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We Stand By Our Resolutions Not To Pay Geogenix BV For Pomona Waste - Mayor Mafume

We Stand By Our Resolutions Not To Pay Geogenix BV For Pomona Waste - Mayor Mafume

Harare Mayor, Jacob Mafume has said Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) councillors are maintaining that the local government authority won’t pay the money it owes to Geogix BV as per the Pomona Waste to energy deal.

The deal was signed between Harare City Council and Geogenix BV, a Netherlands company fronted in Zimbabwe by Dilesh Nguwaya who is said to have close links with the first family.

Mafume dismissed as false, the reports by The Herald that the councillors had retreated from their stance and eventually endorsed “the deal yesterday.”

CCC councillors have for weeks now been pushing for the reversal of the agreement with the Netherlands-based firm, Geogenix, which they say Local Government and Public Works Minister, July Moyo imposed on the local government authority.

Norton MP (independent), Temba Mliswa, claims, July Moyo, collected a 10% commission on the Pomona Waste to Energy Deal for his role.

The Herald published an article this Tuesday suggesting that CCC councillors had decided not to continue fighting. Reads part of the article:

THE opposition CCC-led Harare City Council yesterday made a volte-face on the €304 million Pomona Waste to Energy deal after weeks of politicking trying to reverse an agreement they had earlier sanctioned with the Netherlands-based firm, Geogenix.

The council proposed to fund the Pomona deal, which has national project status, with Devolution Funds.

Harare City Council officials carried out due diligence on the project after being treated to more than 10 days’ stay at a luxurious hotel in the exquisite City of Legnano, Italy, where they travelled to last year.

The councillors had a torrid time endorsing the deal yesterday as they spent more than three hours in caucus before a special council meeting which was scheduled to start at 11 am but began three hours later.

Chairing the meeting, Mayor Jacob Mafume read a letter from Local Government and Public Works Minister July Moyo rescinding the city’s resolutions to suspend its contract with Geogenix BV on the Pomona Waste to Energy project.

In response, Mafume said the article did not reflect what transpired. He said:

This is false. We read the letter as we are required by law to do. We stand by our resolutions not to pay this amount. We will not be part of this contrary to public morals contract.

The Pomona dumpsite waste-to-energy project is expected to generate up to 22MW of electricity and create at least 300 jobs. 

The US$344 million deal requires Harare to pay US$22 000 per day to Geogenix BV, an amount CC councillors are saying is too high for a council that has been failing to provide required public goods and services due to a lack of adequate resources.

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Machiavelli 1 month ago

Rambai makashinga Mayor Mapfume.
Rambai makadzvanya

Tinotenda kuti High Court yakaramba kuti Pomona Moyo akudzingei pachigaro.
Takangotarisa kuti tione kuti Pomona Belarus Moyo achaita sei.

Tiri tose mundima

Chahototo 1 month ago

Muchangobhadhara chete

dispenser 1 month ago

ngaanopiwa mari yacho kustate house vaite project yavo Na ED .kana iri successful votengesa energy yacho either Ku city council or zesa

Doug 1 month ago

Even the newspapers get away with abusing readers with lies. Who or what should we trust for the truth?

CCC2023 1 month ago

Herold what a sham,reporter a dog of ED regime,ya ya ya kunyepa kuvhotera vanhu veZanu pf nyika yafa,Imba yemunhu reporter,
CCC Chamisa chete 2023

Gwedu 1 month ago

Where is ZACC? Do you think Nguwaya is clean that you can watch him getting so far with his corruption deals? Nguwaya is a real time armed robber, a w i t c h! July Moyo and Nguway amust face their real time jail mbavha idzo. That deal must end immediately, we don't pay for our own rubbish m, we have our own means to innovate, we can instead lice with our garbages that admit to this fraudulent deal

Dr Hungwe 1 month ago

Rambai makashinga Mafume these thieves want to use the city of Harare as a cash cow. To fund green bombers and the Party. Pasi ne mbavha


Ratepayer 1 month ago

Does the suspension of the Pomona deal have anything to do with the death of the Minister Harare Metropolitan ne heart attack?

ibhubesi 1 month ago

Harare residentz how did u agree to that nonsense

🛑🛑🛑 4 weeks ago

my question is when they inked the deal where did they think the money was gonna come from. Politicians above all should know a deal is a deal. They shouldn't have signed it in the first place

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