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WATCH: Choppies Truck Catches Fire After Collision

WATCH: Choppies Truck Catches Fire After Collision

A Choppies truck collided with another haulage truck late Thursday afternoon at TM bridge in Ruwa, just after Zimre Park.

It is assumed that the Choppies truck was going for delivery at a Choppies outlet in Ruwa. Witnesses said some members of the public looted cooking oil and other commodities. Watch the video below for more:

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Salmeat 1 month ago

mumastreets hamusi safe

Thuggish Behaviour 1 month ago

Thuggish Behaviour at it's fullest.

Asalif 1 month ago

high level of poverty kurega precious life being taken by fire while looting cooking oil and salt zvakaoma

E.g john chibhadura 1 month ago

Looting at its fullest Mwari makandijambisireiwo pakadai apaa ­čśą­čśą­čśą­čśą

ano 1 month ago

inoda data video


truth 1 month ago

Ko why video isingaite play

ABSA 1 month ago

it was luck day for looters

Ruwa George , Better-days Kusvika KuSpar 1 month ago

@ABSA It was terrific the accident involved two trucks,a Toyota Raum & a Kombi. I was on my way from work I arrived at the scene only after the fire began,sadly there was no police offices at the time only until the trucks full bursted into flames thatÔÇÖs when they reported at the scene the fire fighting team reported after 6pm yet the accident happened just after 4:30 pm whatÔÇÖs paining is people were too ignorant to an extent that the victims burnt beyond recognition whilst they had a chance to be saved none of the victims escaped death.Yes I witnessed many people in the act of looting these oil boxes, ­čśş

Lion 1 month ago

Dai ndanga ndiripo ndai looter imota dzembavha ana mphoko

Bright 1 month ago

Anga angori nema shires chete uya


What's the latest on Russia's attack on Ukraine ? Hope all is heading for a Putin victory !

chipo 1 month ago

kkk makuwanzawo

cute 1 month ago

ndera mboqo

citizen 1 month ago

ndera Obert mpofu,torai imari dzedu idzo

citizen 1 month ago

yaah yaaah point of correction

Ccc 1 month ago

Kwete Pekezela Mboqo here?

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