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We Will Be Overtaken By Hip Hop If We Don’t Reform, Says Zim Dancehall Producer Sunshine

We Will Be Overtaken By Hip Hop If We Don’t Reform, Says Zim Dancehall Producer Sunshine

Award-winning music producer Shelton ‘Sunshine’ Masiwa says ZimDancehall is declining and will be overtaken by Zim Hip hop as the most popular genre if certain things are not done right.

Masiwa, who owns Sunshine Studios and has over the years produced songs for artists such as Winky_D, Freeman, Seh Calaz, Kinnah, Qounfuzed under his stable, believes unnecessary competition between producers as well as rushed projects, can better explain ZimDancehall’s decline, and the resurgence of HipHop.

He said: “ZimDanchell, as a genre, is declining. It is declining because we no longer take our time in producing music with good quality. You can have a situation whereby production of a song starts today and by tomorrow, it will be out.

“A whole album cannot be produced and released within a week, of which that is no ideal as far as our industry is concerned.

“The other problem is that as producers, we are involving ourselves in unnecessary competition. What we only care about is fame, we produce substandard staff and release quickly just to ‘beat’ the other producer and that is not good for ZimDancehall, as a movement.

Masiwa believes producers now prioritizes fame and that limits the growth of ZimDancehall.  

He said:

“In the good old days, when ZimDancehall was at its peak, we (producers) used to give each other time to release music so that the listeners focus on one thing at a time but not anymore. These days, we just release for the sake of releasing, just to get fame.    

“The reason why Winky D remains relevant despite ZimDancehall being on a downward spiral is because he takes his time to produce music, he is not pressured by anyone to release it.

“Hip hop is back and can eclipse ZimDancehall because they (Hip hop artists and producers) take their time in making music and it will be sounding good.

“As ZimDancehall stakeholders, if we don’t swallow our pride and accept criticism as far as releasing rushed projects with the literally the same melody over and over is concerned, we will kill our industry and Hip hop will easily take over.

“The impact of HipHop is there for all to see, everyone knows about Holy Ten and the likes of Saintfloew. They started the same way we started, people initially ignored our music but later got used to it and started liking it and it can be the same with Hip hop.

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skillaz 1 week ago

yeah that's true

Patriot 1 week ago

ichokwadi ichocho plus that policy ya professor Jonathan Moyo ye 90% local content yaikunatsirai futi

Gred 1 week ago

ZimDancehall is rubbish boys

Chimboti Pizza 1 week ago

Chokwadi, makuda kuuraya Dancehall. Dzorerai Dancehall pamakaiwana

2 days ago

Try to make sure you .

Turoo 1 week ago

Dancehall inogopera sei tinaWinky D, Freeman, Killer T, Nutty O, Poptain, Bazooker naEnzo Ishall

Microsoft edge 1 week ago

I think killert should have come 2ñd on your the list

Kkkk 1 week ago

blot akayenda kupi

Sungura 1 week ago

Muchinyanya kuimba zvinyadzi. Mamwe masongs enyu haaridziki paruzhinji or mumba mune vanhu vakuru

mad vipper 1 week ago

hatiimbire vanhu vakuru isu tinoimbira maghetto youths ....tokubholonja iwe

@Mad viper 1 week ago

Hunhu ihwohwo hweviolence ndihwo hwakupedzai


chikiti.. musavengana 1 week ago

plus zvagara i 5 or less ma artists anoziva zvaanoita ki zimdanc kwacho saka hapana

sauro sauro 1 week ago

Kufa kwaMakuruwani ndoo kupera kwakaita Dancehall. Soul jah love is irreplaceable

mad vipper 1 week ago

Jah love ndiye anga asiriiye dancehall uye .tikuimba wan

Chasura 1 week ago

Winky D ndodhara remangoma vamwe vese ishiri

mad vipper 1 week ago

haariye rogona kungoti zimhino

Soul Jah Love 1 week ago

Akaenda neTsvimbo

mad vipper 1 week ago

hanty yaive yake

Ribvungu 1 week ago

ko kana ana Tino Machakaire nana Mike Chimombe and Clifford Hlupeko vachirambaZimdance what other option do we have. vhunzai mafans a Winky D

