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WATCH: Ukraine Helicopter Bombs Russian Fuel Depot

WATCH: Ukraine Helicopter Bombs Russian Fuel Depot

Two Ukrainian Mi-24s reportedly attacked a Russian fuel depot in Belgorod, Russia, about 35 km from the border as conflict continues.

Russia invaded Ukraine on the 24th of February this year citing gross human rights violations against Russian-speaking citizens. Ukraine authorities dismiss the allegations as a scapegoat for waging “unprovoked war.”

Thousands of Ukraine nationals have since fled the country as Russia continues to bombard its neighbour. The latest development suggests that talks that were being held by the two countries are not bearing fruits. Watch the video below for more.

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garo 1 month ago

mamuka cei

1army comm. 1 month ago

it leads ww.3 just stay away munotioa basa risina basa shut up your mouth every one just pray for that war thats not good at all it causes blood shades either to you or to our relatives it causes stavation

Pinga the Great 1 month ago

vamwe kutaura kwenyu ndekwe kurota iyi ihondo hakusi kudya sadza Russia started the war yarambidzwa nani kuburitsa zvombo zvikuru uye ati Ukraine haikwanise kubhomba Moscow zvakanyorwa papi now a month vasati vabata Kyiev it shows Russia's weakness as much as war is concerned look how Gadafi,Saddam were killed

Kervins 1 month ago

May God help us all


bhlambi 1 month ago

vachanyarata zvavo vano supporter Putin, aakudzurwa mumwena sezvakaitwa Saddam Hussein

Territorial Commander 1 month ago

Vladimir is not your typical desert camel rider terrorist, Russians are notorious for being the most ruthless mofos on the planet

Tinmike 1 month ago

and who exactly will do that to Putin ?? Putin is probably the most powerful president right now , look how the Biden administration was trying so bad to apologize for Biden saying Putin should'nt remain in power

Anonymous 1 month ago

Everything about war involves military intelligence. Each time a country passes a military operation in a foreign land, that country is certain about winning the war. Just like Russia did, she didnt think that Ukrain will be so sturbbon. Ukraine also delayed talks with Russia with the assumption that her allies i.e Europe, NATO & the West will offer military assistance to her incase Russia attacked her militarily. Ukraine was actually surprised when her allies supported her with ideas only. Any assistance given to Ukraine besides ideas are back door things, top secrets. Ukraine is trying her best to fight back while Russia is also surprised by the way Ukraine has taken this warfare to Russian soil. Infact we do not know even 5% of whats going on in Europe. We may be supporting the villain you know

Nkust 1 month ago

@Aiwaka, do you know the city called Alaska un America, that state is full of oil and nothing else that can last for years to come so America is the last country to feel the impact of fuel crisis

JOKER 1 month ago

This guy called Aiwa ka is quite inetlligent. Anoziva zvaanotaura but anenge weCCC😂. Tichaiba username yako😂😂😂😂 wakuda kuzviita bush lawyer. You know what happened to him


Aiwa ka 1 month ago

The whole EU knows that fuel and gas come from Russia. Russia supplies 80% of gas and fuel to EU. Since the Saudis are taking advantage of the crisis and hiking prices dzefuel so that they can benefit, EU is not left with a choice but to aliase with Russia. Americans are blaming Russia for fuel increase but they should blame their government for supporting wrong propaganda and putting sanctions on Russia which in turn is bleeding EU and USA. At this point, Ukraine should just take the shame and surrender, because if Russia really needs to use ballistic missiles and long range missiles they would. They would just shoot missiles from Moscow that would attack any city in the whole of Ukraine. And about the humanitarian crisis, Russia had brief ceasefire to cater for people running away from the war. Putin isn't done yet. Don't play with Putin. He's very intelligent.

Zimbo 1 month ago

Russia supplies only 45% of gas to the EU don't lie

Aiwa ka 1 month ago

Russia has not even yet released it's more deadly weapons. Ukraine is already on it's knees, now it wants peace talks. Don't be convinced by **** things. Russia is only pitying it's former child Ukraine. Besides that Russia could've done with Ukraine already. It's a very strategic war. When US and NATO invade Russia that's when the real war starts. Right now is just a practice match😉. More like rehearsal. But anyways, fuel yakutozokwira manje worldwide. Apa the US is the most affected with this fuel crisis. The US has been affected by it's own sanctions on Russia. Mucheri wegomba ndiye achawira mariri😂

