been allowed to campaign freely, with equal radio and TV coverage, a non-partisan ZRP (that wouldn't confiscate ThoCCCozani's vehicle), no political threats, etc.?

If CCC had lost in such circumstances, everyone would heartily congratulate ZANU for winning that 1 seat.



There are those of ZANU PF who see their political party as invincible. These citizens are lost and are going to be disappointed at the Harmonised Elections.

I feel sorry for the listening President, His Excellency Advocate President ED Mnangagwa. ZANU PF is going to be beaten all systems out.



Yours faithfully
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

Our Zim 1 month ago

kkkkkkk saka CCC kwainenge yahwina zvinoreva kuti ZEC inenge isina kubirira here bt k2ainorohwa ndiko inenge yabirirwa

H. H 1 month ago

CCC AAO 2023 👍

Publo Escobar 1 month ago

a lot has to be done
ccc total votes 848
zpf total votes 892
zpf is still leading a 44 vote margin

Da truth 4 weeks ago

Fix Masvingo before it's too late.

Zuze 1 month ago

@Publo, how can anyone not know Pablo Escobar, Head of The Hermandad, Medelin Cocaine Cartel of Colombia the predecessor to Don Diego Esteban?

Despite my Nom de Plume, (Zuze), I am not a Total Ignoramus as I pretend to be @Don Publo.

Muchas gracias Amigo

Publo Escobar 1 month ago

dhuva mind your own business dnt correct what you don't know

Zuze 1 month ago

@Publo Escobar (sic) [you can't even spell Pablo correctly], If it was soccer the scoreline would read:-

Log position
1. CCC
CCC : 6
ZANU : 3

Goal difference:-
CCC : -44
ZANU: +44

Captain Jack Sparrow 1 month ago

I am not a political pundit but a fact that I know for certain next year after harmonised elections Chamisa will be crying foul play kkkkkkkk It is common knowledge to give your opponent false hope then shatter their dreams kkkk I implore Chamisa to read Art Of War ,it seems all the years he has been in politics he has not learned how to win a war kkkkkkk

Solliy b the great 1 month ago

Jack sparrow wataura chokwadi.. pakupa maComment hapambodiwi kuti mutipe side renyu just coment zvine musoro like what you did

muroja 1 month ago

kungobatana kumeso kuti paite kunge pane democracy ipo pasina. Pama national elections hu president hunongo piwa Zanu pf ne Zec kunyange CCC ikahwina sei!

Da Truth 4 weeks ago

@muroja gud observation CCC is jumping over the roof . Zanupf is creating a black picture behind yo backs .They want to prove fake democracy to the outside countries.Stop dreaming and work hard pliz.

Mr Xx 1 month ago

Nyika haitongwi neOpposition in Zimbabwe it's true nokuti next year CCC ikahw
ina inenge yava ruling Party zvoreva kuti Ivo veZanu PF kanenge kava kaopposition chaiko

Central Committee 1 month ago

So we hev to beat up people and rig all the time to win??!!... Haaaa it's now boring....

Solliy b the great 1 month ago

Vacho vanorova vamwe ndisu maCitizens.. vakuru vanenge chachikutumai hamumbofi makavaona paGround zim youth must be wise

5 1 month ago

The Smith regime used to fool itself around saying blacks will never rule this country not knowing that God will keep them alive to bear testimony of the black rule, the same will one day occur to zanu pf and its sympathisers, no party is INVINCIBLE

Mugwazo 4 weeks ago

Mugwazo wakabhadhara, 2023 ichava n****ondo

Mugwazo 4 weeks ago This word shouldn't be censured, Pindula guys should be taught basic shona once again

Da Truth 4 weeks ago

Stop celebrations and fix Masvingo Chamisa before it's too late.Masvingo is full of old horses who are destroying the province .Takusvika Kuma elections .🇿🇼☝️☝️☝️☝️🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

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