John Chibadura 1 week ago

So when you say "Masiwa, who owns Sunshine Studios". How many "studios" does he own?

dread 1 week ago

vapfana ve zimdancehall vapera neGuka + music yavo haina message ( bubble gum music ) once it looses flavour its thrown away

nigh 1 week ago

chero Ani akungoimba bubble gum music

porongi 1 week ago

the truth is music 🎶 is generational isusu tochikura kwaive nema urban grooves asi akapera vaimbi vacho vava kukanga minzwa izvozvi pakatouya Zim dancehall ichaperawo a generational change is hard to stop musazvinetsa zvenyu bvunzai vana zhakata nana madzibaba

Gangemukange 1 week ago

siyai ma drugs nekuimba zvinyadzi vapfanha

Me 1 week ago

some of them vakutotiza zimdancehall to Zim raggae

ganja farmer 1 week ago

densi**** ndopasina manje kuimba zvenyadzi nokurova guka rega zvedu isu tirove chamba

ganja farmer 1 week ago

densi**** ndopasina manje kuimba zvenyadzi nokurova guka rega zvedu isu tirove chamba

llll 1 week ago

densi h o r o

Music Kritiq 1 week ago

allow me to express my opinion about our media/art industry & it's development.
I see great talent with respect to creativity .
my gripe is on the quality of the product as in how it sounds as compared to other products eg from Nigeria & SA.
since there seems to be no industry standards , our songs vary from deplorable to good.
a guy can set up makeshift studio and voila!
he's recording & releasing half baked products.
by so being our image as Zimbos depreciates and everyone takes us for granted.
I have not heard of many a producer who went to college to learn how to mix , master & produce tracks professionally , hence the hotch-potch approach to production.
on second thoughts who am I to complain it seems those consumimg the product are happy with it, whether it meets international standards or not.
may be the arts council may chip in , with tutorials , workshops etc ...

expert 1 week ago

zimdancehall haipere yatorecognised internationally toramba tichikurunga mangoma zim hiphop hatiyipi mugoti

Siyoyo 1 week ago

Zimdancehall had already been overtaken, vanoimba madhoti vanhu ava. kuita basa rekuputa fodya nekunwa mutoriro pamaromo anoimba iyayo, muromo unopinda mutoriro haubudisi mashoko akanaka

MuPfungwe Chaiye 1 week ago

Akasara kuma Urban Grooves ndiExQ. Achasara kuZimdancehall chibaba WinkyDaddy

ehoo 1 week ago

hillzy ndiye anopisa kwete mamwe mashura

bling 4 1 week ago

aaaa iwe holy 10 ndomukunda

, 1 week ago

pamberi naHOLY TEN.



Anonymous 1 week ago

The effects of missing Jah Love is hunting Zimdancehall

grades spe****t 1 week ago

zimdancehall vanonyanya zvinyadzi hameno iguka here or I filthy spirit....

grades spec ialist 1 week ago

nosembura vashoma vonoterereka vazhinji matakanana

ABX ABX 1 week ago

wait for award king fi award taking music tu tha world ...nutty o the king

Master H 1 week ago

Mad viper pangirozi yehondo wakanyadzisirwa ungati **** tinoiterera sey nezvinyadzi zviripo

1 week ago

Bright 1 week ago

Inyaya yekuimba zvisina basa iyoyo

mafira kureva 6 days ago

vapfana vakungoimba **** chaiwo ngaipere Zim dance.... mangoma akaenda na sauro sauro

#T BOY 6 days ago

Guys let's talk about massages only not zim dancelh so you trying to say kuti hip hop ndokuti massage come on sunshine zim dancelh ndoyakaita uzikanwe I'm ols a singer zvengoma zvazara izvii massage hunhu hwemunhu not dancelh soul jah love ayisa tuka here but akaitwa gamba from zimdancelh nditorii muyimbi SHAYNE T BOY ndakunzwisisa music musambo ahuna pressure aasi munhu ndosaka zvichinzi pamunhu tinovenga hunhu not hunhu vakawand

cheso power 6 days ago

kkkkkk guys Zim dance inofanirwa kuridzwa baba shero

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