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"We Haven't Been Paid Anything, Only Caps And T-shirts" - Census Enumerators

Some census enumerators have said ZIMSTAT is yet to pay them the allowances they were promised when the process began on the 7th of April this year.

While some enumerators, countrywide, are believed to have received their allowances, it is a different story for those who were in Mudzi, Mashonaland Province.

Enumerators who spoke to Pindula News on condition of anonymity said ZIMSTAT had promised them that they would get half of the total amount before beginning the process began but that did not happen. Added one enumerator:

After the process ended on 30 April, we engaged responsible authorities but they kept saying we would get our money soon. Our colleagues from other stations have already received their allowances. Others who had not received were told that it was due to their invalid EC numbers. In our case, authorities are saying nothing. All 338 members of our group have not yet received anything.

The enumerators said the ZIMSTAT liaison officer for Mashonaland Central, Mr Romeo Karidza, is not showing interest in addressing the matter.

They said they called him several times but he does not answer their calls. They also claimed that one of the enumerators went to Mr Karadza’s office to get clarity and the enumerator was promised that the money was coming in a few days’ time but nothing has materialised to date.

Efforts to get a comment from Mr Karidza were in vain as this reporter’s calls were not picked.

We also could not get a comment from Mr Kudakwashe Jonathan Kagoro, who was the team’s accountant, as his number was unreachable.

The enumerators are now afraid that their allowances would be paid when they would have been eroded by the soaring inflation. Said another enumerator:

The black market foreign currency exchange rate was at $200 per US$1 when we started but it has since risen to about $400 per US$1. We were promised US$92 per day which translates to about US$1 000. So far, we have only benefitted caps, bags, t-shirts, candy cakes, and soft drinks, pepsi to be specific. We thought we would the money to pay school fees for our children. 

The enumerators said they said they had to walk about 5km to get to their enumeration area since they had no money for transport.

Meanwhile, ZIMSTAT spokesperson, Mercy Chidemo last week claimed that “all payments were processed” telling reporters to give details for those who have not been paid.

An anonymous source at ZIMSTAT said the delays in payments were caused by the late disbursements of funds from the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development. Treasury is alleged to have disbursed just 60% of the total required.

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Tateguru 1 week ago

If some were paid, hard luck guys. You'll be paid soon.
Change chakaipa kuti hapana akabhadharwa.

Zimstat Spokesperson 1 week ago

we will see you after elections or kana rate rapa 1000 kana mune lucky

agent 1 week ago

koini yangu ndakapihwa wanii

Sakamuzi 1 week ago

you're too rich to be poor

cde 1 week ago

mmmmm ngavasadaro inga makashanda wani mibvunzo yamaibvunza yese iya kwakushaya kana mbichana hayo

Tynash 1 week ago

kkkkkk vanhu waibvunza iwawo ngavapihwe Mari yawo


Gono 1 week ago

Musavapa zimstat vaiishandira nyika

sunday 1 week ago


VYBZ KARTEL 1 week ago

ED is the father of empty promises. don't be surprised

THE FIEND 1 week ago

You were taught to count, never paid to count. Who on his right mind will pay someone for counting people.

Advocate chareka 1 week ago

Kokana usina comment svinu nyararai kaa mukuru

chipo 1 week ago

hold on there munopihwa Mari yenyu

Advocate chareka 1 week ago

Is it a crime kuva mu civil servant mnhu akashanda ngaabhadharwe

... 1 week ago

They muat be paid as per agreement. bebetshona behamba ilanga litshisa ababhadalwe imali yabo

Asalif 1 week ago

what payment do you want when you are already government workers musaita noise that was part of your duty to serve the country

VaMguza 1 week ago

Does counting people fall under their job description ?

Advocate chareka 1 week ago

Ngavasadaro anhu e zimstat mari iyoyo ndakatoiisa pa budget kare

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