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We Don't Deserve To Progress: Former Warrior Alois Bunjira

We Don't Deserve To Progress: Former Warrior Alois Bunjira

Former Warriors midfielder, Alois Bunjira, has said he is devastated following Zimbabwe’s 2-1 loss to Malawi in an Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) finals this Friday in Cameroon.

Zimbabwe looked set to win the match when Ishmael Wadi headed home Onesmo Bhasera to give the Warriors a short-lived lead.

Malawi equalised almost immediately and scored again in the second half to secure the crucial three points.

Pindula News spoke to Bunjira, a ZIFA presidential aspirant, after the match to get his comment on the match. Bunjira could not hide his frustration over the result. He told this reporter:

We lost and I’m devastated. If we can’t beat teams like Malawi, then we don’t deserve to progress to the next phase. We are where we deserve to be, that is going back home. 

Zimbabwe has never been in an easy group than this one but this loss shows that we have a huge problem. Football in Zimbabwe needs a fresh start, I mean everything to do with football.

Asked what went wrong tonight, the former Dynamos and Caps United midfielder said a number of things were at stake. He added:

I don’t know, maybe we don’t have the same school of thought as the technical team. I believe team selection is one of the things we got wrong, maybe I am biased because of the way I played back in the day. 

We needed (Kuda) Mahachi more than any other player who was available today. We needed a Khama Billiat-type of a player who would make defenders run thereby removing pressure from our strikers.

His remarks resonate with those of Benjani Mwaruwari who is working as an analyst for the AFCON tournament with leading South African sports television channel SuperSport TV.

The former Manchester City player, who was supposed to be in the Warriors team but missed out after contracting COVID-19, said a playmaker was needed. 

He singled out Ngezi Platinum Stars player, Denver Mukamba as one player that could have given Zimbabwe better wins.

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Bright 7 months ago

Yaaa bunjira unoziva bhora iwewe ndakuona

Ben10 7 months ago

Hapana kana zvinozikanwaa nekamuface akaa Kari kungotaurawoo sevanhu vadyiwaa ko dai vahwina kaiti kudii.... Kaiti this is a very good team Norman mapeza knows what he is doing kachinyepaaa...

Seh Calaz @mabhanditi 7 months ago

Haa mawarriors ndeenhabvu sure good @ disappointments

Bright 7 months ago

Ummmmmm iwe ukufananidza chele nezvisina basa ita mushe

Vybz Kartel 7 months ago

Ndiyo Chele Chele yacho ye Afrika

Bright 7 months ago

Not foootball ka yaa ukuziva wani

Ras laloeee 7 months ago

Ko ovid karuru akaendepeee

The guy 7 months ago

Umm this is serious dereliction of duty at astronomical levels. I was told kuti these guys were given us1 million by the government for allowances only kuti vano rakashwa chete then vodzoka ah

Vybz Kartel 7 months ago

Ndi Ana mha#@

The guy 7 months ago

Kkka ma warriors so kunzi siki, bhow ( Enzo uripi)


The guy 7 months ago

Kkk ma warriors so kunzi siki, bhow ( Enzo uripi)

Manikiniki 7 months ago

Zimbwabwe so dissappointing always

Daddy va Dee 7 months ago

Unotoshaya kut worara sey ne sitiresi

Starboy 7 months ago

We needed players like Ovid karuru, Kara mahachi, khama,Chigova where are these players maybe they would done better than what I saw today that wasn't a national team playing that was team in devision 3 playing so dissapointing

Starboy 7 months ago

We needed players like Ovid karuru, Kada mahachi, khama,Chigova where are these players maybe they would done better than what I saw today that wasn't a national team playing that was team in devision 3 playing so dissapointing

