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WATCH: Young Medical Doctor Says Zimbabwe's Future Is Bleak

WATCH: Young Medical Doctor Says Zimbabwe's Future Is Bleak

A 26-year-old Zimbabwean medical doctor who recently finished college says the country has a bleak future as the current system does not care about the welfare of citizens. He said:

… a system that does not care about the future of its young people, a system that does not care about the welfare of its own people.

They say they are looking after us, but how are they looking after us when don’t care about what I eat today… I’m already thinking of leaving Zimbabwe.

Watch the video below for more

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Gringo 2 weeks ago

Tichapedzidira takubhadhara majekiseni ne chingwa. Doctor 😷 havagone kutenga chingwa everyday

Tk 2 weeks ago

Tsisi u are an ****, wt do u hev unless u are a zanu bootlicker

student 2 weeks ago

@student . .stop using my alias

student 2 weeks ago

You cannot own an alias. Its OUR alias

Tsitsi 2 weeks ago

😂😂😂 iwe @student kwana kkk

student 2 weeks ago

I know what I am doing.I was one of the respondents on that Afrobarometer Survey.


student 2 weeks ago

kkkk as soon as m done with my bonding l ll write my OET or IELTS and go aswell but l ll go after voting fr ED 🇿🇼✊

Dydimus Mutavi 2 weeks ago

If you have faith in ED then where are you going you f. o. o.l, wish they turn down your application for a VISA

The Patriot 2 weeks ago

Your diaspora voting eligibility will be processed expeditiously mwana wevhu.

The Patriot 2 weeks ago

Your future is bleak Iif you are waiting for the government to give you a job.

Gafa 2 weeks ago

Zvakarongwa namwari kuti tirwadziswe nemhondi idzi tigozoona kunaka kweutungamiri hwejekerere.Chero vaiti ED pfee ruzhinji rwavo varikuzhamba chidzidzo

Worzell Gummidge 2 weeks ago

Usanyepere Mwari iwe. Hutongi hwepasi pano hwuri mumaoko aSatani, uye anopa nhume dzake. Jesus akahuramba hutongi hwepasi pasi pano mus**** mekunge anzi naSatan ndipfugamire ndikupe hutongi hwemaguta makuru ose. Hutongi hwaMwari huchazouya seJerusarema idzva pamagumo enyika.

Jojo Zvenyika Chenjera 2 weeks ago

This gvt does not even bother an inch about you guys. Not even an iota of concern. If you want this gvt to talk about u wait when they are campaigning for elections. You will get all sorts of regalia, cups of rice,tucooking oil & maybe 🧣. But if u want to get land or gold or a job just abduct,kill,maim and harass CCC activists.

605.... 2 weeks ago

thus a gud thinking you won't survive here ...they don't care about the poor , they don't care about their civil servants they treat them like dogs ... this system is oppressive

Zim 1 2 weeks ago

tsvagai mabasa

605.... 2 weeks ago

government ndo inofanira kutitsvagira

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