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WATCH: Newly Built Bridge Collapses During Commissioning

WATCH: Newly Built Bridge Collapses During Commissioning

A newly-built footbridge collapsed during commissioning suggesting that the contractors had not done their job diligently. Although we could not ascertain the date when the video was shot, the Lilanga language being spoken suggests the incident happened in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Watch the video clips below for more. 

The bridge collapsed immediately after the ribbon was cut leading some to sarcastically say the ribbon was holding the whole bridge up.

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ppp 4 weeks ago


clueless 4 weeks ago

kkkkkkkkkk ribbon yakasimba iyo mmmm ndaitya ichochigero chacho ndochida kuno chakakata pane anocho here imari

MuPfungwe Chaiye 4 weeks ago

Kkkkkkk this ribbon is not an ordinary ribbon

Celestial 4 weeks ago


ComedyHalfHour 4 weeks ago

😂 😁 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😢 😢 😢

Cmo 4 weeks ago

Ribon iyo nechgero tirkuzvida pa opening ye mbudzi round about

African 4 weeks ago

Fruits of the ruk east poricy


,,, dott 4 weeks ago

Kkkk ribbon iyi ndeye mushonga hre kunenge kwana ndunge fut

,,, dott 4 weeks ago

Cmo, uneshavi rehumharadzi samukoma wako celestial tikuvakanyika woshuwira kuti dai zvadonha uri,, car door tea care moon

Gwedu 4 weeks ago


Hercules 4 weeks ago

at least it collapsed during commissioning

freizer 4 weeks ago

kkkkkk, handitika because dai motadziripo yaiita double trouble

Asalif 4 weeks ago

Its a footbridge my foot why do you rush to comment before you read the article

4 weeks ago

Manikiniki 4 weeks ago

Substandard work jist like Masotsha Ndlovu avenue which was quickly refurbished for Independence celebrations since it was to be used by Zanu chefs on their way to Bourfields stadium. A month later the tarred surface began to peel off and now its back to potholes again even worse than before the repair work. Characteristic of Zanu incompetence no difference from this bridge.

anonymous 4 weeks ago

this is not news

Putin 4 weeks ago

The contractors protested silently...

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