Tinmike 1 month ago

I love how you guys are convinced Ukraine is winning this war, multiple cities captured and still advancing towards Kyiv, military equipment that's being sent from west is getting destroyed, some warehouses for military equipment have been destroyed, Ukraine bombing its own apartment buildings to inflate numbers, their soldiers hiding in apartment buildings where civilians stay, the Russian rouble is at 83- $1 down from 144- $1 meaning the sanctions really didn't do much as zelensky and the west thought, meanwhile any European country that needs gas has to open Russian bank accounts and buy in rouble or no gas, the effects are in full motion in Europe as the euro is at an all high inflation rate since the 90s, so how exactly is Ukraine winning here

Blabber 1 month ago

For crying out loud! You people! This is just a battle yahwinwa neUkraine, not the war. And the west’s propaganda machine is on overdrive, warikuedza kunyenga everyone’s brain at all costs and to make Ukraine the hero. To he honest, Ukraine is at the receiving end, how much of their infrastructure has been destroyed in comparison to russia? How many of their people have died? Zelensky was **** from the start, he let his country be the playground for proxy wars dze West vs Russia, now its his people dying. If he was smart he would have fully considered the geo politics and not put his country in danger. Nato has not been able to do anything concrete, warikutira marefugees yes but zvichimboitirwei hondo yacho. They will keep pushing Ukraine to fight, giving them hardware that will enable them to pointlessly keep fighting, thereby prolonging the war, whichever way (be it russia gives up, or it overuns Ukraine, or they reach a peace agreement, its a win win for the west. Putin gets vilified, political opposition against him mounts in Russia, western intelligence gets an opportunity to really size and analyse russian military capabilities.... at the same time america’s military industrial complex is already making money now and in the short term, in the long term lucrative contracts in the reconstruction and redevelopment of Ukraine after the war. Hameno, maonerewo angu

mzukuru 1 month ago

Russia was very boastful initially to an extend were Putin said i will fight on front it was a motivation to his soildiers of his Russian army

inaddition Russia is getting support from China however Ukraine ddnt surrender in turn t buypass all Russian air spaces coz Ukraine bombed Russias rich fuel deposits to me Ukraine is getting support from EU & USA

lastly but not least the 2 must dialogue and solve this amicably

Russia citizens are loosing jobs,infrastructure destroyed,road,rail & telecommunication being in shambles so as its economy
The best way is to bury their hatchets ,one had to swallow the pride and come to a negitiation table

T bNijo Nijo 1 month ago

Russia 🇷🇺 under estimated Ukraine 🇺🇦 .Now it has been over a month since the war started and they haven't yet captured kyiv the capital of Ukraine sezvo kuti u hwine hondo
u have to capture the capital city but the Russians vazvitadza . Thumps up to Ukraine 🇺🇦 for their determination to defend their territory.

Zim Youth 1 month ago

@Da Truth Yaa shuwa we didn't fought the war with the British that's why we won the war, it is actually said Queen vainge vatoramba zvaiitwa na Smith.

Zim Youth 1 month ago

@Da Truth Yaa shuwa we didn't fought the war with the British that's why we won the war, it is actually said Queen vainge vatoramba zvaiitwa na Smith.

ndombolo 1 month ago

ko vainzi mapuruveya ndoo vaiva vakaitasei

DA TRUTH 1 month ago

During the war of liberation I was based at 2RAR now 41 Infantry battalion.We operated on our on without British influence . Rhodisian was found by Ian Smith ,And his generals Dyk ,Peter Walls not British soldiers but Rhodisian army . Pple let's learn to say the truth .We never fought against Britain the war was against Udi sect left in Zim not Britain .kkk Pliz read history books well don't rely on second hand information from propaganda mouth piece.

Pinkpigs_Lilliputian 1 month ago

This is the truth. It qas not a war against Britain but the regime of Britons led by Smith. This regime had made a UDI against Britain and we know it thrived under sanctions. ZanuPf distorts history.

Yellow 1 month ago

I doubt very much kuti the British were miritarilly defeated during the second chimurenga war🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Yellow 1 month ago

I doubt very much kuti the British were miritarilly defeated during the second chimurenga war🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Yellow 1 month ago

I doubt very much kuti the British were miritarilly defeated during the second chimurenga war🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

simbimbindo 1 month ago

Breaking:Russia apologizes to Ukraine and the world at large for waging unnecessary war

Tinmike 1 month ago

@Simbimbindo that will never happen

Machiavelli 1 month ago

@ simbimbino, is that true?

