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We Are Not Closing, Says PSMAS

We Are Not Closing, Says PSMAS

The Premier Service Medical Aid Society (PSMAS) has refuted reports that it will close next year.

In a statement, PSMAS, which is the country’s largest medical aid service provider, said the claims are malicious and meant to tarnish its reputation. It said:

Premier Service Medical Aid Society notes with concern rumours circulating on various platforms of its alleged closure from 2023.

The society categorically dismisses these rumours as not only false, malicious and misleading but bent on tarnishing the organisation’s image and reputation.

Contrary to these misplaced assertions, PSMAS is not closing shop in 2023 or in the foreseeable future.

The regulator of medical aid societies, the society is undergoing a transformational process meant to effectively address the challenges the organization faced in the recent past.

The company acknowledged that it is facing challenges but insisted that it is still able to fund healthcare needs for its members. It said:

PSMAS acknowledges the challenges at its investment arm, Premier Medical Services Investments (PSMI).

The responsible authorities are seized with and are working flat out to restore these challenges and restore normalcy at PSMI.

PSMAS wishes to assure its customers and stakeholders that the challenges at PSMI do not have a direct impact on its operational mandate which is to fund healthcare needs for its members.

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2 months ago

It has technically closed simple. It cant pay service providers. Same as telecel it is technically closed.

2 months ago

Idama iroro.

xyz 2 months ago

havavharizve ,vakavhara vozobirepi,vanoramba vakavhura kuitira kukubirai month in month out.imbavha .kuvimbisa nekutotora mari pazvinhuzvamusingagone.

Sir African 2 months ago

The doors will be open to the public yet technically it's closed since one may not get the services required whether it is one of the biggest or smallest medical aid Society.

sir mujibha 2 months ago

you are a cantankerous son of a African woman who worsted her womb by harbouring your sperm for nine months

2 months ago

Tarnish your image my foot.. Which image are you talking about PSMAS?

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