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We Are Employed To Defend ED, Police Officer Tells Magistrate

We Are Employed To Defend ED, Police Officer Tells Magistrate

A Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) member on Wednesday told Harare magistrate Taurai Manuwere that police officers were employed to defend President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

The police officer, Violet Kadiki, who is based at Warren Park Police Station, said it is the duty of police officers to defend Mnangagwa from those who oppose the government.

Kadiki made the remarks during cross-examination by lawyer Alec Muchadehama representing five opposition activists accused of violating COVID-19 lockdown regulations.

The three activists, Harare West MP, Joannah Mamombe (MDC Alliance), Cecilia Chimbiri, Makomborero Haruziviishe, Stanley Manyenga and Lovejoy Chitengu were arrested for allegedly holding an unsanctioned demonstration in Warren Park at the height of coronavirus lockdowns in May 2020.

Kadiki told the court that they arrested the accused for carrying placards written: “ED must Go”.

Asked by Muchadehama if saying ED must go is bad, she responded by saying “yes”. Added Muchadehama:

So what do those placards written ED must go mean? … What if the protestors were saying ED meaning another politician, Egypt Dzinemunhenzva?

Kadiki replied she only knew “ED” as the President. She said:

They were asking the President to go and we are there to defend the President from those who oppose the government.

Dzinemunhenzva, a perennial Presidential aspirant, was one of the candidates in the 2018 polls.

Kadiki said she could not identify the accused persons in the dock, saying they were wearing face masks at the time of their arrest.

The trial was postponed to Tuesday.

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Mukadota 2 weeks ago

Our police officers must have an appreciation of the law they enforce. This one sounded **** in the box

Zuze 2 weeks ago

ZANU Republic Police (ZRP), yazobuda pachena.

I had a good laugh at ED Egypt Dzinemunenzwa manje. Lawyers can confuse these Border Gezi porisi. Alec Muchadehama will definitely get an acquittal here

Da Truth 2 weeks ago

ED 🤣🤣🙆🙆🙆🙆 dynamics of law . Hapana hapana Vanhu vachihuri vane hope .Border Gezi brainwashing camp material nowonder vachitorerwa vakadzi nema ganazi anopinda neku manya.

just 2 weeks ago

violet kadiki waguta nyemba. tirikukuona hedu mafambiro ako####.


what do u expect from someone with a reasoning capacity of a goat

Da Truth 2 weeks ago

🐐 vs 👩‍✈️ Mbudzi who is intelligent .🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

osy 2 weeks ago


seer 2 weeks ago

ummmmmm, why underrating goats that far😅😅😅

@n.n 2 weeks ago

Don't insult goats. 😂

i 2 weeks ago

kkkkk Egypt Dzinemunenzwa hiding under a finger kkkkk kwaaaaah musazodaro

Secretary 2 weeks ago

Econet network for App how far?

icho 2 weeks ago

econet is ****

User 2 weeks ago

Vanhu veku econet have joined looting habit

Phidza 2 weeks ago

Ndanga ndichiti ndini ndega apa mazuva ebundle achifamba


Zanu Loyalist Kays 2 weeks ago

ZANU is bae, i love ZANU PF with all my heart.

Normal Citizen 2 weeks ago

Wish your Zanu bae gives you syphilis,uchaita Job achikwenyakwenya # Zanu must go


I do not like ZANU PF with all its deriatives. I wish acquittal of all the accused persons in this case.

The Police Officer from Warren Park Police Station must prove that the accused meant to remove their ED by means of violence and not constitutionally.

It is good for the defense because the Police Officer failed to identify the accused persons in the dock.




Yours Truly
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

🐴🐗 2 weeks ago

aaaah icho chinota shamu..matuwi🧑‍✈️

🗣️ Voiceless🇿🇼 2 weeks ago

ko econet whatsapp,internet Facebook (data ) kanti liyenzani ?????

osy 2 weeks ago

am looking for help wth vpn settings..

c 2 weeks ago

CCC real change

osy 2 weeks ago

any one with droid VPN settings help

MuSabatha(SDA) 2 weeks ago

Zvemunyika muno mawan chaiwo... Thats why we are saying this country needs a change of leadership. Izvezvi econet kudzimira vanhu data just to make sure the population is kept in the dark of what is happening around them..

Baunza chipokwe chinemorari 2 weeks ago

Anorwara nepfungwa muprisa uyo

Chidhongi 2 weeks ago

ko econet whatsapp,internet Facebook (data ) kwadzi chii since yesterday pane ane VPN settings here ndipeiwo

Timbers 2 weeks ago

Ibenz remuporisa ndosaka achihoreswa mari isingatengi naED wake iyeye nxaaaaaaaa

chipo 2 weeks ago


Majority Rule 2 weeks ago

Ha anaViolent, sorry Violet dzungu rekushandiswa JoJo tank chairo

Thor 2 weeks ago

You're paid nuts but busy defending the billionaire nxaaaa! ****

Zvazvanga zvingori 2 weeks ago

The ball is slowly showing it's real weight.Power has always corrupted those with corrupt minds,Wiwa was unnecessarily jailed 67 times since the formation of MDC if there are those in the in the know and was equally acquitted over 67 times meaning to say ZANU through their political appointees are being used for political experience at the expense of genuine national justice.Zanu sanctions will not go for as long as the political Humpty Dumpty and zealots are there in the likes water headed people we have on this platform

Fashions police 2 weeks ago


Muntuza 2 weeks ago

The border gezi churned officer sounded very naiive, she thinks that she is ED 's body guard . The pro populo pro lege and pro patria motto they carry on their caps must lead them in carrying their day to day duties. I know Zanu pf is abusing those officers but they must not act overzealous.

Antony Makuvaza 2 weeks ago

pakaipa mhaniii

Gwedu 2 weeks ago

A time shall come where we sabotage, harass and beat all the police officer who stay in the location. Make sure they stay Kuma service station avo coz kana nguva yakwana mu ch a ma ma motonogara ku state house. nguva yareba but now makuda Kuma mi sw a manje

Gwedu 2 weeks ago

musapa dzimba mapurisa, musavapa kana mukana mu location, vana vavo nevakadzi vavo discriminate them

Pindula 2 weeks ago


Gwedu 2 weeks ago

Kana nguva yakwana you will defend him...but you children, wives, siblings we will also seal with then including you

HONDO 2 weeks ago

Econet inofanirwa kuita refund mari yedu ngva zvinji kunenge kusinna NETWORK apa tabva kutenga bunle kutitorera mari ma Joiner Zanu pf here Econet kuita zve corruption

Regent 2 weeks ago

Haaa econet yaora hapachina paya

Gwedu 2 weeks ago

I tried make a comment before

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