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"We Will Honour, Protect And Work With All Men And Women In Uniform" - CCC

The opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) led by Nelson Chamisa has said it will work with all uniformed forces “in the new Zimbabwe”.

The remarks come after former Local Government Minister, Ignatius Chombo, warned Chamisa that the army Generals were not going to salute him and would never allow the ruling party ZANU PF to lose power.

In a Twitter post, Chombo said;

Chamisa himself knows he is too small to be saluted by these men of war. These generals are waiting for their turn on the presidency and this can only happen when Zanu Pf is in power, so even if Zanu Pf loses the election why would they let it go without a fight?

In a Twitter post this Tuesday, the opposition party appears to be responding to Chombo’s remarks by assuring that the CCC government won’t be hostile to the security sector. Reads the Twitter post seen by Pindula News:


We will honour, protect and work with all men and women in uniform. We will and must reward the patriotism and integrity of our security services. 

We salute our citizens security services – the citizens’ army, citizens’ police and citizens’ intelligence and prison services. Behold the new!

Some context:

The opposition has over the years been calling for security sector reforms saying the sector was captured by the ruling ZANU PF.

Government critics, including the opposition, argued that the army, police and Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) were now partisan.

In previous elections, security forces allegedly assaulted members of the opposition at the instigation of the ruling party, a sign that they would not allow regime change.

ZANU PF officials have given contradicting statements with regard to power transfer. Some say power won’t be transferred to the opposition even if ZANU PF loses. In 2018, President Emmerson Mnangagwa declared that his party was going to hand over power to another political party in the event that it loses the 2018 harmonised elections. 

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Poovho 3 weeks ago

Vana Ignatius, makanganwa November 2017. Uye uri kumbotaura uri kupi chazvo?

3 weeks ago


ignitius chombo speaketh 3 weeks ago

unwanted truth someone should listen

parasite 3 weeks ago

chombo dai amboita zvekurima asiyana nezve politics. Akanganwa cha2017 ane ma iron legs

Maparamuro 3 weeks ago

Chickening out already. The corruption we are crying about, all the looting that has stalled us has its roots in the security services, working with them means joining the bandwagon. Failure to challenge the security services means we are not going anywhere

SeeSee 3 weeks ago

So you want him to fire all security forces hey come on . corruption inozoderera or kupera if you improve their conditions of service .

Patriot 3 weeks ago

ndokutaura kunoitwa ne munhu wese asati apinda pa nyanga. Bob even said more touching things than yours but what happened after he was intoxicated with power. Hushe hwa Christu bedzi ndihwo hwe chokwadi.

real 3 weeks ago

that's true man, kana apinda anenge okanganwa vanhu,the simple question if you ask Chamisa kuti mari yekuti ararame arikuuwana kupi the thruth is arikuchetwa ne zanu the real opposition its Job Sikhala noti kumona we kupiwa basa ne gushungu ,apa apiwa basa rekutakura zvinhu zve command na ED adokunyepa

Pastor 3 weeks ago

Remember Chamisa is the man of God


3 weeks ago

Ian Smith always said no black would rule this country in a thousand years Arap Moi of Kenya once said all those who say I should step down as leader have got insects in their heads The late Bob always said there was no vacancy at State house There is another leader whom I heard saying 2030 ndinenge ndichipo Chombo was part of a cabal which thought they would rule this country forever People never seem to learn from past experiences

Amai Grace 3 weeks ago

Pane anozivawo kuna Kudzayi Chipanga, uye kuti ari kuita nezveyi?

. 3 weeks ago

He was readmitted into Zanu PF. He is now a card carrying cadre

Getty vekwa Rusape 3 weeks ago

Kudzie Chipanga tinaye kuno kwa Rusape akutodzokera pake paye ndirikumuona hangu

gratitude 3 weeks ago

Chamisa arikudya ne zanu tirikuzviziva thanks @real kana uri opposition ye chokwadi unoitwa wa Job Sikhala because mavhoti anongo rigwa zvopera tiri ku retire tisati tashanda kubva pachina tsvangirai,kana Chamisa achifunga kupinda ne vhoti arikutipedzera nguva zim is not zambia,ma general ase nevana vawo varikuda kutitonga. how many years left for you to retire ?

3 weeks ago

Unofunga mbichana get some more reaearch abt chamisa uone kukubva hard earned mari yake not kutqura kwausina kuswera

attack 3 weeks ago

at gratitude is correct hamayngu asi uri teacher,ukaisaa ma politician mumoyo unofa usina chinhu se mbwaaaa look at your age shamwari. Chamisa ari kudya ,isu tinoda opposition inenge job Sikhala we aready for change not kuswera pa Twitter

Ultimate Warrior 3 weeks ago

@attack, saka uri kuti Chamisa anofanira kuswera muchitorongo saJob here kwete paTwitter ?

3 weeks ago

Chamisa is actually encouraging the security forces to continue abusing the public prior to the coming elections in the secure knowledge that, if their lawlessness is unsuccessful, he will not take any action against them. Just as the failure to take any action against those who killed civilians in August 2018 assures them that they are immune from any repercussions for their behaviour. Chamisa is not a very clever man.

Führer 3 weeks ago

I see you have stopped smoking plastic and seeing clearly👏👏👏👏

Billboard Of Public Opinions 3 weeks ago

Chombo says, "Chamisa himself knows he is too small to be saluted by these men of war. These generals are waiting for their turn on the presidency and this can only happen when Zanu Pf is in power, so even if Zanu Pf loses the election why would they let it go without a fight?" now my question is, who does the army generals want to fight with? They want to fight us for choosing CCC and Chamisa? no, that is our democratic right to choose a president of our choice, we can not be forced to have a president whom we don't want.

MuPfungwe Chaiye 3 weeks ago

Nyika ino inoita kunge ndiyo yega yakarwa hondo. Nxxaa

Hondo 3 weeks ago

She's shuwa and zbakubhowa.

This country does not belong to Generals 3 weeks ago

This is Zimbabwe it does nt belong to Chiwenga its our its for every Zimbabwean

Jinn 3 weeks ago

True and I urge Zimbabweans to register to vote for Chamisa

Jah 🇿🇼 Tsvarie-07 3 weeks ago

Charity begins @ home nhai Triple See
Look closer at your citizens house bills that has made life in ZIMBABWE even harder 😭.

jj 3 weeks ago

vote for Chamisa CCC ❎

mlambo 3 weeks ago

CCC vote by hndina chitupa

Jah 🇿🇼 Tsvarie-07 3 weeks ago

ED Pfeeh coz there is no light in CCC
kutidhurisira hupenyu kudaro nxxh
I will vote for ZanuPf ndatsamwa...

Nostradamus 3 weeks ago

Chombos lawyer refuted that his client has a Twitter account
if that's true, then go penned the opinion?
after the Nov 27 army raids on the g4
it doesn't make sense for chombo to release such a statement.
my take is, the c number is playing a psychological game ...
trying to test the pool of public opinion by publishing reckless & seditious conspiracies just to rattle the cage & see the response.

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