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Warriors Legend, Kawondera, Elated After Meeting Ex-Wife Marry Chiwenga

Warriors Legend, Kawondera, Elated After Meeting Ex-Wife Marry Chiwenga

Warriors legend Shingi Kawondera has expressed joy after meeting his hospitalised former wife Marry Mubaiwa for the first time in 10 years following their acrimonious break-up.

Marry left Kawondera to marry the then commander of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF), Vice President Constantino Chiwenga, after she allegedly forged divorce papers.

In a Facebook post on Thursday, Kawondera revealed that he visited Mubaiwa in the hospital where they spent two hours together. Below is Kawondera’s full Facebook post:

After 10 years l finally met Mai Dee, yesterday at the hospital, thank u, Jesus, we spent 2 glorious hours together, she is still wonderful, some souls cant be tempered with, trust me l left her in very high spirits and very jovial mood, and determined as ever to beat her discomforting disease, and she said l know Shingi Ras Kaondera u are a prayerful warrior u will pray for me, and l was like u know l always, and l thanked her for taking very good care of our daughter together Destiny she has grown up to be just like my mom, so friends of mine keep on praying for her and thank for your support physically morally and spiritually may Jah_ God_ Allah_MWARI_ bless u all, if l didn’t have a running with the media l was gonna show you the pics##more_prayers.

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Tete 2 months ago

Unonzwa seyi when you hear that your lovely daughter, like Ruvheneko, akamitiswa na Jenerari kana kutu ED?

dhongi 2 months ago

beauty and the best😀😀

wrLd li 3 months ago

i think vese havana chakavakazoita panopera nyaya Shingi anga asitorinawo choice but kunoona Mary cz if he had something big haaimbowana nguva yekunoona heartbreaker anongoda bag apa akungoitirawo vanhu

sugar boy 3 months ago

unoteverwa mfana kuchinzi waitsvagei pamukadzi wangu imi makarambana kare.becareful with these rulers.

Sibongile panzedzi 3 months ago

God bless you Shingi Mwari ndiwo vanoziwa
Keep doing good


pana 3 months ago


Noku 3 months ago


Noku 3 months ago


VP Chiwenga 3 months ago

He is very siri Shingi... Chupiti.

Daudi 3 months ago

Thanks Kaondera ,you are a true living legend.Dai ndikaitawo mwoyo sewako❤️unerudo

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 3 months ago

@Anonymous, hatina basa naMarry tinebasa naShingi adzorerwa s**** nemunhu waaiti maimwana, haaizoenda kare kunomuona sezvo Marry only ceased now to be state property hot property.

chiti thanx Jah🇿🇼T for your sixth sense 🥱 ndanehope

King Kunta 2 months ago

@Anonymous was very right, now rasta vakubuda musaga kkkkk varikutodawo kuonekwa avo

Anonymous 3 months ago

He did what every human being would do. Theres nothing special chaaita apa infact atononoka kuenda. All this time angadai aitovhakachira Marry achinomuona. That message sounds meaningful but does that reflect love and affection.. 🙇🏿‍♂️imimi so. Hamuvazive vanhu saka. The bible say chawapa norudyi ita ruboshwe asaziva... vanomuda marry they are not all over social media speaking things that make sense.. they are with her doing things that makes sense#period

musimiramombe 3 months ago

thanks shingi God bless you for the visit

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 3 months ago

If you don't forgive you block your blessing, that visit will open up things for you...




Terminator 2 😎 3 months ago

Shingi ndokuti chibaba ikoko God must be given his position to rule .Iye ndiye anotonga .Thank u Ras . Thumbs up .Wakatopedza ma sports ipapo.

MuPfungwe Chaiye 3 months ago

True love never die. Baba Kawondera waida munhu wavo

zim 3 months ago

haiwavo munhu anodya mujurukwa wake ,ndozvinoita mabasa erima

Leigh Seania 3 months ago

Zvakumaker sense manje... Munhu wese ane wake 1 munhu waanoitira yese yese chero akamuitira yese yese #Truelove

Live 3 months ago

My respects to former warriors legend Shingi you've good heart bro big thanks him.
He truely knows whatever happened between them can't change Marry Mubaiwa to be the mother of Mr Shingi Kawondera's daughter .

