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'We Never Divorced', Shingi Kawondera Declares 'Undying' Love For Marry

'We Never Divorced', Shingi Kawondera Declares 'Undying' Love For Marry

Former Warriors striker Shingi Kawondera says he still loves his ex-wife, Marry Mubaiwa, wholeheartedly despite their separation 10 years ago.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Zim Morning Post a day after he visited Marry in hospital, Kawondera said they never divorced but only separated. He said:

We were both relieved to see each other. I think we were missing each other. Remember we never really got divorced?

We were separated, not that we are planning on reconciliation but my personal belief is we shouldn’t fight after divorce because in the end we are all somewhat related and we still have family gatherings to meet bound together by our daughter Destiny.

Kawondera revealed that the late Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure was his friend and was in fact, the match marker to their marriage which produced their now 13-year old daughter, Destiny. He said:

We discussed a lot akandibata mawoko aGinimbi (she extended her condolences over Genius’s death).

She said sorry about your son Ginimbi, she said he (Ginimbi) used to respect her because of me.

It was like we last met yesterday! As if it had not been a decade since our last meeting

We talked about Destiny our only daughter together and how she is doing well at school and how she looks like me.

She showed me her pictures and some places they visited like Dubai, France and so on.

The Warriors legend said Marry doesn’t deserve the negative treatment she is receiving from the media and justice delivery system.

Marry, who married Vice President Constantino Chiwenga after her separation from Kawondera, is currently bedridden due to her rare medical condition.

According to medical experts, Marry requires treatment abroad but has been blocked from travelling outside the country by the courts and is now facing the prospect of having her arm amputated. Added Kawondera:

She doesn’t deserve that kind of treatment, especially the media abuse. We all make mistakes and who are we to judge people?

The Marry I last saw in Cyprus is the same Marry l saw on Wednesday; a loving, caring, and spiritual woman- a woman who knows there is God. She got carried away a bit but who wouldn’t?

Kawondera, who played football in Cyprus during his heyday, declared he still loves Marry even without sexual intimacy. He said:

I don’t believe in those divorce stories. As far as I am concerned, our marriage was never terminated, and as a Rasta(sic), or an aspiring Rasta, I believe if you take an oath in court and swear to love someone, you should love them till death do you part (sic).

Love is not only sexual. I still love Marry with all my heart, if she needs any of my body parts (laughs), I’m willing to give.

What l mean is love is more than sex or even living together l have been loving her ever since we separated. I never stopped loving her.

We may not get back together again but l will always love her for Destiny’s sake.

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