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WATCH: Chamisa Responds To Mnangagwa State House Declaration

WATCH: Chamisa Responds To Mnangagwa State House Declaration

Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) leader, Nelson Chamisa, has responded to President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s jibe that a journey from Zimbabwe to China on foot is shorter than the journey to State House for an opposition leader.

Speaking during the launch of ZANU PF’s campaign for the 26 March by-elections, Mnangagwa declared that no opposition leader will ever occupy State House.

But addressing thousands of CCC supporters at Zimbabwe Grounds in Highfields, Harare, on Sunday, vowed to get to State House whether Mnangagwa likes it or not. Watch the video below:

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Wekunyanya 2 months ago

Souljah love wakanyanya...sandooooo

Tk 2 months ago

Va Ed havapedzi gore rino vatonoka nestres ,vanoti vafenda ivo vatofa

Tk 2 months ago

Plz that's not Tk e original I'm ,why bush tk we are seconds to state house ,CCC,we want change

Steve 2 months ago


Mudhau taita 2 months ago

Ah no no TK kana chirungu chanetsa itahako zvechidhau totombuya wazvitswa ngekut chirungu chinobviro konza


Soul jah love 2 months ago

Moses (Zanu pf)akatora vanha ve Isreal ku Egypt(Zimbabwe independence) ndokutanga kudzungaira navo murenje for 40years(Zim Economy under ZANUpf)mwari akazoti hasvike ku Canaan vese nemabhambi vake(Bob,Ed etc)Mwari ndovha asarudza Joshua (Chamisa) vana Caleb(Biti) kuti ndivo vachasvika nevana ve Isreal kusvika Canaan(New Zimbabwe)

CCC ndevanamafundanga huhahaha

Thrust 2 months ago

Amana ko video racho hapana wani ndoriplayer sei

Tkt 2 months ago

handina kana kumboita 5mins coming up with my response. hamheno imi maswerera kusasvangwa nezuva muchada kuzo svasvangwa futi neREALITY

Tkt 2 months ago

@Makhelwani...""Ana TKT nyorai Shona because chirungu chenyi vakadhakwa.""
then i wonder if break Shona why didn't you write in Ndebele/?

@Boy... forget and relax bro, it is thine that will suffer from the results of reality which by virtue of it being a requirement, will soon be BROADCAST LIVE on several media sources that Yours would have Hit a Brick a wall

@HH. thanx for the reminder to that dissastrous election. the result of which was too pathetic not just for ours but yours too. However i am greatful that OURS FINALLY MADE IT OUT & Further to that i do not have time to keep on going into History except for success stories. SORRY, you may keep your records for the good for nothingbest of yours. i am now Pre-Occupied with the campaign mood with RESULTS set to PAIN you again kusvika mati sorry 😹😹😹

squables are everywhere even in yours, wait and see very soon. Everything that Ripens also Rots. worse for the banana. G40 will always be there bt what proves its non existance was the formation of NPF led by Rtd Gen Ambrose Mutinhiri, it is DEAD & BURRIED. such is the result of splinter parties like your ccc

kudra 2 months ago

chibaba mkutivhiringa mafungiro kudai mashandisa henyu shona nekuti apana zvamarewa pan****ondo yese yamagarira pasi kubva zvenda vanhu kuCCC RALLY kusvika vachidzoka uringuruve chaiyooo hauna chironzo,uri rwnde nxaaa

kudra 2 months ago

chibaba mkutivhiringa mafungiro kudai mashandisa henyu shona nekuti apana zvamarewa pan****ondo yese yamagarira pasi kubva zvenda vanhu kuCCC RALLY kusvika vachidzoka uringuruve chaiyooo hauna chironzo,uri rwnde nxaaa

Hulk Hogan 2 months ago

Tkt don't be too comfortable,bear in mind that yours is a divided house as G40 still reigns is some of your constintiences and the other faction in favour of general.Its not lacoste that is ZANU pf completely.If you deny this then give me your facts... Im waiting with mine....And for your own information ED is not comfortable with the last Presidential figures,the were almost equal though there were...forget it!But this still shocks me,how did you win many seats and lost the Presidential??

Simbimbindo 2 months ago

@HH You are right my guy because according to my reliable and truthful source in the last election Chamisa acquired 70% of the total votes saka Zanu lost and everyone knows it even iwe unotozviziva. This time Chamisa is to acquire 99% of total votes the rest you share pa 1%

Boy 2 months ago

TKT usarwadziwe na Nero iwe kana ZANU yako ine support haumbonetseka nevanhu veOpposition
uchaita BP , Stress kana Depression nayo CCC iyi
Siya vanhu vaite zvavanoda usamanikidzire vanhu zvavasingade bhoo yako Haisi bhoo yangu or ya who ever next to you.

Simbimbindo 2 months ago

I 2nd you my guy

Makelanwi 2 months ago

Ana TKT nyorai Shona because chirungu chenyi vakadhakwa.

tonga 2 months ago

yellow chete chete CCC

2 months ago

Tkt 2 months ago

@Makhelwani, #CCC, CableGuy, lisa

Ours Holistically deny that yours has any capacity or support base in any area to win any election. Indeed, ours challenges yours for a physical show of strength during this elective period and others to follow to disprove yours’ assertions.

For the record, should it be proved that there are any constituency seats belonging to yours in the area previously occupied by ours, then ours would gladly allow yours to fully access same pending the Supreme Court appeal, if there be any reason.

Ours also has MORE than enough support base to beat yours LEFT, RIGHT, CENTRE, FRONT & REAR, and would not allow your exlusive takeover AS the same purported losses yours fears may visit ours if operations during this period are not managed correctly.

Yours must
** renounce the badge of puppetry as an agent of sinister and hegemonic elites who hanker for the neo-colonial control of Zimbabwe.
** Distance himself from a group of individuals who are driven by vindictiveness to subvert and undermine the will of the people

It is my wish that this could finally build trust within those that sacrificed their lives and other arms of the state responsible for the safe-keeping of our motherland.

Subsequently, this would be a harbinger for a new dawn in the democratic journey of Zimbabwe other than vow to get to State House whether OURS likes it or not - WHICH IS UNCONSTITUIONAL

JJ 2 months ago

TKT ita mushe iwe .english yako ndeye zanu chete .kuita kunge yanyorwa na GENERAL CHIWE***

2 months ago

lisa 2 months ago

chamisa chete chete

Yellow t-shirt guy 2 months ago

Asi pane anengewo ini ere ane problem nabiti

CCC 2 months ago

chamisaaaaa cheeetee cheeeteee

Pasi nemhanduuuuuuuuuuwuuu 2 months ago

Haiwawo pasi nezvimgidosungata zvanero

Chamangwiza 2 months ago

From Mkoba Gweru with love. ☝️☝️☝️

#CCC 2 months ago

ngo filler kuti
Chamisa Chete Chete


Makelanwi 2 months ago

Yaah mukuru tit for tat.Vakuru vaye vanongorutsa mazwi asina kusefwa.The journey by foot to China is possible,and can not take more than 10years.So the old Fella prophesised correctly that within the next 10years it will be possible for you to win the Presidency.

Cable Guy 2 months ago

Six months is too much wanguuuuuu

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