Jose Mourinho 7 months ago

In a football match there are only 3 probable outcomes ,either WIN ,LOSE OR DRAW .Today our WARRIORS were unfortunate and lost to Malawi's part of the game .Let's give Mapeza and his colleagues a chance to groom a competent squad .THIS SHOULD BE A PROJECT ! It will take probably 2-4 years to achieve this ultimate goal .Mr Bunjira is lamenting about team selection 🤬 There is no way Mapeza could have taken OVIDY to the AFCON FINALS ;a player who was or is still without a club .OVIDY is in no shape to compete at such a tournament at this moment in time ....For DENVER MUKAMBA the main issue is about discipline ;we can not afford to bring into camp players of that calibre into the camp ,the effects are deadly for most parts of the year he wasn't involved in any football action ....MAPEZA put out our best players on the field today basing on his style of play and unfortunately we lost .ZVIRIKO! Let's come back stronger 💪!

KayKay 7 months ago

Jose u r right,u know football better ma guy

Vybz Kartel 7 months ago

Iwe hazvindidzore Mari yangu yandatadza ku kecha pamusana or 2-4 years ndanzwa Mari year be stress

tk 7 months ago

Not a nation of spot ,but politics, so what are we going to do ,cz some we don't like politics

tk 7 months ago

I wild challenge at bush level (mabhuza) ,I can perform much better.

booster jab 7 months ago

Ko FIFA yaapapi beku banner football in zim?

Jacky 7 months ago

Kkkk vanoda kumboregesewa bhora rachoo pemberii neFifa

Gaffer 7 months ago

Some have talked abt the issues of money and bad governance in zifa. I agree with them bt i personally think the real problem is to do with talent. We need to start with junior development. Since i started following soccer, I've never heard of any Zimbabwen footballer who has won a golden boot or any meaningful award abroad. So you can not expect miracles from these players just becoz they are now representing the nation.

Yours truely

Dimond K

Chief 7 months ago

Guys Zimbabwean Sables always do better than these warriors, i urge you to support cricket kana musingade disappointment. Nezuro ndaita hasha zvekuti kusekerera kwemwana ange arimumaoko handina kukuona and ndatogez maoko sa pilatu handione soccer zvakare

Gaffer 7 months ago

ZvemaWorry us unofira mahara Bambo.siyana nazvo like any high levellee person..

Nimrod 7 months ago

You're an plastic fan,a potential sellout.You need to be investigated or else you will defect to e enemy if we're to engage in war.

MaFyt ka_Tkt 7 months ago

@Nimrod, poo rikiti bvu pfo pfo pfo

@Chief indeed you deserve to be investigted. adding on to Nim's charges on you; mmmm you may also be charged with treason as a result

Zodoc Chikaponya 7 months ago


Malawi 0 Zim 0 🤝
Algeria 3 Zim 1 ❌
Zimbabwe 2 Algeria 2 🤝
Cameron 1 Zimbabwe 0 ❌
Burkina Faso 3 Zimbabwe 1❌
Zimbabwe 0 Mali 1❌
Botswana 0 Zimbabwe 1 ✅
Zimbabwe 0 Zambia 2❌
Mozambique 0 Zimbabwe 0 🤝
Malawi 2 Zimbabwe 2🤝
Namibia 2 Zimbabwe 0 ❌
Senegal 2 Zimbabwe 1❌
Zimbabwe 0 South Africa 0 🤝
Ethiopia 1 Zimbabwe 0❌
Ghana 3 Zimbabwe 1 ❌
Zimbabwe 0 Ghana 1 ❌
South Africa 1 Zimbabwe 0 ❌
Zimbabwe 1 Ethiopia 1 🤝
Zimbabwe 0 Sudan 0🤝
Senegal 1 Zimbabwe 0❌
Malawi 2 Zimbabwe 1 ❌

Supporting Zimbabwe dzingoriwo nharo guys

S 7 months ago

Heèee Foreign coaches heee what what. Inga makango bobonwa wani ne local coach wacho. SHAME ZIMBABWE WE NEED A PRAYER. It's a game after all. But disappointing.

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