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"We Scored Big In 2022" - Nelson Chamisa

Nelson Chamisa who leads the opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) says the party “scored big” in 2022.

In a Twitter post on Friday, Chamisa also thanked stakeholders who supported the party which was launched on January 24 this year. He said:

We express our deepest gratitude to you all who have supported us materially and morally in this struggle for a New Great Zimbabwe. Thank you for your incredible and unrivalled kindness to us, and that unparalleled generosity to Zimbabwe. We scored big in 2022.

The party won won 19 parliamentary seats out of 28 during the 26 March by-elections, a result viewed as a magnificent achievement by CCC Bulawayo provincial deputy spokesperson Felix Mafa Sibanda. He added:

We participated in by-elections, where there was violence perpetrated by Zanu PF. Fortunately, we scored very well, above 60%. Zanu PF intimidated our people, killed our supporters, Mboneni Ncube in Kwekwe and Moreblessing Ali in Nyatsime, and arrested our people including, Zengeza West MP honourables Job Sikhala and Godfrey Sithole (Chitungwiza North).

Our road to democracy has been so painful in 2022. However, we made successes, and we also thrived in rural areas and grabbed Zanu PF’s strongholds.

Zanu PF is against a democratic dispensation. It has caused a lot of political violence. There is selective application of the law, the Judiciary and police are biased. There are some magistrates who are intimidated by Zanu PF. The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) is not even transparent, and it is failing to consult relevant stakeholders. We were also banned from having rallies. There is no freedom of association. If this continues in 2023, then the elections will be disputable.

Sibanda added that the party has established solid strategies to win the 2023 elections. 

ZANU PF information director Tafadzwa Mugwadi said the opposition party was looking for excuses for its “impending” defeat in 2023. Mugwadi told NewsDay:

We have always said these CCC shameless charlatans have nothing to offer the electorate besides provoking violence. The world saw videos of CCC activists burning houses in Nyatsime, and when they are arrested, they cry foul. Our President Emmerson Mnangagwa is very clear that violence won’t be tolerated.

Political analyst Romeo Chasara said CCC should be worried by the continuous arrests of its members and constant ban of rallies as the nation gears for 2023 elections.

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SeeSee 1 month ago

Proudly CCC supporter!

PTK 1 month ago

Pasi nezvimbwasungata,!!!!

1 month ago

Isn't ZANU a puppet of the Chinese?

Mhandu 1 month ago

Pasi nemhandu

1 month ago

Mhandu translates into Enemy in English. Connotation of violence against an enemy us imbued in your statement- suggestion of killing.

Being in opposition doesn't make CCC an enemy of Zimbabwe. ccc is the best thing that has happened Zimbabwe since Morgan Tsvangirai. it has kept ZANU on its toes

SeeSee 1 month ago

I believe words or even statements like "pasi na....." , "mhandu", "muvenge", "mutengesi",etc should be vabolished from Zim politics as they incite violence.ln politics we are not suppose to be enemies but opponents...we need too tone down on the usage of any words or statements that promote political violence.There are some people who are still in the "war mode" Hondo yakapera kudhara ,why always creating enemies always .WE ARE NOT ENEMIES BY WE JUST HAVE DIFFERENT VIEWS!NOT AN OPPOSITION BUT AN ALTERNATIVE!!!!

pk 1 month ago

kwatiri imhandu, pasi nayo ccc pasi paaasi

Maparamuro 1 month ago

So CCC won 23 seats in parliament. How many seats did zanupf lose? People need to be very careful otherwise they are being led into the bush vakasvinura sematemba.

Politicians are very cunning, they are no different from vana papa Magaya and Makandiwa. They take advantage of the ignorance in the masses.
Reports say Harare city council is being looted by CCC councillors and MPs who have been condemning looting by Zanupf. How different is zanupf from CCC? A careful scrutiny shows there is none.

mutsa 1 month ago

yes we need new looters than old dump looters

1 month ago

I am ashamed of supporting ZANU when people like Maparamuro peddle lies such as looting by CCC councillors and MPs. Since independence ZANU ZANU Ministers have been looting with impunity. Wadyajena & Co. are walking free after looting $25 million. $15 billion disappeared under ZANU watch and you point fingers at 11 month old CCC of looting when the councillors have been in office for less than 7 months.

Criticise with evidence and not lies

Maparamuro 1 month ago

You deny something that is allover the press. I don't know where you leave but where i am they are looting big time, not talking what is 8n the press but what I live with everyday.

By the way how many of the recently elected CCC MPs turned down the $40kUS housing loans.
Where in this world does a person qualify for such a loan from a salary of $200 and the loan has to be repaid over six months? Svinurai Kani.
There is no difference between zanupf and CCC. You won't be getting new looters but retaining the same old looters. These people are not going to repay the loans and the next parliament will adopt the debt and pass it on to you and Mthuli will increase tax same way we are paying for the farms, the farm mechanization and a lot of other luxuries the MPs enjoy for no return to the voter and the taxpayer.

Worzell Gummidge 1 month ago

When faced with a choice between two evils, always choose the lesser of the two evils. Yes CCC is not perfect, nobody is, but it's better than ZANU PF in many ways. And that makes CCC a better option. Why would any sensible person choose a party with 42 years of experience in looting, murdering & election rigging. Zimbabwe needs a fresh start with the CCC at the helm. We cannot remain in a time loop with recurring horrible scenes like we are in hell. We need to reset & start afresh.

Maparamuro 1 month ago

@Worzel why do you limit yourself to the two? Are there no other alternatives? Is this the best that Zimbabwe can offer? If that is the case then I give up.

Ashley Scott 1 month ago

famba Nero 2023 Zimbabwe unotonga iwe you have my vote Yes despite all the odds ccc managed to remain greatest threat for zanu.....zanu hokoyo nevechidiki pasi nezanu

1 month ago

Anyone ane EPL fixture


nostro vostro 1 month ago

ndiregererewo ndingoriwo rombe risina charinoziva

ichokwadi 1 month ago


1 month ago

Can someone tell Mugwadi that we don't need anything from CCC but a better govt that allows us to prosper in our own by being corrupt free, accountable for state funds, use our taxes for the betterment of our great country

Dan Fulan 1 month ago

Never dreamt of good out of Nelly. He is just
A money monger, how can you expect to yield good to that boy. I think tiripu C hakuna varume how can you allow that young boy to lead mature pple. Nero needs more yrs to grow for him to able to contest the election not to win.
He is premature young man born out of adulterous relationship, now want to lead us as our president.
Mfana Nero haulume, nepwere dzako dzisina ku register kuvoter vachingoita noise pano papindula platform


patriot 1 month ago

taura zvako uchiziva kuti Zec ndeye Zanu pf.

gg 1 month ago

we dont need social media politicians. chamisa is more of that

1 month ago

Kkkk social media politicians why? Because only one political party in Zimbabwe is allowed to do as it pleases freely Keep it up guys We are following you guys on social media Zvichanaka chete

. 1 month ago

Machinda, nezvipunu zveccc muri sei

1 month ago

Indeed Mr President your party performed beyond expectations young as it is It can only get bigger and bigger

pk 1 month ago

chinofadza ndechekuti havana kukunda Zanu pf asi kuti vakakunda mdc. those constituencies were previously won by opposition. there is nothing to brag about.

mlambo 1 month ago

zviriko wani

mambo 1 month ago

I'm looking for job

peter 1 month ago

Please 🙏 everyone go and register to vote moreover vote wisely for the betterment of the generation to come.

pk 1 month ago

sure vote wisely for Zanu pf

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