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Watch: CCC Female Member Confronts Police After Marondera Rally Ban

Watch: CCC Female Member Confronts Police After Marondera Rally Ban

An unidentified female member of the opposition Citizens’ Coalition for Change (CCC) yesterday confronted police officers following the ban of the party’s rally that was scheduled for Rudhaka stadium, Marondera.

This was the second time the state blocked a CCC rally after another one that was slated for Gokwe.

The woman said the state security agents will also benefit if the opposition party gets into power. She added that everyone’s life was transformed when Tendai Biti, CCC vice president, was the Minister of Finance and Economic Development during the Government of National Unity. Watch a short video below for more.

The rally was blocked despite High Court judge Justice Lucy Mungwari Friday ruling that the campaign rally could go on as long as the opposition party addressed all the issues raised by the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP).

On Wednesday, police in Marondera District advised CCC that the star rally could not go ahead after the opposition party proposed to conduct a mini car rally in the town ahead of the event.

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Chahototo 5 months ago

Tichamubholoncha chete...rega tinyarare hangu...kuBinga ndinenge ndiriko futi .I will be the special guest,I will address e paltry number of CCC supporters just like yesterday

chahototo (original) 5 months ago

Iwe haunyari here tsvaga zita rako wega

Jinn 5 months ago

Iwe kaParty kako kauraya nyika,nyarara kubholoncha bholoncha kudi.Tibvire apa nxaa mwana waSat an

Mambo 5 months ago

Civilisation reached mankind a longtime ago if you stil beat, maim or kill because of politics you dnt belong to this civilised era. Dogs will be far much more better than your barbaric self

Village I D I O T 5 months ago

As I have said before I respect you brother man and your option matters but inciting violance on a social commenting platform shows a lack maturity in a political arena. let's be civilized and behave in a constructive manner this is a public commenting area to comment on the above news article not to incite violance. If you are interested I'm inviting you for a constructive criticism commenting not violance and tribalistic dogma. let's be responsible citizens and stop abusing everything. If you don't have a comment on the above news article rather refrain from commenting and read what others have to say that alone will make you a sane and clean responsible citizens.
Yours On Air
Madzibaba the Village I D I O T

Jinn 5 months ago

Police officers are Citizens too,they deserve better.

Chahototo (original) 5 months ago

Ma sanctions tamajaira we don't care about them anymore, we know that the west is using sanctions to blackmail the people of Zimbabwe and to arm twist us into voting for MDC/CCC. Manje Zimbos know better, we will stick with the revolutionary tried and tested party. Pamberi ne Zanu Pf.


CDE 5 months ago

Zanu PF for life 🇿🇼🇿🇼

Dashing 5 months ago

Zanu here gyz

DocDee 5 months ago

uchafa nenhamo nezanu yako iyoyo

mukmeric 5 months ago

f*ck u

Jinn 5 months ago

Civilisation reached mankind a longtime ago if you stil beat, maim or kill because of politics you dnt belong to this civilised era. Dogs will be far much more better than your barbaric self

Dhuterere 5 months ago

Listen Zimbabweans nobody deserves to be punished or die just for making a decision that differs from the next person politically. Umwe akati pork umwe oti liver ndokusiyana kwe apetite ko munorovanasei vana vanyamunhu Zimbabwe doed nt belong to individuals neither does it belong to Zanu Pf or CCC learn this political leaders will come and go, parties will be formed some will die bt will stand after all this is Zimbabwe and tichavigwa murukuvhu rwayo. Zvavachaba kana kupamba zvichangosara pano pasi iye wekumusoro kudenga Zita rake ngarirumbidzwe zvisina shwiro zvese zvichadarika for All is Vanity... Ngatityeyi Mwari tokoshesa hupenyu

Village I D I O T 5 months ago

You see. I have been for a long time try to knock this sense in some people who are misunderstanding and abusing this commenting section by inciting violance and tribalistic stunts. Keep up the good work brother man.
Yours On Air
Madzibaba The Village I D I O T

Maravaza 5 months ago

They thought by creating an artificial opposition they have buried the people's project, little did they know that they have planted a seed that would grow and thrive and cast its seeds all over the country. CCC for change.

Munhu waBantu 5 months ago

Pamberi nePindula News
Pamberi neCCC
Pamberi neYellow
Pamberi neChange

5 months ago

Hello 5 months ago

Every zanu person is propagandistic, hapana chavanotaura chiri truthful none.

Gutu 5 months ago

Vanhu veZanu ngatikurei mubrain.

Citizen Coalition for Change 5 months ago

Ahhh **** cops, free CCC and let It makes Its rally......why not why cant they block Zanu too, uhhh we 're tired of lies ñ we need new change this time.......

Citizen's Coalition for Change 5 months ago

Even Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta, has advised ED that better surrend the power to Chamisa before they did what happened to the late former president R.G. Mugabe, no lie Its quite a brilliant idea

Ginious 5 months ago


Adijah Azim Palmar 5 months ago

PASI NEKABATO KASINA ZITA (vakapihwa na Jonathan moyo)
Ngapinde hake mukomana mutoilet

Boy 5 months ago

kikikiki say it again APA hakana kana maoffices

Adijah Azim Palmar 5 months ago

but CCC yatishatira, maitiro ayo ndeekuhwinha aya ummm pese pese CCC huh ka party katiremera aka...ndabvuma hangu

Nkust 5 months ago

He should not surrender power to chamisa but we should have elections which are fair and embrace the winner be it mwonzora, chamisa or ed am against the idea to surrender power we suppress the will of povo and him whom power has been surrendered to will not be very strong bcoz have no mandate from the people so if kenyetta said mnagwa should surrender power without election no

Tkt 5 months ago

Naah.. don't be fooled by a mere pindula reader, Kenyatta never said that,he has no locus standi to say that.

Armed Robbery 5 months ago

I go with man, but look the problm Is these people always plotted the way forward to rig again the cmng elections, since Kenya president said surrend It shows that this guy Ed has failed but still wanna be stuck into power while he' s doing Its better surrend or we wait for the cmng election free and fair election

DaCool 5 months ago

Morning PINDULA users ,we would like to acknowledge you about the PINDULA awards taking place on the 14th of this month. These awards are for the Recognition for your Contributions to our platform .You have have contributed through this comments section and some of your comments have positively impacted to some of us individually.We are also thankful by the way you are spreading PINDULA to your Friends and Families.

I thank again .God bless you

I than

Shadows 5 months ago

@mboko usarwadziwe iwe. Ticharamba tichingotonga ,tichingosvsasvanga

Mboko 5 months ago

Make sure that Tkt, Shadows and Vybz Kartel (in his all forms n aliases) are not recognised for anything positive.

ziSuper reBlue 5 months ago

Coalition for Change (Citizens)

Tkt 5 months ago

Yeah kaka shinga kambuya ako, mmm zvivindi zvacho ndr kuona kangango puwa chigaro muPARTY, i mean PARTY not a party


choshi blue 5 months ago

guys zim ingori nedambudziko rimwe chete rekut dai zanu pf yarega kutuma vanhu kunorova vanhu vema oppositions . zvinhu muzim azvina kumbonyanya kushata asi dai vangogona kuziva kut nyika ndeyedu tose toita zvinhu pamwe kwete kuputsa isu tichit tiri kuvaka ma1

choshi blue 5 months ago


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