Sir Zimbabweans 1 month ago

well done Ukraine, put more effort

MuPfungwe Chaiye 1 month ago

Ndoda kuverenga hondo idzi dziri history not kurarama mairi. Hondo haisi right

Chief 1 month ago

That's a red flag. They wanted to scale up the moment they accused Ukraine of poisoning their mediators now they have successfully staged a red flag... Watch out for the worst

Pinkpigs_Lilliputian 1 month ago

Vladmir Putin's story reminds me of the story "Kutonhodzwa kwaChauruka". Very soon all that boasting shall be nothing and all that glorified him shall scatter.The fight of a dog is not in its size😂😂😂and tyrants don't last as long as they desire.Chakauruka but chava kuzotonhodzwa manje.

Machiavelli 1 month ago

@Pinkpigs you are right. It's not the size of the dog that matters in the fight, it is the size of the fight in the dog.

I predicted that Putin would pay dearly for the Ukraine misadventure, and lo behold, 1½ months later Russia is bogged down in Ukraine. And not only that, a new factor has entered into the equation. The war is now being taken into Russia. I hope Ukraine can enlarge the war front and start bombing more strategic sites within Russia.

Its getting more and more interesting. Putin will definitely meet his Waterloo in Ukraine

DA TRUTH 1 month ago

Russia entered into war without knowing how many countries were going to involve d in that war it's now EU countries against Russia . Yesterday pple were being arrested in Russia for demonstration against the war Russian women are against this war .Putin has arrested all his advisors .But Russia will pay the price in the long run I foresee Russia Putin being overthrown by citizens . Ukraine have the best military hardware from USA and EU countries .I strongly believe the Navy from USA,are on ground in that war . Ukraine retook control of its 2 towns .

bhlambi 1 month ago

Russia ya nyilisiwa kuita kusvasvanga ku shagadiwa kumelemedwa,kubvumburudzwa kuzvindikitwa

1 month ago

Mfanaka Ncube 1 month ago

Russia underestimated Ukraine,Putin never knew how strong Ukraine is

mzukuru 1 month ago

meanwhile Russia & Ukraine are arranging a dialogue
its unfortunate that Russia based ppl are loosing jobs soildiers dying ,infrascture destroyed so as Ukraine

the 2 must resolve their differences amicably
if this war keeps uncontrolled i bet the 2 will suffer economically

Ginious 1 month ago

A prophet once said before the war even started lets pray for Russia im seeing a great war against them.Russia introuble

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 1 month ago

LORD JESUS 🙏🏽 please stop the war its killing those not at war, AMEN...

Chik 1 month ago

It's difficult for a country to invade another and win. Our own victory against the British is a good example. USA tried it on different occasions and it all ended in tears.

Cross 1 month ago

yemuno hondo yakaita zvekumiswa nemwanakomana waqueen uyo akatumwa naamai vake ndokubva audza smith kuti kuitwe mavotes not that whites were outnumbered but that it was a black a kill a black sekureva kwevasina hutsvete vanoreva nemonemo

Anonymous 1 month ago

You should read your history, During the war Britain was on our side kkkkkk. The war was fought between Rhodesian that is Smith's govt yanga yatonetsana ne Britain ikanyora document rainzi Unilateral Declaration of Independence/ UDI.. Smith akazvirumura from Britain ,Rhodesia ikatopiwa ma sanctions ne Britain because of sanctions aya akanokumbirwa nema comrades e Zanu vana Mugabe nana Zvobgo, so during the war u never fought with Britain but with Rhodesian forces who were loyal to Ian Smith(a Rhodesian not a british)

▪️ 1 month ago

You never defeated the British, vakangokunyaraiwo zvavo vachiziva kuti mamemame ichauya, hezvoka nhasi muripapi kkkkkkk

1 month ago

Don't underestimate Ukraine, Ukraine has little manpower but in terms of war machines and equipment the whole of Europe has disposed their artillery to Ukraine.

Gangbanger 1 month ago

Umm to enter Russian airspace with helicopters that's very dangerous n **** ,did they escaped out of Russian airspace alive!? The least they could have done ,Wich is a bit safe but still dangerous was to use fixed wing aircrafts eg attack fighter jets or long range strategic bombers ,,,but it seems the war in Ukraine is turning the tide around 🙏 If this is true then Russia has been exposed , because Ukraine is now able to bring the war on Russian soil that's a major war development

professor 1 month ago

Thanks Ukraine we expect to hear more bombardings

Anonymous 1 month ago

Don't underestimate Ukraine,it's not over it its over,but that's not good.

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