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We Have Taken Measures To Ease Power Shortage - Govt

We Have Taken Measures To Ease Power Shortage - Govt

The government has put measures in place to ensure that there is continued power generation at various power stations across the country.

This was said by the secretary for Energy and Power Development Gloria Magombo while speaking to the media after TuesdayÔÇÖs Cabinet meeting. She said:

Various measures were reported to Cabinet which have been put in place to ensure that there is a continued power generation and supply demand-gap which has increased due to the loss of the 300MW.

One of the first strategies is to ensure that the current units which are generating in Hwange, continue to be maintained and optimised to ensure that they produce an average of 400MW to ensure energy supply security.

Over and above in the long term, over US$400 million was secured to improve capacity in Bulawayo and Hwange.

At Hwange power station, the life-extension project has started with Unit 5 which has been out due to challenges with its turbines earlier this year.

We have also been ramping up production for the small thermals in Bulawayo, Harare and Munyati to push them to 45MW.

Coal supplies are currently being expedited and there is a train with over 30 wagons to power stations to ensure that there is more production.

Zimbabwe is currently experiencing an electricity crisis caused by frequent breakdowns at Hwange Thermal Power Station and water shortages in Lake Kariba which supplies water for the Kariba Hydropower station.

Meanwhile, Magombo said the new 300MW Hwange Unit 7 is expected to be synchronised to the system by end of this month. She said:

Unit 8 is also being developed in parallel and we expect that it will be commissioned during the first quarter of 2023.

She said an additional coal plant at Hwange going through maintenance should be running soon, thus adding an additional 15 MW to the national grid.

According to the Zimbabwe Power Company (ZPC) website, Zimbabwe was generating 494MW on Tuesday, 6 December 2022, against a peak demand of 2 200MW. | The Herald

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­čą┤ 1┬ámonth ago


Worzell Gummidge 1 month ago

One of the so called measures will start bearing fruit by end of this month & the other one by April 2023. Some of the power stations are still being repaired. In other words there is no immediate or intermediate solution. Pazvinenge zvazoitirawo ipapo ndopachatanga kuwanikwa magetsi.

We all know how government never finishes any project. This sounds like propaganda & insincere fake promises. They just have to say something. Hahapana kana provisional date rekuti normalcy will be restored musi wakati. Now ndopavakuendesa 30 wagons of coal kuPower station yakafa. Mazuva ese aya vaiitei? Ko kusanotenga magetsi from the SAPP muchisanogadzira Michigan yacho yakafa? Anyway, totenda dzamwa dzaswera nebato rezvinyahu.

Vesto 1 month ago

@Worzell, not only will the targets be missed, but we can be guaranteed of a plethora of excuses why those targets were missed.

I'm just beginning to wonder when the sanctions blame game is going to resurface with a vengeance

Vaye vaye 1 month ago

This is just a high sounding nothing

bbn 1 month ago

2023 free education ,kujekesa nuika kut jeeee nemagetsi

Osama Binladin 1 month ago

Hapana kana zvaarikutaura apa

Gb 1 month ago

Vanogara kusingauyi magetsi mambo muka sei bhora re Spain me Morocco manakidziro araita makariona here kucherima kwenyu ikoko, musatya tavakugadzira amwe ose magame muchaona asi to promise you final hamuione mune musina mwenje tinganzwa nenoise

Ed 1 month ago

Isu tamuka.. On full solar borehole rangu.. Mu Zim usamirire gvt

Ed 1 month ago

Zvima project zve zesa izvi zvima looting project.. Hwange hwange Kariba yr yr yr.. Millions of dollars vachidya nema ****

Bicarbonate of Surudzo 1 month ago

Aaaaaghhhhhhh, imbonyararai handisati ndalumawo.

Ghostface killah 1 month ago

300 million iyoyo dai va importer havo magetsi cause munomu tikuzvitadza


ÔşÉ 1┬ámonth ago


Gouveia Muputukezi 1 month ago

To save erektrisiti we wiru bhan Werudhi Kapu to ristooo Operation Regasi

Chamatams 1 month ago

Aaaash Tanzwa ne darkness. Zvinhu zvese mu Fridge kunhuwha. No funga vanhu ve ZANU vari happy. Don't you think

Mukanyapazvese 1 month ago

Totenda tawona
Zvamanjemanje tingorimurima

mutsa 1 month ago

dont worry muchajaira

magetsi ane basa rei inini ndisina 1 month ago

tv, radio,stove, fridge, microwave, toaster,heater,etc

­čĹĄ 1┬ámonth ago

nekuti uri be nzi

dolla 1 month ago

ndakangobata kamface chanodzima magetsi kuraini kwedu dakumubvisa gurokuro

professor 1 month ago

hapana kwatiri kuyenda apa

1 month ago

Really madam Gloria Magombo! You were once a respected engineer and now the political path you have followed will strip you of all the respect we had for you You address the nation telling us that government is taking measures to correct the situation we are in yet there is nowhere in your speech where you mention when we will get electricity Shame on you madam

Napoleón 1 month ago

Where is Monica Mutsvangwa she is the one who always briefs the media after each cabinet meeting She is now embarrased to face the nation because they are just spewing drivel, utter l├şes and nonsense

ZANU 1 month ago

We blame sanctions for the power crisis in Zimbabwe. Sanctions took all the water at Kariba now its difficult to supply Zim with electricity. We blame Chamisa for drinking all the water in Kariba. Biti invited Americans to steal our water. Vote ZANU PF

30 wagons of Coal 1 month ago

30 wagons

Mpintshi mpontshi 1 month ago

US$400m to generate 45mw? Or even if its 45mw for each power station its just a looting spree. Gwanda solar was supposed to cost $123m for 100mw. What a crime scene this is!!! Hayi ah

ZESA 4ED 1 month ago

ZESA for world cup

Anonymous 1 month ago


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