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We Have No Option But To Declare Incapacitation - Rural Teachers

We Have No Option But To Declare Incapacitation - Rural Teachers

The Amalgamated Rural Teachers’ Union of Zimbabwe (ARTUZ) has for the umpteenth time demanded that the government restores teachers’ pre-October salaries of US$540.

Before October 2018, government workers including teachers, nurses and those in the security sector received around US$540 per month but of late, those in the health and security sectors earn more than double what is earned by teachers.

Nurses and soldiers reportedly earn over ZWL$200 000 while teachers earn around ZWL$60 000. Police officers reportedly earn around ZWL$90 000 per month. 

In a statement, ARTUZ said teachers are now financially incapacitated as their salaries have been eroded by rising inflation and deductions. Reads the statement:

Most of our members received their salaries between yesterday noon and this morning. They all cited issues of deductions and salary erosion caused by inflation. The employer has long refused to restore our pre-October 2018 USD 540 salaries!

The paltry wages we are earning are way below the standard cost of living. Recent basket of needs statistics showed that an average family of 5 requires an average amount of US $520 to Carter for their basic monthly needs while the teachers earn 3 times less.

Teachers have no option but to declare incapacitation until further notice. Until the employer agrees to our demand for a fair living wage that matches the standard cost of living. We want our US$540 salaries.

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ED Amini 1 month ago

We have an option to fire you if you try it.

worried citizen 1 month ago

since wen you declared kkkkkk,makapata ndosaka.muchihora nyemba pazvinovhurwa tokuonai muchienda kubasa imi saka we are tired of symphathising with you guys

me 1 month ago

@worried citizen
hopefully gore ratichaziva kuti vana vedu ndivo vakupiwa half baked education (if not unbaked) ndipo patichaona kuti we as parents tisu tisiri kuona kuti tikuponderwa musaga nevana vedu yet tichiseka these teachers who are being denied what they really deserve to perform better.

Play around the letters forming the word TEACHER.... Yu can come up with the word CHEATER

otherwise nice name you have ey .... but I doubt if you knew it's finest meaning
Q1. akapata apa ndiani? anogezesa mwana wake kuendasa kuna teacher watikuti "makapata"? or akungotarisa vana vacho zuva richipera doing other self benefitting activities

1 month ago

pee 1 month ago

540 kurota uko,mukai

🙄 1 month ago

Haiwao maticha gutsikanai nenzungu dzatichakupai munyerere. Izvi hazvishandi muZimbabwe. Ende mukufarira zvamuri kuhora zvikadzvanya hamuiti anaunzimende dzese idzi.

the Zebra 1 month ago

if you try it you won't be considered for Kigali Rwanda your name will appear in the list of disloyal teachers

the Zebra 1 month ago

akangwara anoiita setsanga irmumvura inotamba irimukati medzimwe tsanga hayibudikire ino


the Duce 1 month ago

kkkk haa $540 imari yakawanda mm kupihwa pay ka 3 unenge watove ne Honda fit

@ the Dunce 1 month ago

and what will you be eating,paying rent,and bills with wakamirira kutenga Honda Fit. It seems nhamo yakakuremadza pfungwa. you now think a Honda Fit is a solution to all your problems.

the Zebra 1 month ago

Don't forget that in the endyouwill be the biggest loser , if the pay ceases you will realize how important is that little salary

dispenser 1 month ago

The truth is even if ey report fr duty ey will not be teaching.So e loser is parents who wld be paying school fees .

Captain Jack Sparrow 1 month ago

It is only teachers in public schools that are complaining their fellow well equipped and properly qualified teaching at private schools varipamudya ndigere...Teachers vasina nyadzi kuswerera tumbwa and cheap cigarettes kumabhawa kkkkkkkkk It's parents who are sending your child to cheap schools that are complaining and expecting their children to get quality education when you are paying peanuts for tuition...That is tantamount to insanity garai below pay you yenyu that is what you deserve...

@Jack 1 month ago

Argue with a fool and he will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience. I read a number of your comments on this site I already know what kind of person you are.

Kule Dhambi 1 month ago

Kana zvovhugwa muno manya kuzvi mbadzo as usual. Saka nyararai vazukuru vangu

kkk 1 month ago

Mari ishoma iyi varume tingawanzire hedu naticha but varikungopawo vana zvinoindirana nepay.
vamwe hamusi kuarara nema home work evana apa mabhadara fees .

Put out 1 month ago

Tagara vana tobhadara ma extra lessons , maschools ma exam centres

worried citizen 1 month ago

@me,i think you jus ready my message to respond,you ddnt read to understand,hanzi unobetsera anobetserekawo handi,ungachemera munhu anenhamo iye asingachemi,ini kna ndakuds kuti mwana wangu adzidze i know wat to do unlike teachers who doesnt know wat to do,how can we be suppotive to them wen they kept on changing

worried citizen 1 month ago

@me even if i don know the finest meaning of the name but i like the fact that you as well you know everything you cant even advise the1 that teaches your kids,watbest they can do,wat hve you suggested,you are quick to read messages nd respond,i suggest you shud revisit the message nd understand wat imean.

tembo 1 month ago

until such time we realize that education is important , we will begin to think properly. those in private schools get quality education while those in public get poor education. this is the bottle neck system that was there even in the past.

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