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We Need Your Help

We Need Your Help

Some of our readers wonder how they can support our work. Here are a few simple things you can do:

Tell everyone about Pindula

A lot of people don’t know yet about the Pindula App. They don’t know that it works on Econet without any data bundle or that they can download it without data using this link:

The most important thing for us right now is to reach as many people as we can. Help us, please!

Buy your airtime on Pindula

We know you already buy airtime. If you buy it from Pindula and not elsewhere your airtime purchase will directly support our work financially. Pindula doesn’t charge anything extra for airtime as others do and we have made the process super simple for you. Remember you can buy all network airtime and pay using EcoCash or OneMoney.

Check out the Pindula Buy and Sell

The Pindula Buy and Sell is a platform for members of our community to buy from and sell to each other just like in our neighbourhood communities. If you are looking for something to buy (Valentines’s gift perhaps) just browse through and see if there is someone selling it on the Pindula Buy and Sell. If you sell stuff, list it on the platform, it’s free and easy!

Give us your feedback

Your feedback helps us to continue improving. Tell us what you like or don’t like. Tell us what you wish for from Pindula.

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Top shayela 3 months ago

Put videos on your news please

Zuze 3 months ago

Pindula app is doing gud for me so far

Sponono ( fake ) 3 months ago

@mboko has been blacklisted due to his use of tribalism words & vulgar ..

3 months ago

Juju 3 months ago

pindula app haina comment section

Executioner 3 months ago

Inayo at the bottom


Two Boy 3 months ago

We need an option to edit our post. When we discover mistakes after posting, there is no room to correct it or even delete the post. Add like or dislike buttons. Take action to people who abuse and are nuisance to the platform. Some usernames are unacceptable and they are those who use strong sexiest language. These are the basic that cannot be ignored.

MuGrade 2 3 months ago

Have you been on FACEBOOK?? SOCIAL NETWORK is not a church grouping n neither it's for a high class-buh it brings together ppl of different backgrounds n characters...

kadira 3 months ago



chikiti.. musavengana 3 months ago

pa comment section itai kuti if i replie a comment ya someone momu notifier coz sometimes ndinenge ndichida kunatso nzwisisa kana ku correcter but uya anenge aisa comment haazobatiki

thank u

Dez 3 months ago

Good app but please stop use of vulgar language on the platform. Come with rules for the comment section with anyone who violate them being automatically removed

Manje Soo 3 months ago

You need to start creating own news content so that you can add a new flair to the already existing media houses.

fireman 3 months ago

app bho,kasiraiwo kukanda latest news dzakare dzichibvawo, otherwise app bho zvokuti.

3 months ago

Taps 3 months ago

I tried to advertise my products i cant how best can you help

3 months ago

taps 3 months ago


Jah man 3 months ago

@Pindula could you please stop or ban vulgar words ,language on this platform

Mark 3 months ago

@Machokovhingo everyone has a right to the freedom of speech but you shouldn't abuse the privilege.
It's wrong of you to justify bad behaviour with these rights
You should be ashamed of yourself

3 months ago

Mhofu 3 months ago

Pala 3 months ago

I just stumbled upon this site,but there is no way am going to bring anyone here unless you do something about vulgar language and racism.

Mutambara 3 months ago

You are a grain of sand in e Limpompo are nothing as long as you don't want to advertise this useful,at least

Edmore Jonga 3 months ago

Great app

3 months ago

Executioner 3 months ago

My advice to you is that you should advertise this apk or the website on ZBC television

Executioner 3 months ago

Kkkkk u are very correct

Mark 3 months ago

I don't think they ever would advertise this platform due to the racism shown by characters such as @mboko plus the heavy use of vulgar language and finally just having the majority of users mainly coinciding with the opposition party

Executioner 3 months ago

Isaiwo ma vedio pa news dzenyu plz I beg

Mai mangezi 3 months ago


Tripple B 3 months ago


Cable Guy 3 months ago

OK noted

ūü§®ūü§® 3¬†months ago

Apasi pekuda kurovera vanhu Mari her apa bcz kubva ndatenga airtime apana chandakawana

The King of Serpents 3 months ago

Kana airtime yako isina kuita, you must contact the Pindula team, I think they have a contact us link somewhere on the page.

Daily prophecy 3 months ago

Waida kuwanei nhaiwe sorobhi

My Kayla 3 months ago

pindula app haina comment section

saa macomenta sei 3 months ago


The King of Serpents 3 months ago

Inayo, I even commented with the app today. You should scroll to the bottom, you'll find it there

Deutz 3 months ago

Pliz add farming equipment in buy n sell

Petso 3 months ago

Links ūüĒó on pindula app are no clickable especially those for source of News at the end of most articles.

Donemore 3 months ago


Dhuterere 3 months ago

Once bought my airtime wth pindula and it didnt reflecti my fone zvakatorova

tyson 3 months ago


. 3 months ago


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