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WATCH: Malema-led EFF Goes After Businesses For Hiring Foreigners

WATCH: Malema-led EFF Goes After Businesses For Hiring Foreigners

The leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party, Julius Malema has said the party’s leadership will launch a fact-finding mission to ascertain how many locals are employed in the hospitality industry emphasising that the laws say locals have to be prioritised. He said:

We want locals to be prioritized for employment. We must visit hospitality venues and ask them how many South Africans they are hiring.

Watch the video below for more.

This comes amid concerns that local businesses are hiring foreigners who provide cheap labour and are also hardworking at the expense of locals.

His remarks might further fuel tensions between locals and foreigners.

There have been xenophobic attacks targeted at Africans residing and working in South Africa as locals expressed anger over the employment of foreign nationals.

Malema has in the past castigated the attacks saying chasing foreigners away will result in the collapse of the economy adding that Africans need to be united as they are one people.

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Pindula News 4 months ago

Ladies and gentlemen, please be advised that it has come to our attention that we are being accused of being vicariously liable and responsible for all forms of vulgar language being perpetrated on this platform. We have pondered on some short term measures to bring this inhuman behavior to a screeching halt. Therefore, sooner or rather than later, we going to introduce an email based comment section where one is required to confirm his/her email password and phone number before posting a comment for the purposes of tracking those who are not morally upright.


Ungwas 4 months ago

Malema is typical of most politicians, Vanotaura zvinotapira kunzwa musi iwoyo. Politics zvinhu zvemanhemanhema zvinongokonzera kupesana kwevari pazasi, asi vokumusoro vachirarama zvakasununguka. Tirikuudzana meno amire ivo vacho havambozvinzwi because havasweroverenga matukano atinoitirana mazita avo.@Kufakwangu zvarova ndiye chete ari objective and analytic.

MaFyt 4 months ago

brick by brick building ours, nuclear upon nuclear destroying theirs

Godaz 4 months ago

Ndovana patati patata ava,kungoshama muromo asingazivi zxaanotaura zibhareta rake

Goodness choka 4 months ago

Atichazwisisi Malena kwaakananga wakamboti ndikapiwa Mari ndiMugabe yekukambenisa ndinotambira pasure ipapa wakati Africa is one mabhaundari akaiswa nevachena why muchishungurudza maZimbos nhasi wakuti masouth African first pabasa hausi kukonzeresa kuuraisa maZimbabweans here? Funga kaviri usati wataura

Sauro 4 months ago


🤨🤨 4 months ago

Zvaanotaura azvinzwisisike anenge anga apiwa mari na mugabe


Vladimir 4 months ago

Malema is starting to realise he's losing votes because of his continued support of foreigners

ZEP 4 months ago

Sometimes you have to fadza mutengi wedoro,sponsors,handlers,

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