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We Need Laptops For All Staff Members, Says Highlanders

We Need Laptops For All Staff Members, Says Highlanders

Highlanders Football Club says it is seeking donations to buy laptops for its officials in order to comply with FIFA club licensing requirements.

In a statement issued this Wednesday, Highlanders said it intends to equip all of the club’s offices with sufficient tools to perform their duties effectively. The statement reads as follows:

Highlanders FC has noted public reactions to the circulating letter released by the club seeking a donation of a laptop for the office of the CEO from a specific group of members.

For a record, as the Highlanders seek to comply with FIFA club licensing requirements, the club is embarking on a modernization drive which involves equipping staff members with sufficient tools to perform their duties effectively.

Highlanders seek to achieve this through approaching different corporates and its members, who are the owners of this great club.

The general feeling within the institution is that such initiatives cannot be carried out without involving members and fans, as it might take away the sense of belonging and ownership from the community that prides itself on being the key stakeholders of the institution.

The objective of the campaign is to equip all of the club’s offices that also include the Finance, Communications and Marketing, Security and Loss Control, Entities Management offices, and the technical teams across levels ranging from the youth teams, and the women’s teams to the senior men’s team.

The process has been ongoing and has already equipped some departments.

We would also like to take this opportunity to emphasize that the club is not sourcing this equipment for individuals, but for specific offices of the club.

Therefore, all corporates, members, supporters & individuals are free to assist the club to achieve its modernisation objective.

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User ID 1 month ago

Good pple did l miss something about Moreblessing Ali's burial???

xyz 1 month ago

saka malaptops aya anoitisa improvement on the pitch here??

🗣️ Voiceless🙏 1 month ago

what am note getting is this, Highlanders you have a sponsor that supports you financial. And sponser you with huge sums of money.
Then the puzzle that needs to be solved by you highlanders is how are you using your funds to such an extent that you fail to do your inhouse jobs to keep the club running.
A big cub like bosso seeking for funds to by laptops as if it's a grass root soccer club... iyoooooh thus shameful.
AM A BOSSO FAN BIG TIME KODWA LOKHU HATSHI akutshengiseli ukuthi ngama hola nyama angempela la 🤔🤔🤔🤔

Oliver 1 month ago

Has Tagwirei failed to do that?

@User ID 1 month ago

She hasn't been buried

Bosso 1 month ago

We dnt want to use queen bee money...asifuni bumbulu

Rich guy 1 month ago

Come. I will give you what type do you want and how many?


legislator 1 month ago

muri mbavha imi nonsense

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