He deserves respects Shingi
Wish Marry Mubaiwa speedy recovery and one last chance to be free again from this trauma

Purse 3 months ago

But chii chakanadzoitika Pana Marry is it true pakaipa mufunge

Never 3 months ago

True love at it's best. What more can you ask for.

monster 3 months ago

ras shingi showed that he is a a men who had a forgiving heart why remember Shingi was one of th best paid footballer during his time,

marry took shingis monies and went to Chiwez,when shingi heard this from cyprus kut Defence Boss had spotted Marry on contesting beauty pergant he jus ordered his security aids that inform that that to see me b4 th even ,
marry heard he is wanted by a Army General he comply they met what they discuss is unknown but the result was
marry got married by Chiwez ,chiwez took Marry with her Kids from Kawondera clan

zvese azvina basa but Shingi is grounded he had nothing in his name he had no money ,no club,no property apelaaaa,akugara kuDama falls kuRuwa aimbove neLorry yenajecha achitakura building material i dnt know kana ichifamba u can call his brother on
0772470470 anonz Esau

Thula Msindo 3 months ago

💓Men like you are rare Shingie. May God bless you Lala. Sad love story but life goes on💘

😒Heyi Wena, Genarari-Have mercy, Thula Msindo🦍

Executive Zvimbazi 3 months ago


Thula Msindo 3 months ago

😊@Jinx hayi hayi not with Zvimbazi. He appears to be a naughty one. Anondiwachisa😏
🐿️Heyi Wena, Zvimbazi, Thula Msindo🦍

Jinx 3 months ago

You guys, pananai ma tags zvipere lmao

Thula, the nigga is craving you bad lol

Thula Msindo 3 months ago

🙄Zvimbazi you have to prove with actions not words. Shingie is the real deal. He ain't celebrating Marry's suffering after all her betrayal. That is a real gentleman. But wena you only thinking about my boobs, thing and bottom😒

🐒Hey Wena, Zvimbazi, Thula Msindo🦍

Zvimbazi 3 months ago

Me too Thula im like shingi.🌷🌷🌷

Ngwendesa 3 months ago

Thanks Shingi une moyo webenziii haurwadziwe zvekumhanyaaa

charu 3 months ago

eish network

Mama Bee 3 months ago

Ndimi varume vanodiwa muno despite zvaakakuita wamuratidza rudo samai vemwana wako.Anotonga ndiMwari pako watopedza 3 months ago

she is really from the streets

Aiwa ka 3 months ago

Bro, relax. He knows his worth. He's just making her feel bad for herself chete. She is for the streets.

John 3 months ago

No that's not. I think as men we must sit this brudda down and give him wisdom. Does he think if the tables were turned she would do the same. Don't be delusional, these hoes ain't loyal.

charu 3 months ago

I think it's a sad love story.

charu 3 months ago

I think it's a sad love story.

Lioness🦁 3 months ago

Ncoooooo, what a gentleman 🥰, May God bless you Shingi Kawondera....

Tinmike 3 months ago

@John you listening to shadaya too much

John 3 months ago

What a simp

Blabber 3 months ago

Rasta awa igentleman! Respect!

CHIEF 3 months ago

Make sure you don't let down the people who believe and Love you,for the sake of money n fame.

monster 3 months ago

Thank you Shingi for the visit ,i think they have good memories as husband and wife hugs,laughes,warm kises, pray for her successful amputation hupenyu ivhiri hunotenderera Chiwenga had never been in a proper marriage they is Jocylin,Marry now he is dating Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa yes Ruvheneko dnt listen to false claims by Ruvheno by saying i bought a semen what what lady pregnant is from Guvheya let this stink into your mind

Tete 3 months ago

Regayi varoorane vematongo eZanu

Live 3 months ago

So if it is true that genarari and Ruvheneko are in love , it means Ruvheneko lied to us she is pregnant of donated sperm ka🙄
She was trying to protect genarari 🙄this life

Is it true?

Lioness🦁 3 months ago

Kkkkkkkk mnnnnn imika.....

Sisi Kenny 3 months ago

Are you sure Monster kuti Ruvheneko ari kurara na Generari?

sokelo 3 months ago

koo zvir kuzi afa ichokwad hri

Tete vaRu 3 months ago

Kana akafa Jenerari vanopenga zvokufamba mustreet vakapfeka bra. regayi muwone.

One love it's love 3 months ago

One love Zimbabwe one love pindula one love

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