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WATCH: Truck Driver Praised For Picking And Returning Wallet With Over US$400

WATCH: Truck Driver Praised For Picking And Returning Wallet With Over US$400

A Zimbabwean truck driver, Mr Dhokotera has been applauded for showing ubuntu after picking a lost passport and wallet that contained over US$400, and handing back the valuables to the owner.

The wallet and a passport belonged to one Isaiah Chisadza at an unmentioned border post.

Dhokotera took a video of the passport and wallet and its contents which include an R20 note, US$400 made up of 4 $100 bills, Isaiah Chisadza’s licence and Defensive Driving Certificate. Watch the video below for more details.

He asked members of the public to help locate Mr Chisadza so that he can give him back what the devil had tried to steal from him.

Mr Chisadza seems to be a truck driver also and if he had to replace the driver’s licence, defensive driving certificate and passport he would have had to fork out another US$400.

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Cde love 8 months ago

Mari yemushonga toiziva

Dadza 8 months ago

Ku zim hazviitike izvozvoo muchatadzisa mvura kunaya

Man Ndlovu 8 months ago

God bless you

Chobi" 8 months ago

Kutya dzvinyu wakasungirira nyoka muchuno .... Iwee kusaida here marii or yaka kuwandira

Taurai mtisi 8 months ago

Wow,God bless you Dhokotera, ummm,Mwari vakuititirei zvidhafu

Thando 8 months ago

God bless you you are the heavenly hero


RKT 8 months ago

Waita zvinodiwa na mwari, ndinoti makomborero kwauri, double double kusvika wati eke

Servant of God 8 months ago


Miles 8 months ago

You are a good Samaritan! If all of us could be like you our country could be a safer place to live with no crime, murder that have put our country in mess of late where we are killing each other over trivial things.

Elyse 8 months ago

It was stage-managed,I know those guys are close friends..they were just showing off their loot.apa maticha vechiwana usd120 kikiki

Calvin 8 months ago

Kkkkkk asi chii nhaiwe

Man of the moment 8 months ago

Jazakallah my Brother GOD is going to double that to you GOD IS ABLE , Salaam Alaykum Mashallah🙏

Elyse 8 months ago

Beasty siyana navo Havana deal avo,vanopfunga kuzvihuraya Chete

Beasty boy 8 months ago

Salaam,i like the way it sounds.I think i'll be convert to Islam soon.Where can i get the Koran?

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