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We have added EPL football results, fixtures and league table

We have added EPL football results, fixtures and league table

We’re excited to announce that we have finally started to add soccer content to Pindula.

We have had many requests through our feedback channels that results, fixtures, the league table, and match updates are important things to have.

We now have this available on:

As a start, we have added the EPL fixtures, results, and league table there. The plan is to also add the live match updates at a later date.

In addition, we want to increase the number of leagues, especially the local Zim one when we’re able. These things are always harder to do than it seems before you start!

As usual, if you have an Econet line then it means you can access all this content without needing to buy any data bundles.

This content will also be available in the Pindula Mobile app in the coming days.

We hope you enjoy it. Please keep the feedback coming.

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Ekstein 1 day ago

fantastic Thank u Pindula

chenyu 1 week ago

fantastic staff

Lo 1 week ago

That's great. Thank you Pindula

aaa 1 week ago

Thank u

Cable Guy 1 week ago

We appreciate pindula News

tani 1 week ago

ko Boyz unoita cey kti uone maresults


zimboy 1 week ago

pindula is a sports finisher

Night xul Graduate 1 week ago

Thank you Pindula , hatina marii isu the only thing we can afford to buy is an econet line . so pa data free tichiripo kusvika musi wamuti ribhadhare

soko 1 week ago

thx thx pindula

. 1 week ago

Hope you will be able to update the log promptly hatidi kuzoita nharo nemaZanu achishandisa log yakudhara.

. 1 week ago

Thank you pindula for being a listening a organisation.

Two Boy 1 week ago

You don't mean it! I have no comment on local football. Let sleeping dogs lie.

King Adoe 🤴🏼 1 week ago

Thank you Pindula, keep it up

,💎💎 1 week ago

bhora remuZimbambwe chero mkarega kuzivisa No Problem.

Thando 1 week ago

Excellent move keep it up Pindula

g 1 week ago

ko hakuna want mafixtures kusports kwacho. pindura tipeiwo maserious kungori nelog table Chete

Mangethe 1 week ago

Xaa where to go to get the log

123kid 1 week ago

Live scores will talk when you do that thank u .

Jinn 1 week ago

Yaa apo magona.Thumbs up Pindura team☝️

SC 1 week ago

now we're going somewhere

Osama 1 week ago

Zvakuzotanga kubhadhariswa manjee
sasai part 2

Jukwa 1 week ago

Mukangoisa EPL, UEFA and Local Premier League updates and league table and CAT time for start of game. not necessarily live but after the game results. Those three leagues only
mapedza ma sports

citizen 1 week ago

thank you

OK 1 week ago

thnx pindula

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